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Published at 25th of October 2016 11:18:27 AM

Chapter 152

Chapter 152 – Yao Xie’s Fury and Ye Qingniu’s Wild Laughter 

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When Qingwu first stepped out of the post, a crowded plaza came into her view . The first couple of teleported batches of soldiers were now standing squarely in lines . Expectantly, she began to search for the person who would welcome their return .  

An instant later, a familiar voice sounded out, and made Qingwu shiver, as she was exceedingly thrilled to see this person . It was her grandfather! When she tossed her head forward, she saw that pair of bulging eyes of her grandfather… Uncontrollably, tears welled from her eyes, trickling down along her cheeks . Like crazy, she darted forward and threw herself into Ye Qingniu’s arms .  

Meanwhile, Qinghan left Shisan to be in temporary charge of the remaining Mars Prefecture soldiers . He, together with Feng Zi and the other young lords and ladies, directly walked towards Elder Qingniu .  

“Grandpa! Grandpa!” 

In Ye Qingniu’s tight embrace, Qingwu had suddenly become a spoiled child, as she was crying with tearful eyes, while her body shuddered in overexcitement .  

“Ok, my dear little girl, it’s so good to see all of you back! Do you have any injuries, my sweetheart? Alright… please don’t cry . I told you, you’re less beautiful when you cry . ” Elder Qingniu gently patted on the back of his granddaughter, while tears were also running down his wrinkled old face . Qingwu’s parents had died years ago, it was her grandfather, Elder Qingniu, who had raised her up . Never had they been parted for such a long time .  

“I’m perfectly fine! Don’t worry about me, grandpa!” Taking a deep breath, Qingwu pulled herself together, and broke into a smile . She then grabbed one of her grandfather’s arms, and held onto it tightly .  

“Ye Qinghan is here . Respectful elders, nice to meet you all!” Qinghan bowed to Elder Qingniu, while at the same time, he cupped his hands towards the other elders present . When his glance landed on the elders of the Xue Family, however, he stopped and looked at them with the corner of his eyes .  

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“Glad to meet you, Elder Tianqing, and all the other elders!” Following Qinghan’s polite gesture, Sainan bowed to all the old folks, except for those from the Xue Family .  

Likewise, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng all followed suit . Amid all the passionate greetings, the Xue Family members were snubbed, as if the young lords and ladies didn’t even see them .  

“Humph!” The great elder of the Xue Family thundered, for he was so worried about their young leader, and he had intended to inquire Sainan and the others of the current state of Wuhen . Yet, he received coldness from the young lords and ladies, which made him pissed off . Because of Elder Qingniu’s presence, however, he restrained himself from losing his temper .  

“Hehe, what a relief to see all of you coming out safe and secure!” Without comforting the long-faced elders of the Xue Family, Elder Qingniu turned to Qinghan instead . To his great shock, judging from the turbulent Battle Qi in Qinghan’s body, he predicted that Qinghan had reached the Realm of the Marshal already . Being submerged in surprise and excitement, who would have time to care about the Xue Family? 

In order to reassure himself, Ye Qingniu drew closer to Qinghan and stared at him silently for a full moment . When he was about to speak up, he unexpectedly sensed a powerful wave of Battle Qi in the atmosphere . Thus, he furrowed his eyebrows and searched around for the abnormal phenomenon .  

From behind the demons, something unusual suddenly happened . All the people collectively stared at the sky above the demons, as they were wondering who had actually released such an imposing momentum of Battle Qi, against the non-fighting rules set up by Immortal City .  

“Ye Qinghan, Face me!” 

A resounding sound reverberated from afar, and behind the bunch of demons emerged a black figure, which directly flew in front of the Mars Prefecture members, while releasing even more ferocious Battle Qi, as he even encircled all the Mars Prefecture soldiers with it .  

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- Bang! -

A gigantic, bright colour of Battle Qi loomed over the head the Mars Prefecture soldiers, following a streak of abruptly-emerging cyan light . Due to this, the evil Qi was effectively prevented from seeking any access to harm the soldiers within the light . At the same time, Ye Qingniu slowly flew up into the air, with his silvery hair dancing in the wind .  

“Saint Domain!” 

Fearful of the possible consequences brought by the large amount of evil Battle Qi, Ye Qingniu had turned to his Saint Domain to ensure the safety of the Mars Prefecture members .  

“Yao Xie, you disgusting lady-boy, what do you want?” Ye Qingniu asked .  

The golden-haired, devil-like figure of Yao Xie scared many, for a chill went down everyone’s spine . The suffocating, murderous atmosphere created by Yao Xie was so terrifying, that no one dared to make any movements, as if they were frozen . Was the power of the Demonic Evil really this mind boggling? 

As Yao Xie’s fury surged up, his eyes were turning increasingly red, and his face distorted into a hideous outlook . He kept glaring at the Mars Prefecture members with his intimidating, bloody eyes, “What do I want? Ye Qinghan killed my son! MY SON! Today, I will teach him an unforgettable lesson! Wild buffalo (Ye Qingniu’s nickname), get the fuck out of my way…

“ Ahhhh!” 

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Widening his already larger-than-ordinary eyes, Ye Qingniu was dumbfounded .  

“Qinghan actually killed Yao Xie’s son? How? There are supposed to be several upper-level Demonic Emperors and numerous Demonic Marshals around Yao Kaka, how could Qinghan kill them all? Since when does Qinghan have such mighty power?”

- Swoosh! -

As the interrogation continued, several Barbarian Kings, flew towards Ye Qingniu, and growled, “Ye Qingniu, Ye Qinghan forced our young lord to cut off his ring finger, and robbed him of his protective armor, after having killed countless barbarian soldiers! If you don’t give us a proper explanation today, we swear that we’ll seek for a proper response!” 

“Holy shit!” 

Hearing another accusation being thrown towards Qinghan, Elder Qingniu was so shocked, that he couldn’t find the proper words to reply . The elders of the other families were also left bewildered .  

“I heard that Yao Kaka already reached the level of a Demonic Emperor, how did he get killed?”

“Did that teenager Ye Qinghan really rob Man’gan of his armor, and slaughter groups of barbarians? It’s so hard to believe this, considering how young he is! He’s only sixteen years old!” 

When everyone’s eyes fell upon Qinghan, he rubbed his hands bashfully . In response to their suspicion, he slightly nodded his head, and the other young lords and ladies also nodded their heads as a reconfirmation .

Silence, absolute silence!

The elders, including Ye Qingniu, needed some time to digest such explosive news . Unbelievable as it sounded, the fury of Yao Xie and the Barbarians Kings weren’t faked . Also, Qinghan’s admission was straightforward . Given all these reasons, they had to accept that this was the heaven-defying truth . Ye Qinghan had grown into a man of great power!

“Wild buffalo, I said, get out of my way and dispel that Saint Domain! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel to your people!” Yao Xie urged .  


Elder Qingniu suddenly started to laugh hysterically, for he had been told the details of what had happened on Ghost Island through voice conveyance with Qinghan . Now, he knew that Qinghan had broken into the Realm of the Marshal, and his integration technique had also become increasingly powerful . Putting these advantages together, Qinghan was now capable of killing any cultivator below the Realm of the Emperor! Driven by such a thrill, Ye Qingniu cracked into a wild laughter, as if he had suddenly become ten years younger .

“You disgusting lady-boy, what are you yelling about? Come on, let’s fight individually, huh? Thirty years ago, I already defeated you once; now there’ll be no difference…” 

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