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Birth of a beauty - Chapter 61

Published at 15th of January 2020 09:04:57 PM

Chapter 61

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Everybody froze as they were utterly suprised . The first one to recover was Li Cheng . He hastily took out his phone and looked at the date . Then, he facepalmed himself .

"I am really sorry Mother, I forgot about your birthday . " Li Cheng hurriedly apologized . His voice made everyone to return to their senses . 'So, it is this old hag birthday today . Ah, this is so frustating . I lost another opportunity to curry favor with this old hag . ' Tang Fian thought as she gritted her teeth .

Li Ri and Li Ruan looked at eachother but didn't say anything as they didn't know what to say . Su Yumi couldn't help but shed tears . She looked at Li Cheng " You don't have to feel sorry, I myself forgot that I had birthday today, but-"
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Then she looked at Li Seulbi and said " This Child always remembers it and do anything to suprise me . " Li Seulbi smiled as she wiped off the tears of Su Yumi " Grandma, Let's cut the cake . "

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Li Seulbi lit up the candle then Su Yumi blew it . Everyone sang Happy Birthday song for Su Yumi . As they ate cake, They were stunned as the cake's flavor was so good . It was a chocolate cake . The cake's bread was soft and the cream melts as it enters the mouth .

Even Li Ri and Li Ruan felt their mouth watering after taking one bite and couldn't help but to take another bite . Li Ruan ate the cake happily and looked at Li Seulbi as he asked " Hey Seulbi, Where did you buy this cake? It tastes quite good and different than others . "

Li Seulbi raised her brow " Really? Is it that good? It was made by me . " Li Ruan didn't hear the last sentence as he indifferently said " Of Course it taste good . " Everyone beside Li Ruan looked at Li Seulbi strangely .

When Li Ri who was drinking water heard the cake was made by Li Seulbi, She puked the water over Tang Fian's face . Tang Fian became red in anger instantly . She glared vicsously at Li Ri . Li Ri was scared out of her wits .

Su Yumi grabbed Li Seulbi's hand " Did you really make this cake?" Li Seulbi nodded her head . That moment Li Ruan knew the reason why Li Ri puked water all of a sudden . If he was the one drinking water, he would have done the same thing .

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Li Cheng was the one who was the most shocked . He felt something really familiar when he first tasted the cake, turn outs Li Seulbi made the cake herself . His heart felt a sharp pain and he was overwhlemed by a storm of emotion .

A single tear left his left eye as he looked at Li Seulbi . A sudden illusion took place, Instead of Li Seulbi, there sat a very beautiful woman who was busy chatting with Su Yumi . The woman was none other than Li Seulbi's mother, Zhao Seong .

She looked at Li Cheng and offered a piece of cake made by her . She slightly tilted her head as she said in a sweet and loving voice " ChengCheng, Please taste it . It is made by me, without any help . I really hope you will like it . Try it . "

Li Cheng became very happy as he opened his mouth to eat the cake . But before he could eat it, The vision / illusion in front of him blurred and he came back to his sense and felt someone was shaking him .

" Xiao Cheng . . Xiao Cheng . . " Su Yumi looked at her dazed son and was worried seeing he wasn't responding to her . After shaking him for a while, Li Cheng came out of his daze and looked at Su Yumi .

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Su Yumi hit Li Cheng slightly on head and looked angry " You idiot, You almost caused my poor heart to have a stroke . I was nearly scared to death . Why were you so out of your mind that you couldn't even response when i shook you so hard?"

Li Cheng looked pitiful and sad as he realized he was having hallucination just now . Looking at her sad son, Su Yumi thought she scolded him a bit much so he was depressed over the matter .

Before she could say anything, Li Cheng said "Sorry mother, I just remembered very important thing from past . I felt that the taste of the cake made by Xiao Seulbi is rather familiar then i remembered her mother used to bake cakes and the best cake she could make was the chocolate cake . "

"Thus, i guess Li Seulbi is able to make such a good cake even if it her first time because of genes from her mother . "

Li Ri and Tang Fian were not there because Tang Fian's heavy makeup was flushed off and messed up by the water spurted by Li Ri . So they went to fix that .

Only Li Ruan remained there . He wasn't interested in the conversation the trio was having so he put on his head phone and listened to music . He frequently looked at the cake, and wanted nothing but to eat it in one gulp but not to hurt his ego, he distant himself from the cake .

Li Seulbi and Su Yumi were both suprised after listening to Li Cheng's explanation . Li Seulbi looked at the cake and said softly " While i was cleaning my room few days ago, i found a diary . It looked quite formal one, so i thought it was yours but when i flipped through few pages i found there were many recipes of various dishes . "

" There was no name in the diary . And the handwriting was so good and clear . I had an idea when i saw the recipe of making chocolate cake . Then i made it early in this morning . But Never in my dreams i thought it was my own mother's diary . "

After Li Seulbi finished speaking, No one spoke further . Su Yumi noticed the awkward emotional atmosphere , so she cleared her throat and said " It's a happy moment . Let's count to 1, 2 and 3 remove all the sad memories behind and everyone be happy . "

" 1 . . 2 . . 3 " Su Yumi muttered . Instantly the father and daughter duo smiled and laughed . Again the atmosphere became lively . After Tang Fian and Li Ri came back, they packed up and left for home .

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