Back from the Dead - Chapter 6

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:30 PM

Chapter 6

While waiting for her food to come . She open once again the zip lock bag and took the phone and immediately turn it on but the phone has already reach its limit and shut down .

"Miss Callista, just wait for a while and the Boss will come back later" Assistant Albert said when he enter the room .

"Can I request something? Can you please charge this phone for me? I don't have any charger with me" she said while waving the phone .

"Sure . Wait while I go grab a charger for you" He said and left the room .

"So, I'm Callista now . I need to get used to it and Ayane Gaude is already dead . It's the best time to actually live and lead a normal life . " Ayane said and she will live for the better now and be a caring housewife for my future husband .

"Why does his name sounds so familiar . Ashton . . . Ashton . . . Ashton Cordiviera . " Then suddenly something triggered in her mind and curse out .

"Fuck! Ashton Cordiviera?! The King of the Empire Business!" she exclaimed .

Out of the entire person she chooses to marry she chooses someone that was out of ordinary . Why was she so slow to remember who he is!

A thousand years ago, there were only seven continents in the world not until an eight continent was discovered . And my mission was located in here in this eight continent . Before its discovery, it was just another continent not until it flourish bringing it to another whole level and the Mauvellio Country stood out the most bringing it to the number one nation in the eight continent and stood the most out of all the continents .

This new continent composes only of 5 countries but the size of this continent is the same as Asia and this place is not like any other continents . The technologies are more advance here and full of many resources that's why many people from other parts of the world migrate here . This continent is so full of socialites and wealthy people .

The ancestors of my future husband was one of those that bring this continent to fame and until now they got a hold of this place making them number one and almost every business of what they have is scatter all over the world but because of this too much wealth that they have many enemies .

My future husband is so fucking rich! Good thing that when I'm not on a mission I was always staying in the Intelligence network area and busy gathering some intell about the eight continent .

Well anyway, if he has some very good resources I can investigate the matter about my origin . It feels like there is more to myself and Callista . And now for her and my sake I will find out the truth about us . My guts are telling me that I should do this . I always trust my gut that is why it saves me from my missions except for the last mission .

A while later my food came and Assistant Albert charge my phone and my dear husband finally came .

"Are you really Ashton Cordiviera? The King of the Empire Business?" I asked to him while eating this beef and corn soup . Good thing I was a left handed person and only my right arm was fracture .

"Yes . It's me . Why ask that? Are you questioning my identity?" Ashton said and put down the book his reading and peels some orange for her .

"What I mean is that you an important man in this country is here with me peeling some orange for me . Isn't that weird? And also no one still knows what you look like! Some said your ugly that is why you don't show up to some people!" She said and took the orange he peel and eat it while Ashton's aura became dark .

Well it's true, not even her have seen his picture in gathering some info about him . Only the higher ups in the business area have seen him same for the organization she once belong to .

He was only 20 years old when he took the CEO position and the youngest billionaire! Rumor says that he is also ruthless, cold and a monster!

"I'm responsible for what happened to you and also your my wife so I should be here and I don't care about those pointless rumor . " He said and started to peel some red apple .

"Hmm . Okay!" She said and eats all those fruits that he peeled for her .

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While on the other side of the room . Assistant Albert is almost on the verge of fainting . His boss that he accompanied for ten years is peeling fruits! And then these two is acting so lovey dovey like they knew each other for a long time!

'I must stay strong or else my heart will jump out of my chest from this discovery!'

Stay strong Assistant Albert, there is more for you to see and suddenly they hear a ringing phone .

"Miss Callista, someone is calling you" Albert said and took the phone and gives it to her .

Someone is calling me? Who might it be? I receive the phone and look at the caller it was Carla from my memory she was also a sous chef, my co-worker in the restaurant .

"Hello? . . . I'm sorry my phone shut down and I was in an accident . . . Can you tell the boss about it? . . . Yes! Yes! Thank you so much!"

"Who was it?" Ashton said while looking at her phone .

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"It was Carla my co-worker at the restaurant . She didn't know I was in an accident that is why the boss is looking for me" I said and tap on the phone to look at the messages .

"You should stop working in the restaurant anymore . You should just stay at the house after you recover" Ashton said and put down the knife . He almost peeled all the fruits in the tray .

"Hmm . Yeah! Your right! I should just cook for you and take care of you that will be better!" She exclaimed . It's better that she will stay at his house and investigate it will be hard to investigate while working and also if the organization finds her it will be troublesome because of the same face they can misunderstand me . It will be good to stay low-key .

Ashton was slightly taken aback when she heard her answer . He just wants her to rest while he does the work . He just didn't expect that she will voluntarily will cook for her and take care of him . Well there was nothing wrong with it because she is the wife and he like it .

"Hmm . Albert go to her workplace and arrange her resignation . " Ashton said and continue on taking care of his wife .

Well for Albert he was left again with no choice . After this girl woke up, he can't even count how many errands he just run for her just for a day .

Instead of running errands for the company . Here he was running some errands for another person . Well she is the future Lady of the Boss and he knows there will be more errands to come .