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Chapter 271.3: Chapter 271.3 - This Is Her Punishment

Chapter 271 . 3: This Is Her Punishment

“So what?” Lou Jun Yao snorted contemptuously . “That guy is not even worthy of becoming an adversary . I had not wanted to bother myself with that guy but he actually dared to come set his sights on you . That was when I decided that I wouldn’t mind bullying the weak just like him, to take him down a peg or two . ”

Qing Yu did not say anything against that decision as she found that Zhuge Xiong to be rather detestable as well, so that was nothing wrong with teaching him a lesson here .

Qing Yu then turned to look at the sky outside that was gradually becoming darker and she opened her mouth to say: “I should go back now . ”

Lou Jun Yao grabbed her wrist and raised an eyebrow before he said: “Why would you go back? What if that coward comes to harass you again?”

“He will not You’ve already given him a warning so how could he possibly dare to come pester me? Even if he still has not given up, I am not someone to be trifled with as well . ” Qing Yu shot him a reassuring smile, and then went on to say: “You get some rest . Qing Luo Yan will become suspicious if she cannot find me . I do not want all the effort I’ve put in to go to waste . ”

Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao had to let go of her, his voice gentle as he reminded her: “Be very careful with everything you do . ”

“Mm . I will . ”


Ever since Qing Lan Fei recovered all her lost soul fragments, she found that her cultivation was being restored day by day, and her body was no longer as frail as before .

And she was also picking back up her skills in Medicine that she had not practiced for so many years .

The person who was happiest to know that was actually Bai Qiu .

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He had wanted to have Qing Lan Fei go to the Mind Free Peak as the Divine Healers Sect’s representative but had been rejected before because her body had not been in a good and it would be too dangerous for her .

But now, seeing that Qing Lan Fei’s condition was gradually improving everyday, and might possibly recover her cultivation to the level when she was at her peak before, the possibility that she would go to the Mind Free Peak become much higher .

Night fell .

Qing Lan Fei was originally meditating with her eyes closed, but had unknowingly fallen asleep just like that .

Dazed and groggy, she had come to some place .

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She was out in the wilds, the place frighteningly empty and desolate, a white misty fog surrounding her in all directions . Qing Lan Fei lifted her foot to take a couple of careful probing steps forward, but nearly stepped into nothing but air to fall into emptiness, barely managing to pull her leg back to stand unmoving in her original spot .

Where is this place?

Everywhere her eyes saw, was only the impenetrable white fog, unable to see anything else .

She had never come to this place before, but it felt strangely familiar to her .

“Lan Fei, you’ve finally returned… . . ”

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An old elderly voice reached her, coming out of nowhere . Qing Lan Fei froze stiffly in place, her eyes a little flustered as she looked around her warily .

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