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Published at 26th of September 2016 11:40:59 AM

Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – Crazy Attack

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In this resourceful world, there were countless treasures, including those that could enhance the cultivation of Battle Qi, such as Dan . Taking the Snow Spirit Dan for an example, it could expedite the inhaling process of Battle Qi, and was exclusively owned by the Xue Family . One of the few treasures that could elevate a cultivator’s state from the first level to the third level within days, would be the Dragon Crystal . Not every delivery of the dragon would be accompanied by the appearance of such a treasure . In fact, it was very rarely that this occurred .  

Inside the Dragon Crystal existed an ocean of extremely pure energy, with the help of which the baby dragon could directly become a fifth-grade demonic beast . If the baby dragon ate it, it would most likely become a saint-grade beast, and well surpass its parents!

Taking all these factors into account, Shisan finally came to the conclusion that his master was refining the Dragon Crystal right now! He was so excited to witness Qinghan being empowered by the energy of this treasure, which was originally obtained by Little Black .  

Why did Shisan have such expectations for Qinghan? It was simple, because his master had a holy-grade battle beast, with which he believed Qinghan could exhibit more power once they were integrated .  

At the current stage, however, Qinghan was much weaker than Shisan and Shiqi . However, once his potential was fully unlocked, he would most likely become a comparable figure with their founder – Ye Huang . Even their ancestor, Ye Ruoshui, could, one day, be overshadowed by Qinghan! Shisan had envisaged the scene of his his master becoming a Saint-Realm cultivator, and slaughtering all the demons and barbarians by himself! Touched by the grandiose of this image, Shisan’s heart was stirred up with mixed feelings .  

Thinking of the prosperous future ahead, Shisan ran in a cheerful mood . While at the same time, Shiqi’s mood was also affected by Shisan, as he ran happily in the front .  

Now, they had nearly arrived at the mingled battlefield, so they raised their vigilance accordingly . Once they encountered any demons or barbarians, they would immediately run away with Shisan and Shiqi covering in the rear . As Prince-Realm cultivators, they were confident in protecting their young lord and lady in any condition .  

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At the foot of the Breaking Blade Summit, Sainan went through a bout of vexation, for she could no longer manage to be as composed as before .  

It had been three days! Within these days, she had arranged a dozen of attacks, and none of them had succeeded .  

Since the first days’ bruising failure, she had actually altered her strategy, and decided to forcefully break into the enemy’s defensive formation, regardless of how many casualties it might inflict . Under Sainan’s new order, the common elites and advanced Prince-Realm cultivators were put together, to launch attacks towards the barbarians in shifts . They did this task almost around the clock, in an effort to drain out the enemies’ Barbarian Force .  

It was the best and only solution, in Sainan’s opinion, to break the barbarians’ iron-like defensive line . They wouldn’t be able to hurt any of them until their Barbarian Force was depleted in the process . Otherwise, the pillar-like barbarians would continue to emit those yellowish armors, that were shielding them from all possible attacks . And if that were to be the case, it would be a super protracted war!

Therefore, the Mars Prefecture Legion had implemented the so called “Bloody Plan”, in which they were required to battle continuously, at any risk, until the barbarians had completely used up their Barbarian Force .  

Much to their disillusion, the barbarians stood there as steady as they were after so many rounds of attacks, as though they were insurmountable mountains standing in their way to a grand slaughter . Now, Sainan was driven mad, for her expression told everything – irritated as well as embarrassed .  

Within three days, hundreds of members were sacrificed, yet the demons and barbarians only lost a handful . Furthermore, among the human casualties, most of them were from Dragon City . How could Sainan remain in a calm mood, after seeing such disappointed outcomes?

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- Swoosh! -

Suddenly, a speeding figure brought Sainan’s mind back to reality . By taking in some fresh air, she twisted the muscles in her face and adjusted her expression to a more amicable manner .  

The figure was Hua Cao . In a travel-stained outlook, he directly rushed to Sainan, and spoke in an urgent tone, “Reports said that on the left side there is a great number of demons and barbarians running in this direction . It’s estimated, within five days or so, this place will be filled with enemies! We should retreat within three days! Three days later, whether we win the battle or not, we have to leave!” 

The news struck Sainan as a blow of lightning . Her faint smile, that she had forced so hard to pretend, disappeared, and a surly face emerged once again . Although the arrival of more reinforcements from the enemy side was within her predictions, she had never thought that they would come so quickly, and in such a organized way! 

“Wait… if my memory serves me right, we have already killed the scouts from the enemy side . How did they receive the news so quickly? It seems, our trace has been leaked as soon as we left the contemporary camp…” Sainan frowned with a perplexed expression .  

Finally, she shook her head helplessly, and yelled, “Three days? We’ll do our utmost . May the ancestors of the Mars Prefecture bless us!” 


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Attack! Attack!

A venturous attack that could require many lives as sacrifice!

That very night, Sainan assembled the head of each group, and presided an emergency meeting . When her underlings learned that more reinforcements would come to help the enemies out, they decided to annihilate them all before the reinforcements came .  

On the top of the mountain the most excellent members of the other two races were gathered, and the Mars Prefecture Legion was determined to break their alliance, and slaughter their most excellent forces once and for all . Otherwise, the humans would stand no chance to win in the final Prefecture War .  

No matter what happened to them, they were resolute to fight a path through the barbarian’s defensive formation, even if they had to trample upon the corpses of their own fellowmen .  

The low, and toneless beats made by the battle drums disturbed the tranquility of this mountain . The morning sun was yet to come out fully, and Ghost Island was still covered by a thick fog, through which one could see the perpendicular cliffs of the Breaking Blade Summit, standing like a ferocious beast, revealing its sharp “teeth”…


In a red battle robe, Sainan presented her valiant and heroic bearing by pointing the tip of her sword towards the mountaintop . After emphatically shouting, numerous members followed her into the fog, as they charged along the zigzag path that led up to the top of the mountain .  

Meanwhile, lines of members stood at the foot of the mountain, fully armed, ready to replace the people in the frontline once they were killed . One after another, they sprayed their warm blood in battle, hoping to contribute their due part .  

“Young lord, please take care of my elder parents back home!” 

“Brothers, remember to burn spirit money for me after I die . I hear that the underworld is also suffering from currency inflation…”

“Do me a favor, when you go back home, please tell my second sister-in-law, I’ve secretly been in love with her for many years… Oh, tell her, to close the window whenever she’s taking a bath…”

“Hey, brother Six, please pay off my debt I owed to Fangfang, you know, the girl in the Beautiful Spring Brothel… Oh, don’t forget to tell her, never ever let her guests owe her money, some bastards won’t be as kind as I am!” 


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