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Chapter 12

Seeing the Lion fall dead, mark extracted his dagger and controlled it to his side, keeping it in his inventory while making a mental note to wash it . Unknown to him his actions was seen by the archer Alice who swiftly moved to the tree he was on watching him

"Thank the gods we survived . Whose dagger was that?" asked Luke

" I don't know, hey Fred what are you looking at?" Asked Andrew ignoring his wounds to the dual sword user . Fred said nothing but pointed at Alice who was looking up a tree . Following her line of sight they saw a black mouse, looking at it's features it looked like a shadow mouse but had an extra characteristics which was a metallic claw and bladed tail .

"Is that a shadow mouse?" Asked Becky while moving closer to get a better look

"I think so . Not sure" Replied James behind her confused

"It is, but a variant . " Said Alice feeling certain

"Was it the one that . . . . "

"Yes . " Said Fred

As they where discussing mark noticed the situation he was in, realizing they where not attacking him he wondered what they meant by variant, then he remembered . A variant was a demon beast that went through a mutation causing it to develop an extra characteristics or attribute .

"Looks like i'm one . Wait why can i understand what they are saying?" He asked in realization .

[You gained knowledge of this worlds language from your first system reward]

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"Oh . " he said returning his attention to the group bellow him . Just in time to see Becky take out a beef jerky and offering it to him . Seeing this he got close to her to collect it . Seeing him take the jerky from he hand Becky smiled then reached out to carry him . He offered no resistance to that making her more happy .

"Wow, he feels so soft and smooth i can just hug him forever . ' She said while petting him . Feeling a shiver run down his spine at the thought of been used as a plush doll, he leap out of her arms before turning to protest . Which just made her love him more due to his cute actions . Stretching to carry him again, he used Shadow step to dodge her hands before hiding behind Fred who had showed no reaction to him among the group .

Due to his actions Becky stumbled, grimacing in pain cause her wounds reopened . Seeing this mark felt bad so he decided to help them . Squeaking for their attention he led them through the woods .

"Is he trying to lead us somewhere or is this a trap?" Asked James cautiously .

"Don't know, but it hasn't shown any hostility to us and it doesn't behave like a demon beast should . So we shouldn't let our guards down . " Replied Luke

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"Luke is right . " Said Andrew .

Entering a bush mark brought out six health potions then pretended to bring them out of his hiding place he pushed it to them . Seeing the potions, Luke took one and uncorked it . Sensing it he was shocked .

"You are not gonna believe what these are hahaha . " Said Luke laughing

"Quickly spill it Luke what's that?" Asked James

"Hehe Health potions . They are health potions haha . " Answered Luke happily

"Really?" Asked Becky

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"Check yourself . " Saying that he gave her one . Checking herself Becky got shocked . Downing it to see it's effect, she felt her injuries itch as they slowly closed . "It really is and it's effect is strong" she said .

Watching their performance, mark asked the system "That's a low Hp potion right?"


"Then why are they behaving like that?" He asked

[Because in this world they are scarce and only Nobles can easily get them . ]

"Good to know . Now that my work here is done, lets leave them here . " Saying that he used shadow step to leave . Without looking back he ran for thirty minutes to one of his prepared hideouts unknown to him the storm he had sparked .