Back from the Dead - Chapter 53

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:02 PM

Chapter 53

A day had passed in and it was already the Fashion Line Awards .

The event is held at the Golden Dome Gallery and there are already a lot of Medias around the place and many famous artists from the Entertainment Industry presenting the fashion pieces of worldwide artist while walking on the long red carpet taking their photos and posing on the side .

Christine Pendle in her silver tube tea-length dress filled with embroidered flowers circling around the dress and it was from the Bloom Clothing Line which is now she is walking on the long red carpet along with her escort and a lot of cameras are now pointing at her .

"Tonight, we have Christine Pendle our one of the Top Ten Model! What lovely dress you've got . Can you give us a little spin to showcase your outfit for tonight?" The host said while Christine smile and slowly turn around showing her bare back down to her waist and a lot of cameras are flashing making the gems in a vine shape on her chest sparkle even more .

"Fantastic! Can you tell us about your outfit for tonight?"

"This outfit is from the Bloom Clothing Line, one thing I can say is simple and elegant yet keep on blooming like a flower"

"Your outfit past few years ago came from Horizon Clothing Line why did you choose Bloom?" The host said it was like saying you're always wearing the Horizon Brand clothes so what's going on now?

Christine just slightly smile and before she could answer when they can hear a commotion and when they look back they saw a brunette woman in a halter neck mermaid dress while the very bottom is in plain white and laid with a downward V-line of pearls from the waist and the upper part is embroidered in a golden thread to form the damask pattern .

One could tell that this dress took a long time in making . Only a pair of drop earrings and a bracelet as her accessories .

No one could tell who this woman is but her escort is none other than the fourth young master Anthony Cordiviera!

Everyone on the venue is left speechless only the flash and click of cameras can be heard . For the past three years the only one that this young master escorting is his sister the Fashion Goddess, Aria Kaye Cordiviera .

The moment Christine saw the person wearing that dress she can't help but clench her fist . It was one of the limited edition dresses in the Horizon Brand in 'Absolute Queens' collection and it has only three pieces one presenting the Sky, Land and Sea . The one that this woman wearing is the third piece the Sea dress!

Every woman is vying for that single dress to be worn in this event, even she also tried . But one thing she hate the most is this woman that was chosen to be the final model to walk in the runway for the Horizon Clothing Line .

While everyone is still feeling speechless, a white van appears wherein three women got off the van . It was Ciara Joy Dunstin and Farrah Brusch one of the top ten models of the year that was chosen in the audition and the one leading is the only Fashion Goddess, Aria Kaye Cordiviera .

In the momentary silence, the host finally regain her senses in that grand entrance "We finally have our Fashion Goddess and the tri-winner of the Fashion Line Awards, Aria Kaye Cordiviera, it looks like a lot changes is going in . May we know the woman who is escorting your brother?"

The audiences could tell now that the one Anthony's escorting is the final model for the runway later . One could deduct even if they didn't question but they love gossip like this . Some is looking at the new girl while some are looking at Christine's way .

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"She's Phoebe Culine, one of my models for this event" Aria said and she didn't said if she's the final model or just representing her for the Horizon Brand while Phoebe just bow to the media and cling her hand to Anthony's arm leaving the onlookers to glare at her while Anthony enjoy the pleasure being at the center of attention .

It was in this moment that Caroline Shen arrives, the owner of the Bloom Clothing Line, along with her is Nathaniel Guevarra, CEO of the Hexagon Entertainment Company .

When the people look at the situation on the long red carpet one thing only came to their mind 'Enemies meet on a narrow road'

It was really an awkward situation, Nathaniel is the ex-boyfriend of Aria and Caroline is also her rival in the competition for the Best Fashion Designer in the awarding event .

A lot of gossips saying that Caroline came in between, while the others saying Nathaniel was two-timing, while also some say Aria got tired of him and broke up but who knows the real thing .

Aria didn't even bother to look at their way and just made their way inside along with her models to prepare for tonight shows .

"From the Bloom Clothing Line, we have here Caroline Shen and her fiancée the CEO of the Hexagon Entertainment Company, for tonight's show what did you prepare for us?" The host brightly said trying to ease the awkwardness .

"This is a big event and let's just found out later for the big show" Caroline just said and tried to pose for the camera and head inside to prepare for the runway .

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A black limousine arrives and the first one to get off is Angelo Jay Cordiviera and supported his wife Beatrice Cordiviera from getting off . The moment they saw her outfit a lot of people exclaimed it was also part of the Horizon 'Absolute Queens' collection the 'Land' the second piece and the only missing piece is the first piece which is the sky to complete the collection .

It was a lattice front flare sleeve sheath lace dress in green color while the waistline is inlaid with the golden spider silk thread coiling the waist as well as the bottom part of the flare sleeve . Beatrice with her perfect figure stunningly pose for the camera leaving the crowd be mesmerized from her beauty and elegance .

"Our BeJay couple, welcome to this event . Our very own International Model Beatrice is very stunning today and our Leading Actor Anthony is lavishly handsome as well . It looks like you won't be in the running today Mrs . Cordiviera"

"Well Yes, I'll be just one of the spectators and I'm looking forward for tonight shows"

In a moment a white limousine suddenly arrive at the scene and a lot of people are wondering who it might be . Most of the famous people from the Fashion and Entertainment Industry are already inside so who could it be?

The first one to get off was Richard Cordiviera and was followed by her wife Andrea Cordiviera leaving the people to be shocked . This was their first time to see the man attend the event aside from his wife .

They thought they were the only from the car but then a woman suddenly emerges from the car .

They saw a platinum blonde hair girl in an off-shoulder rose gold embroidered star sequin mesh trumpet gown . The diamonds that was embedded in the embroidered star in the dress are place like a constellation from the sky leaving her like a Goddess that descended from the heavens .

One thing about the Absolute Queen Collection is not the simpleness of the design or the expensiveness of the dress . It was about how the wearer to pull it off and embracing the dress like a Queen and owning it .

There is only one thing that came to their mind, the first piece of the 'Absolute Queens' The Sky . They can't believe that they have a glimpse of the complete collection today .

For the fashion addicts, it's very rare to see a single piece, not even two or three but they have seen it all and also in person! They wanted to faint in this sudden but chose not to but to took this chance to imprint in their mind very well this piece of art in their eyes .

The only question that came to their mind is who is this woman that came with most powerful family? The only person they could think with a pure platinum blonde hair is a woman from the Culinary Industry .

What would be their reaction if that same woman they're thinking is this woman Callista .

A lot of people were left speechless for today . If the King of Business Empire, Ashton Cordiviera is here too it will be a big sensation! Today's event is really big! A lot of reporters can't wait to have this article but the event is only starting .

Callista just followed suit and she didn't have any idea what this dress means . Aria just sent it to her this morning to wear for this event and her hubby will arrive later .

The three of them didn't pose for any pictures and just went inside leaving the audience and host still in speechless for what just happen and arrive at the entrance of the long red carpet .

How about the people inside the event, what would be their reaction too?