Birth of a beauty - Chapter 64

Published at 15th of January 2020 07:25:12 PM

Chapter 64

Wanwan eyes became like two tennis ball " What?! What did you say?" Lanlan bit her lips " I know you won't believe me, but i called you previously then you ignored me . Now, i don't have any evidence to prove i am right . "

After a while, Wanwan took a deep breath as she led Lanlan downstairs " I guess it's normal . " Lanlan was utterly confused " How is it normal?" Wanwan browsed through internet and showed her phone to Lanlan .

Lanlan read it loud " 'Famous Model, Miss Lu Reyi is rumored to have an affair with renowned international model, Mr . Gu Mingxiao after their collaboration for Victoria magazine . ' . . . "

" . . So you are implying that the one Miss Reyi was hugging is her rumored boyfriend , Mr . Gu Mingxiao, the international model . "

Wanwan smirked " Probably, Who will not want to date an international sensation . It's none of our business . Just forget about it . Maybe she has already entered the party . Let's see how she is looking . "

Lanlan nodded her head . When they came downstairs, The host was just announcing the arrival of special guest . Wanwan video called Shi Yun " Sis Yun, Miss Reyi has arrived, i will show you her appearance through the call . "

Shi Yun was having her makeup done by David when she received call from Wanwan . She looked at the phone screen which was directed toward the stage . The host grandly said " Please welcome this fashion show's , guest of honor, Miss Lu Reyi, also known as China's top model . "

Everyone held onto their breaths and looked excited . Lu Reyi came onto the stage from backstage looking beautiful and elegant as ever . She was wearing very simple wine red embroidered slit Fishtail Qipao which showed her fair long legs while walking . The dress looked a bit traditional but gave the modern vibe .

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Her hair was beautifully braided in a updo bun with few strands of her hair falling in the front of her face . She had a very light makeup . Her eyes and lips were looking the most attractive as She was also known for having sexiest lips in the whole model industry .
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Every man felt their heart thump when she revealed her beautiful dimple while smiling . Everyone forgot why they were there for a second . Even Wanwan who was holding the phone couldn't help but be dazed in Lu Reyi's beauty as her hand slightly lowered making the camera face the ground .

Shi Yun who was waiting to see Lu Reyi through the call, was annoyed as the direction of camera went downward . "Wanwan . . . Wanwan" She called out but got no response . Then she heard a soft voice which could melt even a ice cold heart .

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"Hello Everyone, I guess everybody present here knows me, I am Lu Reyi . I am feeling very honored to be special guest of the Megamax Fashion show which is considered as No . 1 fashion show in china . Hereby I want to give my special thanks to CEO Shi who believed in me and provided me with this honory . . "

" . . Because of some personal conflicts, i was unable to attend in time which caused some delay to start the show , therefore , I deeply apologize for that . Now, I won't waste much of your time and let the host start the show . Thankyou very much . "

A thunderous round of applause was heard all over the venue making Wanwan come out of her daze . Then she realized the phone is faced toward the ground and the video call was still on . She hurriedly apologized and faced it toward the stage .

Shi Yun who was keenly listening to the voice of Lu Reyi, finally saw the scene of stage . At that time, The host was complimenting Lu Reyi's dress and was requesting her to walk down the runway before other models .

Lu Reyi accepted the request . The music was on, The lights were settled, The cameras were ready . Lu Reyi elegantly walked on the runway like a professional model . The cute aura she had few seconds ago turned into a cool and domineering aura .

She looked confident and the way she walked made everyone feel the whole runway stage was made for her . Shi Yun kept looking at the beautiful girl who was looking like a queen of runway, a falme of jealousy crept out somewhere in her heart .

David who was styling her hair looked at the screen and raised his brow " Oh, Isn't that top model Sis Reyi? She is looking so gorgeous . . And that dress totally suits her best . Xiao Yun, i have to tell you that my master is one of the makeup artist of her, thus, i saw her up close without any makeup . Are you curious how she looks without makeup?"

Shi Yun stayed silent and kept looking at the call . David thought she wasn't interested so he closed his mouth but after a while Shi Yun asked " Tell me . . How she looks without any makeup? David let me remind you, i hate lies . "