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Chapter 944: 944

Chapter 944: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

Snakel gave a cold laugh . “No? Then why are you unwilling to admit that you are my girlfriend?”

Gu Mengmeng leaned backwards, instinctively trying to shrink away . “How to admit that if I was never your girlfriend . ”

Fearing that she would fall off, Snakel reached out to hold her . But seeing the wariness in her eyes, he had no choice but to retrieve his hand . “Do you want to sit properly or do you want me to hold you? Choose . ”

Gu Mengmeng pushed Snakel . “Then stop leaning over . ”

Snakel gritted his teeth as he sat back at his original seat, and even purposely shifted a distance away . He glared at Gu Mengmeng . “See, you still claim you are not disdainful of me?”

Gu Mengmeng obediently righted herself in her seat . She took up her pair of chopsticks and started eating the spaghetti on her plate . She did not dare to look at Snakel . This fellow was too intense, making her feel all anxious and jumpy . “I don’t disdain you, I just don’t like this kind of feeling . ”

She was referring to the wide gap in their status .

He was the stars in the sky, worthy of admiration and worship .

While she was just the weed on the ground, to be trampled on by others .

Everyone could have their own dreams .

But even dreams should have a limit . If you crossed that limit, it wouldn’t be a dream any longer but a delusion .

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Gu Mengmeng didn’t hate Snakel, and certainly didn’t think he wasn’t good enough .

On the contrary, it was because he was too good and too perfect, such that even in her wildest dreams, she would not dare to harbor any such thoughts…

In her eyes, it was impossible that Snakel would like her, at most… this feeling he had might be because he was tired of all the delicacies and wanted to try some common food . And such a game was something Gu Mengmeng could not afford to play .

But Snakel didn’t know the reservations preying on Gu Mengmeng’s mind . He thought her “I just don’t like this kind of feeling” referred to making their relationship public . That it would give her to much pressure .

Sighing, Snakel also felt very troubled .

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In Gu Mengmeng’s memories, he clearly saw a scene where a domineering CEO publicly announced his relationship with a Cinderella-type girl . And Gu Mengmeng subsequently an excited discussion with her roommates on that scene, where she concluded that a man who would dare to introduce you to everyone and openly admit to your relationship—was a man who truly loved you .

He had gone through all the trouble of setting up the MonSir corporation just to satisfy her teenage girl’s dreams of “Tyrant CEO Falls In Love With Me” .


How come her reaction was so different from what she said earlier?

She had clearly stated that if she was the female lead, she would definitely be so touched by the proposal that she would immediately marry the male lead…

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Snakel frowned as he conscientiously ran through the entire process to see where he could have gone wrong .

As Snakel fell into deep thought, the natural presence that radiated from his body became even more intense . Not only had the entire canteen fallen quiet, some students who could not bear the pressure started sneaking off .

Gu Mengmeng sniffed and felt very uncomfortable . Hence, she forced out a topic of conversation . “Eh, you are clearly not a mute, so why did you never speak before? Everyone thought you were a mute . ”

Snakel snapped out of his trance and saw that Gu Mengmeng had a bit of spaghetti sauce by the side of her lips . Without thinking, he reached out and gently wiped it off with his thumb . He then stared at the sauce on his thumb before licking it . A subconscious smile played upon his lips as he mused, “Your food is always tastier than mine . ”

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