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Published at 16th of September 2020 07:40:06 AM

Chapter 264.2: 264.2

Chapter 264 . 2: Who is Provoking Who?

Maybe he had gotten too used to seeing that face of his, and did not think that he looked all that extraordinary .

“You do not have to go with me today and can just remain here in the Dark Lands, or you can go to the Divine Healers Sect to accompany your father and pay Aunt Lan a visit . ” Lou Jun Yao said nonchalantly as he smoothed out a crease in his sleeve .

“Why not?” Bai Zhi Yan asked, a little puzzled .

“You are on such familiar terms with the little fox, and it is inevitable that you might expose yourself if you come to see her there . That woman Qing Luo Yan is suspicious of everything and if you show the slightest irregularity in your actions over there, you might very well put the little fox in grave danger . ”

Lou Jun Yao then explained, his eyes turning to look at the person already waiting by the door . “Little Monster will be going along with me today . ”

Bai Zhi Yan raised an eyebrow, slightly surprised . Looking as if he had suddenly realized something, a sly knowing smile then came to show on his face . “Are you going there to pay them a visit or are you going there to taunt and challenge those guys?”

This fella is really just as shortsightedly protective as before .

He could still remember not too long ago how Little Monster got injured after falling into the trap set by people from the Hunters Guild because someone from the Divine Temple infiltrated into their ranks .

Mei Ji had been blinded by rage and lost her mind for a while, obliterating several of the Hunters Guild’s base of operations but was still unable to quell her rage . If not for Qing Yu, that prodigious Elixir Cultivator who lent them a hand by treating Little Monster with an elixir, it was feared that Mei Ji would have charged her way right into the Divine Temple itself to settle the score .

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And Little Monster himself was an entity shrouded in mystery, a man of completely unfathomable depth .

That pair of “Devil Violet Eyes” that Lou Jun Yao was born with, was inherited from a highly ancient and mysterious tribe . Those eyes held strong and damaging power, where normal people were unable to even look straight into, or they would not be able to withstand the immense power that would cause their blood flow to reverse, and their bodies to blow up into pieces .

Up till this day, besides Qing Yu being an unexpected and unknown variable, Little Monster was the only one other person who was able to remain safe and unaffected meeting the gaze of those eyes .

As he was also born with a pair of strange and extraordinary eyes, called “Hell’s Eyes” .

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People who are born with unusual eyes are destined to be extraordinary .

When one looked into his eyes for too long, it would make that person become highly explosive and easily irritable, feeling like he was living in a world of grisly and brutal slaughter, and only committing endless killing would one be able to walk out of that agonizing torment, the devil’s hand at work to drive a person towards the precipice of death .

To a certain extent, Little Monster was of a similar species as Lou Jun Yao .

But the aura one sensed from his very person was ironically contradictory, pure and unspoiled like a young child, a pristine ancient bloom untainted, standing aloof and untouched by the rest of the world . His eyes were crystal clear and limpid, like you could see right into them, his heart unclouded in the slightest by the tumult and chaos in that dirty immoral world .

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