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Published at 26th of September 2017 01:59:27 PM

Chapter 103

No Matter What, One Must Not Lose in Momentum!

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle)

“It’s gold……” Jing Yue’s eyes almost popped out seeing those glistening yellow gold. ‘Gold is very valuable ah! In ancient times, it totally couldn’t be compared with Renminbi!’

“What should we do? It seems…… we don’t have any gold?” Jing Yue asked ShangGuan LingLan, with an expression like she was about to shed tears at any moment.

“E…… We don’t have any gold.” ShangGuan LingLan blinked and then stared at those gold.

“Wei! There is no way you guys don’t have any money right?” Upon seeing both of their eyes beaming with light as they looked at the gold as if they had never seen it before, Princess LeYang started to laugh in disdain.

“Who…… Who says we don’t?” Jing Yue straightened her body up. The eyes of the surrounding people showed some confusion when they saw her attempt to conceal her nervousness.

“Take it out if you have it!” Princess LeYang sneered at Jing Yue, her face was filled with complacency. She shot a gaze at the two persons that says she was definitely going to win .

“Ke ke (cough)……” Jing Yue bumped against ShangGuan LingLan, hinting at her to take out her pouch. ShangGuan LingLan glanced at Jing Yue in helplessness. In her heart, she had silently prepared herself to be humiliated with Jing Yue here today. Suddenly, she stood up and took her pouch out.

Under everyone’s astonished gaze, she took out a thick fold of yinpiao and banged it on the table before she arrogantly and forthrightly said, “I didn’t bring more than this, everything is here.”

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ShangGuan LingLan silently recited in her heart, ‘No matter what, one must not lose in momentum!’

The surrounding spectators actually gasped. Unexpectedly, the things ShangGuan LingLan so bravely threw out were actually all yinpiao. And looking at the numbers on those yinpiao, they were all ten thousand taels ah!

Then, what were the frightened looks on these two persons’ faces all about!?

Everyone was dizzy! They shouldn’t scare people like that!

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“That…… I brought a little less than her.” Jing Yue was secretly sweating when she saw the yinpiao ShangGuan LingLan had thrown out, silently muttering  in her heart, ‘Posture is cool enough, like!’

Everyone’s gaze moved and fell on Jing Yue’s body once they heard her words. Their eyes widened in surprised as they watched Jing Yue keep digging inside her belt, her hands moving here and there.

“There are some in here……” Jing Yue threw out a roll of yinpiao and then stretched her hand into her cuff. Once again, she silently threw out a roll of yinpiao and then said, “There are also some in here……”

“E…… There are still some in here……”

“Also here……”

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Everyone’s hearts trembled to see those yinpiao being thrown out continuously by Jing Yue. Their eyes got even wider upon seeing Jing Yue groping her body up and down. She then turned around and said with embarrassment, “It seems…… there are no more.”

“Pu (pfft)……” someone tittered, causing everyone to come to their senses. They turned their bodies around to make way and see who it was. As it turned out, it was a young master who had been standing outside. Wasn’t that Fang ZiCheng?

“I’m sorry…… I can’t hold it back.” Fang ZiCheng’s face was full of smiles. He coughed and waved his hand towards everyone, saying, “I was only enjoying the scene, but……” Fang ZiCheng paused his words. He then pointed at those yinpiao on the table and said, “It seems…… the winner is already clear right?”

“A? We don’t need to count ah?” Jing Yue suddenly lost her spirit. She murmured, “If I had known earlier, I would have brought a bit more money out……”

“Don’t mention this tiny room, if you had brought a bit more, you could already buy this Jin Yan Lou.” Fang ZiCheng spoke, his eyes were filled with laughter as he pointed at those yinpiao on the table.


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