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Published at 6th of July 2016 06:34:40 PM

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Soul Sacrifice

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​Numerous beams of holy light blossomed from Qingyu’s body, until she was wrapped in a white halo .  

When Ye Ron, who was trying to catch Qingyu, touched this white halo, he was violently pushed away by the mysterious power it exerted . Immediately, one of his arms was severely injured, as even the cracking sound of bones could be heard .  

- Boom! - 

The sword of Battle Qi created by Ye Jian had also drawn close to the halo . Once they collided with each other, a formidable blast broke out, creating waves upon waves of fierce shock waves . All the elders stepped back by the force of this power!
“What? What is going on?”
“What… what kind of mysterious power is this?” 

“Gosh, it seems that I have sensed a touch of some mysterious atmosphere…”

The whole crowd of elders stood dumbfounded, as though they were just hit by thunder . Experienced as they were, they seldom encountered anything like this .  
- Hiss! -

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Qinghan’s clothing was torn into strips by the power . Meanwhile, Qingyu, with the halo still lingering around her body, gradually rose up in the air . Her delicate face, bathed in the white rays, was perfectly portraying her holy, breath-taking beauty . Right now, with the effect of the halo, she looked like a fairy from heaven, no one dared to stare directly in her eyes .  

“Brother! Promise me, you must stay alive!” Qingyu stared at Qinghan lovingly and showed a smile of true happiness . The tenderness in her eyes could almost melt the whole world .  
Hardly had she finished her words, or she closed her eyes, and began to utilize the power within her body . Suddenly, without any wind, her dress stirred and her hair danced in the air . Eventually, all of her black hair turned white .  
“Soul Sacrifice!” 

With a scream, Qingyu opened her eyes . She rolled the whole halo up into a luminous ball, before she threw it directly into Qinghan’s body . Afterwards, she gave Qinghan a final glance . Gradually, she descended onto the ground, her eyes closed, permanently…
Qinghan screamed out while he firmly clenched his fists . At this moment, he was so inconsolable, that he didn’t realize that the white rays inside his body, were healing his wounds at a stunningly fast speed . Actually, not only did the rays recover him, but also endowed him with a temporarily mighty power . However, Qinghan had no interest in this newly-obtained power, the only thing he could think about at this moment was his sister, who was lying there motionless . He could‘ve lost his sister forever!


“Soul Sacrifice? What the fuck is that?”

“I’ve never heard of something like that either . Honestly, I was overwhelmed by its power . At first sight, I thought that an immortal had descended from the Heavens . Oh, God, this is terrifying…”

“Does anyone here know something about this Soul Sacrifice? What kind of power is it?”

“Thank goodness . Despite the imposing momentum, it didn’t injure anyone . Now, I suppose that girl is already dead . Personally, I’m rather glad to see that it was just a false alarm . ” 

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The elders didn’t care much about the miserable howls of Qinghan, rather, they were more interested in the mysterious power, that was generated by Qingyu . This terrifying power was simply beyond their comprehension, so they engaged in a hot discussion among themselves .  

“I know . ” Elder Tianqing had been silent, but now he suddenly broke in, “Qingyu possesses a Jade Spirit Body, which is one of the two holy bodies in this continent . All of us should feel guilty about her death . Because of our wrong judgement, we have forever lost a holy body; at the same time, we have also lost the opportunity to raise an advanced cultivator, who, with the help of the holy body, could reach the peak level of the Realm of the Saint! Therefore, I will confess today’s events to our leader . ” 
“Jade Spirit Body!”
The mentioning of the Jade Spirit Body stirred the crowd up – some shocked, while others showed regret, and still others pitied the death of Qingyu .  

Ye Qiang coldly gazed at Ye Jian, as he predicted that Ye Jian and Ye Ron would be punished once their family leader . Of course, only after Ye Tianlong was notified about the loss of a holy body .  

“It would be possible that Qinghan would’ve been allowed to cultivate with the help of his sister . Oh well, fortunately, we’ve rooted out this possibility . ” Ye Jian thought to himself, as he was in a gloomy mood . He was pondering on what Elder Tianqing had just said, when his eyes suddenly lit up with shrewdness .

“Ye Ron, we’d better run away immediately . ” Ye Jian anxiously shouted to Ye Ron .
Right now, Ye Ron was busy healing his own injured arms . He jerked his head towards Ye Jian, trying to figure out what he was yelling about . Finally, he managed to stand back up and retreated according to Ye Jian’s instruction . Before he left, he threw a vicious glance at Qinghan . However… hardly had he managed to take his eyes away from Qinghan, or he was temporarily blinded by two glaring beams shot from Qinghan’s eyes .  

Without a single warning, Qinghan bounced up from the ground and dashed towards Ye Ron . The black dagger, like a demon’s sickle, cleanly cut through Ye Ron’s neck, who was in a state of total blackout .  
“Ye Qinghan, how dare you!”

“Stop, Qinghan!” 

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Despite the quick response of Ye Ron, Qinghan had already outran him and cut his neck . Immediately, Ye Ron fell down onto the ground, his hands pressing against his neck, as he was trying to reduce the bleeding . At the same time, Elder Tianqing and Ye Qiang had tried to stop Qinghan from attacking Ye Ron, but they’d failed . Due to Qinghan’s insane speed, as soon as they saw a flash of black shadow fly towards Ye Ron, it was already too late to stop it from happening .  

