Back from the Dead - Chapter 58

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:48 PM

Chapter 58

Dress in a white floral halter dress and a pair of faux fur peach heels with a sling bag on her shoulder, Callista enter the Regalia Restaurant and headed to her Auntie's office after greeting some of the workers and other chef's .

Callista knocked first before entering the office and found her Auntie Ronabeth writing something .

"Good noon Aunt Rona! I'm finally here!" Callista strode in while Auntie Rona just set aside her work and took the invitation in her drawer .

"Have you talk to him? My dear, you know it's still not too late to fix the misunderstanding between the both of you" Aunt Rona said in a concern tone trying to ease her while Callista remain curious because she doesn't know what her Auntie is saying .

Callista being speechless left Aunt Rona mistakenly thought that she was truly hurt .

"I've known that kid since childhood and I watch the both of you grow up and your relationship . It was only a rumor that he already had a fiancee, you know well his parents too right?" Aunt Rona solemnly said while trying to recall those days back in the orphanage where she meet the two kids .

Callista felt a headache coming and feel like she was hanging on a thread that could snap anytime leaving her to fall deep in the abyss .

"Auntie, thank you for the concern . I always treated you like my mom since I was child and I was truly grateful for all the things you have done for me . As for my relationship with Christian-" Callista paused first and Aunt Rona's view distorted feeling like she's not the Callista she knew . It felt like her but at the same time it's not .

"What we have is already in the past . Six years is already been long enough to decide what choice should I make . Auntie, right now I'm truly happy of what I have now . My decision is also for the sake of mine and Christian also" Callista continued and seriously said .

In fact she wasn't even Callista . Even if she didn't met Ashton back then she wouldn't choose Christian either even if he came back .

She may be residing in 'Callista' body but she can't just change the feeling of forcing the real Callista feeling into herself .

It's like she'll be forcing herself to being the Callista everyone knew and she was afraid that she would forget she was an another soul called Ayane . This body is only a shell that contains her soul and who knows how long could she keep herself being around .

Aunt Rona look at the girl in front her . Looking at her in resolution, she was now very far from what she used to be . That timid and bubbly girl is now gone . Her outer self is just like a pretense .

"I see . It looks like you already made up your mind" Aunt Rona just sigh while Callista just took the invitation on the table and put it in her bag .

"Thank you Auntie for keeping the invitation for me . I'm going now, I still have some business matter to take care of" Callista said and bow . Before leaving the door she added, "It's truly inevitable that some people change . " After saying her piece she finally left the office .

All she could do now is give them a hint that she wasn't the Callista they used to know and it's up to them if they could accept it or not .

Aunt Rona look at her retreating figure and she just lean on her chair when she finally disappear . She just look at the silver picture frame on her desk . It was a picture of her and Callista in her chef uniform .

"No matter what you do, you always had us your on back" Aunt Rona silently said and gaze outside the window of her office and fell in deep thinking .

Outside the restaurant, Callista just got out and waited for Ashton to fetch her to go together with him for her new restaurant location .

She just gaze around and look at across the street when she spotted a familiar person staring straightly at her .

"Jason?" she just mumble and look trying to discern if she is mistaking or not .

She just look away trying to avoid that penetrating gaze but she just look again when she saw him walking away that made her run across the street .

"Wait!" she shouted and she didn't know that there was a Cabover City Delivery truck speeding at her .


Before she could react, she was pulled out from the middle of the street, wrapped in someone arms and rolled on the ground .

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The delivery truck swivel and screech before hitting the lamp post, the road was in a chaos .

When Callista open her eyes, she was met by his cold eyes and penetrating gaze .


"What were you doing? Are you crazy!"

"Why would you dashed out in the middle of the road, full of speeding cars?"

"Are you seeking death! Didn't you know you would put yourself in danger?"

"What happen if I didn't arrive earlier? Will I see you again in that pool of blood?"

"Are you really that fond of crossing streets and get hit by a car?"

Ashton was fuming with anger . He park his car not far away from the restaurant and waited for her to come out . When he saw her, he took the boquet of tulips he prepared and when he got out, he just saw her suddenly running in the middle of the road .

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Before the truck could hit her, he instantly run and pulled her out .

"I . . I . . I'm sorry" Callista silently mumble, she in fact also didn't know why she run . She was too focus on that person resembling her bestfriend, Jason .

She just bow her head, afraid to met his gaze . This is her first time seeing him being angry at her and it's due to her stupidity, making her heart ache due to the sudden treatment .

Ashton just calm himself a bit and stood up, there he saw some wounds on her elbow and knees making him frown .

Callista also immediately stood up but she swayed and moan in pain .

Ashton just catch her before she could fall to the ground .

"You sprained your ankle . I'm taking you the hospital" He coldly said, carried her to the car and speedily drive away .

Even after they left at the hospital and went home . Callista is treated by his silent cold attitude .