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Chapter 942: 942

Chapter 942: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

Snakel didn’t let go but instead leaned in closer to Gu Mengmeng . He admired her flushed little face with narrowed eyes . “You have your meals with me and stay in the same house as me . Traveling to school and heading home with me everyday . Who would believe that you are not my girlfriend? Moreover, I stood up for you so gallantly today that it’s too late for you to claim that our relationship is only of that of a boss-subordinate basis . ”

“I…” Gu Mengmeng failed to choke out any words .

Snakel continued . “Moreover, it is your duty to protect my identity as the CEO of MonSir, to stay close to me and look after me . What other term is more appropriate for such a role than girlfriend? Rather than trying to explain and making things messier, wouldn’t it better if you just acknowledge that role? Also, news of you giving me a love letter yesterday morning has already spread all over campus . Confessing your feelings yesterday and dumping me today… tsk tsk tsk, Twomeng, wouldn’t that be too fickle of you? Mmm?”

Gu Mengmeng blushed uncontrollably . She didn’t know whether it was because she was angry or because Snakel was leaning in too close .

She shifted back and ended up landing straight on the floor .

She looked up with eyes filled with tears, not knowing if it was from the pain or from being caught in such a miserable situation .

“When I signed the contract, it was clear that I am just an intern . School time is not business time . You cannot force me to pretend to be your lover in school . ”

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Snakel’s heart ached when he saw her fall .

With one hand, he pulled her back into his arms . With a grave expression, he said, “Who said we must pretend to be lovers? I really want you to be my girlfriend . ”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head . “I refuse . I don’t like you . ”

“Say that one more time . ” Snakel’s face turned black, as he radiated an intense aura . He was obviously angered by Gu Mengmeng .

Gu Mengmeng shrank back but Snakel refused to let her draw back even half an inch .

“If not for you, I would never have such ridiculous rumors about me swirling about . I might be poor but I have always been a good girl with a clear name . Because of you, everyone in school thinks I am a kept mistress… please, stop making things difficult for me . Can you just pretend not to know me while in school?”

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“No!” He was unwilling to be apart from her for even one second . As long as he couldn’t see her, he would feel he had lost her .

Pretend not to know her while in school? Then he’d just demolish the campus . There was no longer any meaning for its existence!

Gu Mengmeng could already hear people lining up at the entrance of the canteen . In just a moment, the doors to the cafeteria would be opened and everyone would see her with Snakel .

Panicking, Gu Mengmeng blurted out . “Then I quit . I won’t do this anymore!”

Snakel’s face turned even more grave, “Can you afford the compensation fee for breaking the contract?”

Gu Mengmeng gritted her teeth . “Even if I have to sell one of my kidneys, I will definitely pay back the fee . ”

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Snakel fumed when he heard her say that she was willing to harm herself just so she could leave him .

Even so, he continued clutching onto her hand . He could not bear to hurt her so .

“We won’t pretend to be lovers then . In school, I will be your suitor . This is my final offer . ” Snakel hissed through gritted teeth .

If he was just her suitor… she could reject him, right?

The doors to the cafeteria had already opened and Gu Mengmeng glanced at Snakel’s “I won’t let go if you don’t agree to this” attitude . She had no choice but to nod woefully . “Alright . Pursue me if you want . But you must let go of my hand first . ”

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