As for Ye Jian, he had already sensed the ominous atmosphere around him, once Elder Tianqing had revealed the true identity of Qingyu – a Jade Spirit Body .
Although, almost none of them knew about Soul Sacrifice, most of them did know about the Jade Spirit Body . It was said that once a cultivator had integrated with a Jade Spirit Body, he would instantly enter into the Realm of the Emperor . However, people were less familiar with the special technique that belonged to such a holy body, which was known as Soul Sacrifice . In order to use this unique technique, the owner of this holy body had to burn off her soul and transfer the mysterious power inside her body to another person, who would temporarily be enabled to be as powerful as those in the Realm of the Emperor .  

Now, with the help of Qingyu’s mysterious power, together with his own integration technique, Qinghan was no longer afraid of Ye Ron .  
While all the elders were stunned at Qinghan’s speed and power, Ye Ron had already died, as he was lying on the ground with eyes still wide open .

“What the fuck? Qinghan is supposed to be a low-level cultivator, how could he kill an elder who is in the Realm of the Emperor! This is crazy . Did my dim eyesight cheat me? I simply cannot believe that Qinghan has this kind of power . ”

“Tian… Tianqing, Do you have any clue about what happened just now?” One of the elders turned to Elder Tianqing for help .  

Nonetheless, Elder Tianqing lowered his head, and let out a deep sigh, before he replied, “Because of Qingyu’s Soul Sacrifice, Qinghan instantly became as powerful as a cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor . Moreover, If I get it right, then he has acquired an integration technique, which can attack one’s soul . We’d better step far away from him, believe it or not, he’s now capable to kill any of us within a second . ”

Interestingly, in order to survive Qinghan’s fury, most of the elders exerted their Battle Qi, and flew up to a height they thought would be safe . Overlooking from above - Qinghan was standing domineeringly in the middle, while Ye Ron was lying dead with blood still flowing from his neck . The elders were convinced that Qinghan posed a threat to all of them!
Until now, only four elders hadn’t moved yet . One was Ye Jian, who felt it was an insult to dodge away from Qinghan . Then there was Ye Qiang, who felt confident that Qinghan wouldn’t hurt him . Also Elder Tianqing and Elder Tianxing hadn’t yet moved, because in their opinion, Qinghan would be the future of the Ye Family, so they planned to protect him .  

While at the same time, Qinghan didn’t move either, though he was so tempted to kill Ye Jian . The power brought by the Soul Sacrifice enabled him to be powerful enough to kill Ye Ron, however… as the saying goes, easy come easy go, Qinghan’s instantly-gained power was quickly fading away . The moment he had attacked Ye Ron, all his Battle Qi was consumed . If it wasn’t for his iron will, he would’ve fallen down to the ground already .  

Suddenly, Elder Tianqing secretly conveyed his voice to Qinghan, telling him to sustain as long as possible, because he had made someone inform the great elders in the rear hill .  

Not far away, there was a girl in red clothing, who had been secretly observing the events . She was Qingwu, and it was she who had informed the great elders .  

Actually, Qingwu had been observing the entire time . Even after Ye Jian had strictly ordered that anyone except the elders weren’t allowed to be here . She had sneaked back in at the corner, and she had quietly watched . The halo around Qingwu’s body, the dazzling beams from Qinghan’s eyes, the killing of Ye Ron… all of this was seen by Qingwu, all of which had left a lasting impression .  

Qingwu had been a fan of Ye Dao since she was a little girl . To her, Ye Dao was the perfect man . Therefore, she had shown special care and sympathy to Ye Dao’s son – Qinghan . The first time she had met Qinghan was in the School of the Battle Beasts, where she had helped him out when Qinghan was bullied by Qingkuang . She never knew, that this shy young boy, had so quickly become so powerful .  

Despite the fact that Qingwu was tempted to dash onto the scene and save Qinghan, she eventually gave up on this idea . It was clear to her, that Qinghan’s story wouldn’t last much longer, as he had already killed several family members . Even if she would invite her grandfather, Ye Qingniu, here, it wouldn’t change the situation much .  

Until, a sound conveyed secretly from Elder Tianqing had removed all of Qingwu’s concerns . She was told that she must quickly inform her grandfather - one of the three great elders . And that Elder Tianqing would bear the responsibility for all the things that would happen after . Out of ecstasy, Qingwu crumbed the enchanted communication paper, which she was only allowed to use in a moment of life and death . Then, she rushed onto the scene and said, “Ye Qinghan, don’t fall down, my grandpa will be here soon . Believe me, things will get better . ” 

However… Qinghan was so weak right now, that his left leg even quivered . It was a struggle for him to support himself . Suddenly, his left foot kneeled down, but his left hand immediately pressed onto the ground, in order to support himself . Under such circumstances, he still managed to raise his head high .  
“Ye Jian, stop!”

“Big Brother, wait a minute!”

Both Elder Tianqing and Ye Qiang yelled at Ye Jian, trying to stop him from attacking Qinghan .  

However, a golden sword made of Battle Qi was flying like the wind, right in the direction of Qinghan’s head .  
“It’s too late!” Ye Jian grinned, revealing his two lines of white teeth .

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