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Chapter 943: 943

Chapter 943: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

Snakel clenched his jaws . “I can let go of your hand, but if you dare run off, I will immediately use the PA system and announce to the whole school that we are cohabiting . I will also provide everyone with high-definition screen-shots of the two of us at home from yesterday afternoon to this morning . ”

With that, Snakel finally let go .

Seeing that Gu Mengmeng had no intention of running off, Snakel couldn’t help shaking his head in exasperation .

Whether it was in the Beast World or here, he always had to threaten her before she would be willing to remain obediently by his side .

He could offer her the best of everything . Why couldn’t she just stay by his side contently and enjoy his pampering? Why must she push him away?


“Sit down . ” Snakel pointed at the seat beside his own .

Gu Mengmeng really felt like obstinately getting up and leaving . But one, she didn’t really dare to give up one of her kidneys for the compensation fee, and two, she was truly scared that Snakel would publish those screen-shots .

Hence Gu Mengmeng succumbed her pride to practicality and sat beside Snakel as instructed . However, she scooted as far as possible away from him, such that half her butt was beyond the seat and hovering over empty air .

Snakel was also very frustrated by this situation . He knew his over-enthusiasm had frightened her but he had already waited a long time . Every single second since he came to this world, he had been suppressing his urge to kidnap her and imprison her by his side . He really could not withstand it any longer .

The closer he was to her, the more he wanted to have her…

The canteen doors opened and competition for the most popular dishes began . But the turmoil didn’t spread to their table . There were no bodyguards or barriers surrounding the table, but no one dared to come close .

Quiet fell across the cafeteria, probably for the first time since it came into operation . All eyes landed on her and she felt as if countless x-ray beams were shooting towards her, analyzing her through and through .

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“Have you finished eating? Let’s leave if you are done…” Gu Mengmeng really couldn’t bear it any longer .

Snakel glanced at her from the corner of his eye and frowned . “Is it because my face is not handsome enough?”

“Ah?” Gu Mengmeng looked puzzled . She couldn’t understand Snakel’s meaning .

Snakel asked again, “Or my physique is lacking?”

Gu Mengmeng instinctively shook her head . She could remember this fellow purposely changing clothes in front of her this morning . Although he had just changed his shirt, his eight-pack, v-cut abs was an unforgettable sight . Gu Mengmeng nearly had a nosebleed from seeing that .

Snakel saw Gu Mengmeng shake her head but that didn’t improve his mood . Instead, he became even more depressed . “Then is it because my family background is not good enough? Not wealthy or powerful enough?”

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Mister CEO of MonSir, who would book the entire mall just to go shopping and spent about $2 million just on clothes yesterday . Could he not be wealthy enough? If so where would that leave Gu Mengmeng—who was willing to sell herself for a $4,500 monthly salary?

As for power…

Ha, Gu Mengmeng didn’t know how powerful Snakel was . But just by looking at the way the principal and management team treated him today…

Gu Mengmeng could only shake her head again . Her face looked rather wooden .

Snakel frowned deeper and he turned to face Gu Mengmeng completely . “Then which part of me is not good enough? Why don’t you like me?”

“It’s not that…” Gu Mengmeng mumbled .

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