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Published at 29th of August 2019 08:35:31 PM

Chapter 169


What Did You Call Me?

Poor wretch!!!

Poor wretch!

"Money! Money! No spending, no earning!" Jing Yue kept reminding herself that spending the money was making money! But . . .

It still made her heartbroken to watch the money flow away as a river!

Thinking of this, Jing Yue wriggled on the soft couch in the carriage .

"Ouch!" The sudden shake of the carriage made Jing Yue’s head hit on the edge . It was so hurt that she couldn't help but cover her head with her hands .

"What’s wrong with you? Do you really know how to ride the carriage?" Jing Yue pulled the curtain angrily but next second, she was stunned by the man riding a horse in front of her . Jing Yue winked her eyes and felt a bit confused .

"Hey, sweetie! We meet each other again!" The man on the horse wore a red and white robe . The attractive smile and the red mole under his eye made his jade-like face more enchanting .

Nose bleeding, Jin Yue was captivated by this man’s beauty!

"Why do you stand on my way, beautiful sister?" Jing Yue opened her mouth and said smilingly, looking at that pretty man .

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"What did you call me?" The smile on his face disappeared immediately . Instead, his eyes almost burst into flames which glared at Jing Yue violently . Although it happened to him constantly being laughed at due to his feminine beautiful face since he was a child, no one dared to call him sister in the face of him .

But now, this damn woman violated his taboo unfortunately .

"Beautiful sister . " Jing Yue repeated seriously .

"Clang!" A dart shot on the door of the carriage steadily . It happened so fast that Jing Yue hadn’t even taken back her smile . She slowly turned her head and looked at the dart shining chillingly . Then she became excited noticing Xing Er taking back his sword slowly!


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He reacted so fast!

"Mind your manner, please, Mr . Helian . " Xing Er raised his head and looked at the man calmly, but the coldness on his face seemed to freeze the man in front of him!

"Stay away!" The man called He-lian shouted, staring at Xing Er with his chilling eyes .

OMG . . . He was so pretty even when he was angry!

Hearing his words, Xing Er didn't move at all . Now, the two were stalemated .

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"Hmmm . . . I'm hungry now . Could you please stop a while and continue later?" Jing Yue coughed and then said awkwardly . Immediately, the tense atmosphere between them disappeared .

"I know one good place . " The man smiled and then he gave the horse a push on its back so that he could jump higher, flying toward Jing Yue directly . Xing Er hastened to block the man after realizing the man’s intention all of a sudden but was struck aside helplessly by the man’s round kick .

"Mama mia . . . " The man grabbed Jing Yue into his arms and rushed to the top of the building as Jing Yue screamed in fright . After several jumps, they disappeared, leaving the echoes of Jing Yue's screaming only .

"Damn it . . . " Xing Er's face turned pale . Covering his chest with his hand, he quickly chased up . On the whole street, there were only an empty carriage and the crowd who hadn’t yet recovered from the shock in a moment .

Meanwhile, Jing Yue was entirely shaken into dizziness after being carried by the man for a long time . As soon as she touched the ground, she found a tree and threw up until she had nothing to spit out . She stood up dizzily, staring at the pretty boy who was smiling at her viciously with his arms crossed before his chest .

"Damn freak! Don't think that it is only you who can fly . . . " Jing Yue cursed loudly .

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