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Published at 5th of November 2019 03:54:29 PM

Chapter 88

I Don’t Like Men

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

“Ke ke ke (cough)…… That…… My family’s little maid has gone back to take the money, but…… I think she must have gotten lost.” Jing Yue said in a deadpan manner as she looked at Fang ZiCheng.



“……” For some reason, Xing Er felt that today was his most humiliating day ever.

This was Jing Yue’s first time visiting Jin Yan Lou. With that dazzling inscribed board and imposing decoration, Jing Yue couldn’t help but lament over the domineering architecture of ancient era . They actually could decorate this building until it was so beautiful like this.

“Ze ze (tsk tsk)…… a good place ah!” Jing Yue’s eyes constantly s.h.i.+fted around to look; those exquisite decoration, those beautiful silks hanging on the beam above the room, those women sitting upright playing instruments, and the silky sound of music playing from within the upper room, which one of those that didn’t look stunning?

“Wa (wow)…… What a beautiful girl!” Jing Yue was watching a beautiful girl singing and playing a pipa in her arms. Jing Yue’s lecherous gaze practically made Xing Er wanted to throw her out.

“That…… We should go inside.” Fang ZiCheng almost had to forcibly drag Jing Yue into one of the room. When they were finally inside, Fang ZiCheng wiped the sweats on his forehead, ‘this young lady is simply too conspicuous!’ Every time he was together with Jing Yue, Fang ZiCheng always felt like crying but had no tears.

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‘In the end, is she a woman or not ah?’

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Jing Yue was still wishfully staring at the direction of the huge door which had been isolated from the outside. She blinked her eyes staring at Fang ZiCheng with expectation and said, “Wei wei wei, how about we also pay a beautiful woman to come and sing for us?”

“No!” Fang ZiCheng refused instantly, almost not thinking at all.

“Why ah? Don’t tell me you don’t like beautiful girls?” Jing Yue glared at Fang ZiCheng, feeling very unhappy. Seeing the slight blush on Fang ZiCheng’s cheeks, Jing Yue’s eyes suddenly brightened in understanding. Very cautiously, she went towards Fang ZiCheng’s side and asked, “You wouldn’t be having a hobby of liking men right?”

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“Pu (Pfff)……” The tea in Jing Lang’s mouth suddenly spurted out. He stared at Jing Yue in horror.

“My G.o.d ah! Don’t tell me you guys……” Jing Yue looked over at Jing Lang who had just spilled over his tea and then at the completely dumbfounded Fang ZiCheng. Suddenly, Jing Yue showed a ‘You see, I must have guessed correctly’ expression on her face and smiled ambiguously towards the two with an ‘I knew it!’ manner.

“You…… I……” Fang ZiCheng’s face turned more flushed, unclear whether it was because of anger or something else, he was speechless for a long time.

Jing Lang used all his power to suppress the surging wave in his heart down. In all earnestness, he said to Jing Yue, “You think too much, I don’t like men.”

“Could it be…… your feelings are one-sided?” Jing Yue suddenly turned her head to stare at Fang ZiCheng. With extreme pity, she said, “I can understand how it feels when the man you like doesn’t like you back. It’s all right, you’ll find a better man in the future! Don’t be sad ah……”

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“Jing Yue!” Fang ZiCheng suddenly stood up. He furiously glared at Jing Yue and said, “Just get out if you’re still going to talk rubbish and ruin my reputation!”

“Aiyaya…… I was just randomly talking. I was joking……” Seeing Fang ZiCheng so angry and wanted to drive her out, and then thinking about the food she hadn’t managed to eat yet, Jing Yue hastily smiled fawningly towards Fang ZiCheng, offering her apology.

“Come come come…… Drink tea, drink tea……” Jing Yue poured a cup of tea for Fang ZiCheng as if she was his henchman, serving Fang ZiCheng like she was serving a great lord.

“Heng (Humph)!” Seeing Jing Yue’s demeanor, Fang ZiCheng gave a cold snort before he started to drink the tea.

When the food came, for the first time Jing Lang knew that as it turned out, a woman could eat more domineeringly than a man!Please download our sponsor's game to support us!