Back from the Dead - Chapter 64

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:06 PM

Chapter 64: 64

After talking to each other and reminding about her medicines and check ups, Tyler finally left the VIP room because he still had some patients to tend too .

In the end, he didn't said anything about Ashton and Christian relationship . He doesn't want to meddle much in his sister's lovelife .

He almost went mad knowing that Father still didn't know about her marriage! But, he also knew that no matter how reckless and stubborn she is, she always know what she is doing .

If things went good or bad, he will always be their behind her back supporting like he always used to .

After leaving, Ashton went back on time and Tyler just said some important things regarding on Callista's health and he just listen intently .

"Hubby! I want to go home, I'm hating the smell of hospitals!" Callista frown and tried to cover her nose but the smell of medicines still waft through her nostrils .

"Wait until tomorrow, the doctor said there's a chance that your fever will be back . If it won't comeback tonight, then we'll free to go back home" Ashton said while pouring the soup on a small green porcelain bowl .

"Here, drink this ginseng soup . Mother made this for you, it will help you get better"

"Fine, thank Mother for me" Callista said and started to drink the ginseng soup which left a bitter and spicy aftertaste in her mouth .

"I'm sorry that you didn't get to attend your friend's welcoming party" Callista suddenly said after drinking the ginseng soup in one go while Ashton receive the empty cup .

"It's alright . Your my wife and your my priority . He'll understand it . " Ashton briefly said then everything was quiet .

Only the howling of the wind from the window could be heard while Callista just look at the night view with a rather mix feelings in her heart .

Ashton on the side just stood there, looking at her countenance trying to remember every single piece of her .

This serene view of her, he just watch how calm and unruffled she was leaning on the bed .

"Ashton" Callista's sweet and calm voice rang in his ears .

It's been a while that she called his name, it's very rare of her to call his name .

Ashton is feeling something must be up mentioning his name .

"What is it?" Ashton just sat beside her while Callista lean her head on his broad shoulders .

"If ever something bad happen to me and wasn't at your side anymore . Promise me that you won't come running after me" Callista said and tightly squeeze his hand .

Hearing what she just said, Ashton's eyes squinted and his expression turn dark . He didn't even care how tightly she squeeze his hand .

"As long as I'm here, nothing bad will happen to you . "

"Aish, it's just 'if ever something happen' promise me okay!" Callista insisted but Ashton still won't budge making his eyebrows furrowed more .

"You telling me this, does it have something to do with your trauma?" Ashton said then everything turned quiet once again .

Callista just fiddled with his hand and took a deep breath before talking again .

"Yes, I know that my husband is powerful and can protect me but I'm also doing this to protect you" Callista then look straightly at his eyes .

Just looking thorough at the previous soul's memories, she also had a lot of people running after her life .

Also, they have the same body and face which would her enemies from the organizations rivals mistaken her identity .

She also had the halo of the previous Empress of the organization . It will be bad if the higher ups from the organization will took notice of her again .

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No matter what, she doesn't want her hubby to clash with those people . It will be a massacre, just thinking of it makes her heart shudder .

Callista probably didn't notice but Ashton can sense the fear and anger looming around her and that shaky hand holding his .

Ashton just wrap his arms around her and pull her closer to his chest .

"No matter what happens, I'll be here always protecting you . I'm your husband and that is my duty and responsibility . " Ashton said wholeheartedly and Callista's heart is itching and she can feel those butterflies swirling inside her belly .

"Okay, but still I want you to promise me!" Callista still insisted making Ashton a little bit flustered .

"Alright, alright . I promise" Ashton just said but in his mind, he won't let that time come . Whoever wants to take and harm her, let's see if they can contain his wrath .

Hearing his promise, Callista smiled and hug him even tightly .

"Thank you hubby! I love you so much!" Callista said, at the back of her mind, she wish that this type of moment would last forever like she has nothing to worry about the people who are after her life .

"I love you, too" Ashton could only compromised to her promise .

Few minutes later, Callista feel asleep then Ashton slowly move out of the bed and carefully position her and tuck her in under the blanket .

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He kissed the girl on her forehead with a loving look . He can't help but clench his fist to might what happen in the future . It looks like he need to take matters in his hand anytime soon .

Looking at her soundly asleep on the bed Ashton mumbled, "Whoever and whatever you had in your past, it won't change the fact that your my wife, the one and only for Ashton Cordiviera"

At this moment, Albert enter the room with a few brown folders in his hand .

You can say that Albert is really efficient in his work, he manage to collect information for just a day regarding on the identity of Tyler Sanders .

"Are you done?" Ashton asks while he sit a little further from Callista and position himself on the brown leather sofa .

"Yes boss! I think you might find this interesting" Albert said while Ashton receive the folders with a blank look .

On the very first page shows the report regarding about Tyler but what caught his eyes was the picture of three people huddled together .

The pictures was taken with the view of the orphanage name and the falling petals from the tree . On the right side, it was obviously Tyler in his twenties wearing a medical intern uniform . At the center was Callista in her pure white dress, probably she's eighteen at this time, while a young man on her left, dress in a white v-neck shirt and denim with matching combat boots .

He may look younger here, but Ashton knew this person very well, his bestfriend - Christian Croft!