Back from the Dead - Chapter 55

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:56 PM

Chapter 55

The last brand to present their work is the Horizon brand and on the screen it showed the theme of the collection 'Luminescence in Melancholy'

"Hubby, it's finally here!" Callista excitedly said and Ashton finally lifted his head to watch the show while Callista adjusted herself in her seat .

The moment the first model walk on the runaway stage it was like entering paradise . Each moment the models walk to present the design there was story portraying in it .

Callista remembered that day on judging those piece of dresses that the models wore was only a copy of the original and she didn't expect the originals to be so brilliantly distinct in its designs .

Looking at the models walking, it was like someone breath a life to the dresses . It was like your in the middle of prairie feeling a little melancholy .

Now she understands why Aria has that theme . Probably because of that story were 'Callista' was inspired to draw this pieces in other words 'Beautiful Sorrow' .

Callista felt like crying when she saw the final model she choose, it was Phoebe . Looking at her now, she was far from that girl she met on the audition room . It was like she transform from a sparrow to a phoenix .

The moment Phoebe exit the stage the people inside the hall are still lost like they didn't know what just come not until some shouted and clap his hands like he was about to cry that the people inside regain their senses .

"So brilliant and magnificent!"

Callista look above and saw it was one of the judges clapping and feeling a bit teary and she can now hear a lot of clapping .

"Horizon truly never disappoints us!"

"That was truly classy and elegant!"

"Horizon truly brings out high-end fashion in every event"

It was in this final moment that each of the models from the fashion brand will walk together along with the designer .

Callista withdrew her hand from Ashton and she can't stop clapping when she saw the Horizon runway models .

'Hey, Callista from heaven . Your designs are finally being appreciated this is my token of gratitude to you from letting me have your body'

After the final walk, there was a thirty-minute break for the judges to finalize the winner and awards for the event .

For some people, it was also the time to socialize and form networks .

"My dear, how did you end up with those designs?" Callista just lean a little when she heard her Mother-in-law .

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"It came from a Goddess story . The sisters from the orphanage tell this story when we go to bed . This designs would not be possible without Sis Aria team designer and artist"

"You had a great talent in designing, why choose culinary arts?" Andrea ask and Callista didn't know how to answer but subconciously she answered .

"It was for someone important to me sadly, that someone left"

"Ohh, I'm sorry about that darling"

"Ohh, uhh . It's okay Mom" Callista just said and smile not knowing why would she say that . While a certain someone is very curious to who that person was .

Callista just starting rubbing her shoulders . One thing she hates the most is the cold! When it comes to that she's really sensitive to the cold .

Suddenly, she felt something on her shoulders and saw her hubby drape a cashmere coat on her and because everyone is busy loitering no one have notice anything amiss .

"Thank you, hubby" Callista mouthed and a server came with a glass of hot milk . Ashton took it and hand it over to her .

Callista didn't know what to do with this overwhelming feeling circulating in her tummy and its making her heart itch .

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She just giggle and slowly drink the glass of hot milk while Ashton just get back to what he is doing like nothing had happened .

After the half hour break, everything is back into place and the awards ceremony will start in a few moments .

"Good evening again everyone! For tonight the highlight of this event will now commence and now we will start with the first awarding for the 'Urban Luxe Award' .

The host started announcing and call for the usherettes to usher the awards .

Callista didn't listen much, she's just looking for Aria to receive some awards and to Phoebe also . She would like for Phoebe to win the Model of the Year .

From International Accessory Designer from X Brand, International Ready-to-Wear Designer came from the Blooom Brand . The Business Leader came from Horizon Brand CEO .

The next award of this event is 'The Fashion Icon Award' which is dominated half for the public votes and half for the judges .

There were five candidates which includes Beatrice and also her rival in the modelling industry, The best Actress of the year and two music artists .

"For the Fashion Icon Awards who influencely let the general public view and the fashion industry perceive the epitome of fashion and remain as an inspiration let's give it all to Beatrice Wisteria Cordiviera!"

Everyone applauded and Beatrice stood up while the Cordiviera Family congratulates her and her husband usher her to the stage .

Upon receiving the award she almost broke down from tears but she just held it back and face the crowd, "Thank you everyone for giving me this award, it is such an honor especially to my fans, the support of my family, to my designers and to my loving Husband and Son . " she said and look at the crowd in front of her then resting her eyes on the Cordiviera family and finally to her husband Angelo who is brimming with smile looking at her also .

"I came from an average family and fashion is always my passion but because I'm not that rich I don't have any resources to showcase my love for fashion but that didn't stop me for achieving my dreams and goals . Thanks to my Mamá Rosalia for supporting me from the start of my and my career and it's been fifteen years that I've been in this industry and also this my tribute to her . Thank you everyone!"

Beatrice raise her trophy one more time and exit the stage while the crowd applause for her .

Callista knew all the hardships Beatrice face in her career . Due to her extensive research to the members of the family she found out how she was berrated and due to her exquisite beautiful face she was label as flower vase or mistress of a rich tycoon . The entertainment is really full of darkness and dirty dealings . Good thing she met Angelo but they also have a rough start, like your typical rich-poor love romance but in the end they were blessed with a little Angel .

Callista is very proud of her, such a strong woman who had the guts to fight the industry . Afterall, Beatrice is a vengeful person when you hit her bottomline .

The next award to be receive is the 'Model of the Year' which is a very important award for models who walk the runway and this is also their chance to become of the best and recognize model in the industry .

The one who receive the award for this year was none other than final model of the Bloom Brand- Christine Pendle!

Christine Pendle deserve the award, for the entire year she dominated industry and receive more advertising campaigns . For Phoebe that she wanted to win, she knew she will have her way next year .

Finally the award that everyone is been waiting for, the Designer of the Year and the 100th Dress Piece to be put atop the ceiling caged in a glass box .