Battered Young Miss - Chapter 16

Published at 12th of June 2019 09:11:02 PM
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Chapter 16

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Yang Lin rushed out to do as asked, he took the elevator a few steps away from where he came out from . On getting in he punched in the floor number, and got out when the elevator arrived at the floor . Stepping out he followed the green arrow that pointed left to where the transaction was to take place .

After a few steps he saw, a glass counter with a young female officer behind . After asking him a couple of questions with a deadpan expression, the officer took the documents Yang Lin handed her, entering them into the system along with his national security number for verification of his identity .

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Once she saw that everything checked out, she went on to ask for his payment details, entering his bank information into the station's secured payment page . A few seconds after the confirmation page came up, with a payment received message . Printing out the page, the officer

stamped the paper with a red ink, before handing him the payment confirmation paper .

Addressing the man in front of her, Officer Song told him that he could leave . After conveying his gratitude to her, Yang Lin rushed back the same way he came in, only stopping to catch his breath at the entrance of the floor where Zhang Mi was being held, before walking in to finish the process that will bring about the release of the Zhang heiress .

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Taking the paper handed to him by Yang Lin, Officer Wu made a copy, keeping the original in a yellow file on his desk, before handing the copy to the other man . A few clicks on his keyboard, and the status of the Zhang heiress changed from "In Custody" to "Released on Bail", pushing his chair back, Officer Wu walked towards the other end of the room, on the right was where female criminals were held . Pulling out the bunch of keys attached to his waist pocket, with one of the keys he opened the cell where the Zhang heiress was, whom on looking up to see who was there, at first she did not see her driver because he wasn't near where she could easily see him . The cell gate swung open .

"You are now free to leave, Miss Zhang . "

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Not knowing what to make of what she heard, Zhang Mi had a stupefied look on her face, drawing closer to cell bar, that was when the Zhang heiress saw him . In frustration, with the little energy left within her, she rose up from where she sat on the filthy floor that smelled strongly of urine . Raising her hand, she struck Yang Lin hard on the face .

"Why did you leave me here! Where were you when I was suffering in this hellhole!"

Tears of anger and frustration ran down the pale face of the Zhang heiress . On seeing what had transpired, Officer Wu wanted to step in, but his action was halted by Yang Lin . A single look at the hard gaze and a firm shake of the head, was enough to tell the officer not to interfere in what was happening .

Pulling the Zhang heiress close, Yang Lin took off the black coat he had on, draping them across her shoulders, wrapping a hand around her for support, together they walked out of the station, into the parking lot where he had the car parked . Opening the backdoor, Yang Lin saw her get in, before making his way over to the driver's seat, once the door was secured, that was when he pulled out a brown envelope from the compartment of the front passenger seat, handing Zhang Mi the document from Zhou firm .

Tearing open the flap, Zhang Mi reached inside, pulling out some white papers, it didn't take long for her hand to begin trembling, for contained within them was a subpoena to appear in court in a few days time .

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