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Published at 18th of October 2020 11:21:32 AM

Chapter 263.3: Chapter 263.3 - Over Protective

Chapter 263 . 3: Over Protective

Qing Luo Yan curved her lips and said: “This leader of the Dark Lands is such a strange fella . I have indicated that I would like to pay him a visit many times before but he rejected me every single time . He had now taken the initiative to come knocking on my door this time, do you think that there is something more to what he said?”

Qing Yu carefully contemplated on it for a while before she said rather hesitantly: “He is… . . trying to win your favour?”

She didn’t know that that fella was really up to herself and she did not remember him telling her anything about this at all… . .

Upon hearing Qing Yu’s reply, Qing Luo Yan laughed scornfully . “Win my favour? The might of the Dark Lands is not inferior to the Divine Temple in anyway and even if he really had not returned for many years, the foundations the Dark Lands have built couldn’t possibly have weakened all that much . Moreover, this is a man who is highly arrogant and haughty, showing nothing but contempt for people, so why would he suddenly do something like trying to win someone’s favour that would make him look weak? That will not happen unless the sun rises from the west . ”

Qing Yu did not know what to say . “… . . ”

She knew that fella’s personality rather well, and that was indeed something that Lou Jun Yao was not capable of doing .

Qing Luo Yan had probably felt that she would not get any concrete answers from Qing Yu and she then turned towards the white bearded Elder at the side to ask: “What would your opinion on this be?”

“Your subordinate thinks that the reason the Dark Overlord is coming here has something to do with the Mind Free Peak . The Dark Lands have always been a tyrannical bunch and I heard that the Dark Overlord has been seeking to seize the available spots from the other powers . It is highly possible he wants to persuade my Temple Lord to give up the chance of going to the Mind Free Peak . ”

The white bearded Elder’s words sounded a little more probable, touching on the most important thing the moment he spoke, almost convincing Qing Yu to believe him immediately . A good part of Qing Luo Yan believed him as well, thinking what the Elder said sounded rather reasonable .

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The scornful smile at the edges of Qing Luo Yan’s mouth grew deeper . “Hmph . Even if he wants me to let him take my spot, I’ll have to see if he’s qualified for that in the first place . ”

The next day, knowing that the Dark Overlord was coming to the Divine Temple for a visit, they would naturally have to prepare themselves well for it .

Instead of the usual upkeep of the temple’s cleanliness they maintained everyday, the place was thoroughly cleaned till it was spotless, without a single speck of dust in sight . Every corner was frighteningly clean and it made the temple look like a completely different place .

Ever since Qing Yu was transferred back to the main temple to remain at Qing Luo Yan’s side, her life in there was idle and leisurely, hence she was naturally not needed with all the menial tasks . Afterall, she was still largely unfamiliar with many things there and she might very well come to make a mess of things instead .

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Hence, watching all the many attendants busying themselves all around the place, she stood out even more conspicuously in idleness .

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