Back from the Dead - Chapter 51

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:22 PM

Chapter 51

It was already noon when they got back to the city . Ashton just drives her back to the mansion while he goes back to the company to settle some matters .

Callista just enter the mansion when she just saw Ashton's mom drinking tea leisurely while reading a magazine . Callista can't help but be curious why she would be here .

"Mom, what made you come here? Ashton just got back to the company, his not here at the moment" Callista said politely while making her way and the servants just took the things she's been holding .

"My dear Cally, I'm not here for my son . I was planning on having a bonding with you so I came here, but I found out that the two of you is gone for almost two days" Madam Andrea said and put the down the magazine while Callista seat next to her .

"Sorry mom that we didn't inform you, it just came suddenly, we just got back from Haroon from grandpa's townhouse" Callista said and the moment Andrea heard it she can't help but smile and looking at her smile Callista can't help but twitch her lips .

"Ohh, I see . No worries you just go anywhere you can but make sure that you came back something is inside there already" The Madam said and look at Callista's belly and chuckle .

"Uhh, Yes mom, Ashton and I and are taking it easy and we still have some plans, but maybe soon enough" Callista just replied to her .

She's still not ready to be a mom . As long as she hasn't finished the things she has to do, she can't still have a child . She didn't know if this soul of her will leave this body .

What would she do if that happens and she already had a child with him? She can't bear the aftermath of that . Before she can establish a family with him, she will make sure that everything is fine already and no more threats lingering around her .

"Ohh, will be waiting but remember that your Dad and I are getting older so we can't bear to wait any longer" Andrea said and just sigh . Eventhough they already had their first grandson, for them it's still not enough .

For them, as a grandparent having a lot of grandkids is their only wish . She's really sad that Christopher is still just the only grandson .

Now that there was an additional member to their family, they are looking forward to their next grandchild .

They can't just expect any grandchild to Aria because she's too focus on her career now and they can't just let any man married her and with Anthony his too young and still immature to have family so they are really expecting soon with their new daughter-in-law .

"I understand mom" Callista said and Andrea's phone started ringing .

"Ohh, I have an appointment with my friends . I'll be leaving now dear . Take care of Ashton" Andrea said and just hug Callista

"Yes mom, and Mom you will be attending the Fashion Line Award right?"

"Yes dear, why did you ask?"

"Ohh, just bring Dad with you . It will be nice if the family could support her . Ashton and I will be there too . So I'm going to contact the others too" Callista said and Andrea ponders for a moment before answering .

"That's a nice idea, don't worry I'll bring him . " Andrea said and leaves the mansion .

Callista just head back to her room first to rest and then starting tomorrow she would start commencing her plans . A month of idling is already enough .

. . . . . . .

Ashton just reaches his office when he saw three men in the sofa leisurely seating . He just look at them and headed straight into his desk .

"You finally show yourself, problems just arise from the organization and your just enjoying yourself outside where have you been?" The man said while biting the red apple in his hand .

"I heard from Albert that he got himself a wife . " The man playing chess on his own said in a natural way while the man on his side that was playing a dagger on his hand suddenly throw the knife to the wall .

"What? You're married? Who was that unlucky girl?" The man grin and look playfully at him while Ashton just glares at him but the man didn't mind it .

The man who was eating the red apples is Harry Valen, heir to an International Airline and Telecommunication Company .

The man playing chess on his own is Kenneth Tan, his family was originally from China but they move their century old Perfume Empire to the Eight Continent in Mauvelio Country .

The man who was playing the dagger is Liam Rosello, an actor and model, owns the Elvien Entertainment Company .

This three inside Ashton office are what you can call his circle of friends, that either has aloof, weird and bipolar personalities but in the end somehow understood each other .

"Dude! Show us her picture! Where did she come from?"

"Do we know we her?"

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"When did you meet her?"

Liam was pacing around Ashton while asking a lot of question and Ashton felt his head aching . Why did he ever have a friend like this?

"Did all of you come here only to gossip with my life? If not, the door is just there you can leave immediately" Ashton coldly said and Liam got back to the sofa .

"Wow, Harry and Ken look it is hoes before bros now!" Liam acted very hurt while pointing at Ashton .

"To end your suffering, just marry him" Ken suggested and still keep on playing chess on his own .

"I'd rather die than marry him!" Liam shouted and he can feel a chill running down on his spine when Kenneth said that and the door to Ashton office open and Assistant Albert was holding a brown invitation .

"Boss, here is Mr . Croft's invitation, he-"before Assistant Albert could finish his sentence and hand over the invitation to Ashton, it was snatch from him by Liam who was now opening it like it crazy .

"That bastard Christian! His back already?" Liam exclaimed and tosses away the invitation to Ashton's table .

"He just came back yesterday, before I left the company I receive his invitation" Harry casually said

"My assistant called me earlier too before I got here about the invitation he sent" Kenneth said and move a piece on the chessboard while Liam's face turn grim .

"That bastard! After leaving for six years he only came back just now? Am I not his friend? Why didn't he give me one?" Liam sadly said and swayed while walking back on the sofa .

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"He sent you an invitation . If he didn't, he knows how well you would gatecrash his party" Harry replied to him while the raging Liam calm down himself in an instant .

Assistant Albert just looks at his boss circle of friends . He really wonders how they became friends . Their ages are not the same but he can tell that due to their personalities that they can mingle .

Birds with same feather really flock together . Albert just sighs and went forward to Ashton

"Boss, the materials for the conference is ready . The other members have already arrived and they are now waiting for all of you" Albert said and Ashton just stood up from his sit while the other three men who were sitting leisurely have a sudden change of personalities . They stood up and follow suit behind Ashton .

Upon entering the elevator, there was only silence between them and it took a while before reaching down their destination .

This floor was an underground level where only higher ups from his organization can enter and those with authorization .

The moment they enter the black door with a golden carve it they saw five man and one woman already sitting in the long table and on the screen there was symbol of black feather inside a golden circle .

There were eleven seats inside the room, Ashton and his friends took their sits and there was only one empty seat left while Albert will be the one presiding

"Where is he?" Ashton looks at Albert when he left his gaze at the empty seat on his left side

"Mr . Croft said he still had some important business to attend . " Albert said and Ashton just stayed silent for a moment then looks at all the people inside the black room .

"Let's begin" Ashton mouthed and the meeting started .