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Chapter 13

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A week had passed since his first encounter with humans, and his life after had been peaceful.....NOT! Two days after that encounter, the number of humans in the outer region increased searching for one thing. Him. He had almost been caught four times already and was feeling frustrated about it

"This is all your fault and your stupid mission. Now i'm sure that i'm at the top of the most wanted list."

[Your mission was to save them not interact with them.]

"Ahhhh, this m**********r. Ok ok how do i solve this problem?"


"You.... fine i'll just move to the edge of the inner region." saying that he set out at his fastest speed while dodging any human that was withing his range. Along the way he was forced to face Stage 3 Demon beasts risking his life. After two weeks he reached his destination. All his skills had leveled up and he had broken through to Stage 2, From his monthly lottery he gained the skill dig (seriously?). He was now strong enough to go head-on with stage 3 beasts. "System how many stat points do i have now?" He asked.

[You have 60 Stats points]

"That's a lot. Err.... just put 10 in each stats."

[Updating please wait.....Done]

"I guess it's time for my monthly draw right?"


"Ok, hope it's not like the last one. Start the lottery."

[Spinning, please wait]

[Congratulations. You gained the Unique Skill; Mana Gathering.

Check Status page for more info. ]

"Oh, show me my status."

[Host Status

Name: Not Given

Race: Shadow Mouse (Variant)

Level: 26 (2922/10000)


Hp- 1120/1120

Mp- 2020/2020

Sp- 980/980

Strength- 86

Defense- 90

Speed- 100

Dexterity- 95

Intelligence- 100

Stat Points: 0

Evo Points: 76510



God's Eye Lv 3;

Absorb Lv 3;

Iron Body Lv 5;

Claw Growth Lv 6;

Killing intent Lv 5;

Warrior's Heart Lv 4;

Hp Regeneration increase Lv 7;

Mp Regeneration increase Lv 6;

Sp Regeneration increase Lv 5;

Dark Element manipulation v 5;

This chapter is scrapped from

Metal Element manipulation Lv 3;

Dagger Mastery Lv 7;

Cooking Lv 5;

Dig Lv 2;

Mana Gathering Lv 1;


Shadow step Lv 9;

Dark swipe Lv 6;

Slash Lv 5;

Tail Slash Lv 4;

Bite Lv5;

Dark Spear Lv 3;

Shadow Clone Lv 5;

Black Dagger Lv 3;

Howl Lv 2;

Elemental Affinity;

Dark Affinity.

Metal Affinity.

System Functions:

Mission Board

System Shop

Inventory; 30 Black Dagger, 256 Low Hp potion, 98 mid Hp potion, 2 High Hp potion, 72 low Mp potion, 10 mid Mp potion, 1 High Mp potion, 1 fire lighter, A box of spices, A mirror.

Lottery ]

Seeing the details of mana gathering skill he was shocked. Didn't this mean he could just lazy around and his strength would still increase. This was definitely a jackpot.

[Don't even think about it. The more you slack off the harder your missions will be.]

"Hey that's not fair, i have a skill but i'm not allowed to use it."

[I didn't say you can't use it, but you shouldn't rely on it.]

As they where talking he saw some humans enter his range moving towards his direction. Turning tail he fled. After an hour of none stop running his system spoke.

[H-how is this p-possib-ble].
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