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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:40:09 AM

Chapter 271.4: 271.4

Chapter 271 . 4: This Is Her Punishment

That voice… . .

Who is it?

Why does it feel so familiar? Like it was someone she used to know very well .

But, she just cannot remember anything .

Just as she was trying to determine the direction that voice had come from, that voice sounded softly once more to say: “Back then, for the sake of one man, you separated yourself from your Master’s pupilage and spurned your Master’s advise, choosing to be rid of your spirit powers to become a mortal, suffering the miserable vestiges of the mortal world . Do you now regret that choice you made?”

What is he talking about?

What is all this talk about separating from pupilage? And choosing to be rid of spirit powers? ?

Why does she not understand a word of all that?

“Once you become mortal, you will not escape ageing, sickness and death . The day will come that you will die . ”

Qing Lan Fei felt a throbbing pain in her head . Hearing that voice was making her feel miserable and she tried to shake the agony out of her head . “Do not speak anymore . Don’t say anything more as I do not know what you are talking about, and I have no interest in listening… . . ”

“Sigh, you’ve really turned into a mortal and become so useless . ” The voice went on to say disdainfully .

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He then went on to say ominously: “I heard that you went on to bear that man a pair of twins, a boy and a girl who are rather gifted . In that case, we will take it as having your twin children to come make amends for the wrong you committed in the past . ”

“Treasure the time you have with them till the day you will bid them goodbye! When the Mind Free Peak opens, that will be the day they will come in . ”

“What you owe the Mind Free Peak, will be repaid by your children… . . ”

“No~~~” Do not take away my children! !”

Qing Lan Fei let out a helpless scream, and woke up pale faced with her back bathed in cold sweat .

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Mo Jing Yu was staying just next door and he immediately rushed over when he heard the noise, only to see the woman’s face turned pale without the slightest bit of colour on it . Horror rose up in his heart and he quickly went over to embrace Qing Lan Fei’s icy cold body . “Fei Er, what’s wrong? Did you have another nightmare?”

He had not forgotten that she had woken up flustered with her face in a panic from her dreams just like this before .

Qing Lan Fei’s eyes that looked like they had lost focus then slowly started to recover upon hearing his voice . She held Mo Jing Yu’s hands tightly and asked him anxiously: “Little Bei . Where is Little Bei?”

Mo Jing Yu was taken aback by surprise and he replied in puzzlement: “Little Bei would naturally be sleeping in his room at this time . Is something wrong?”

“Has Little Yu returned?” Qing Lan Fei continued to ask .

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“Don’t you remember? Little Yu is now stuck at the place she is at, and is unable to come back at this moment . ”

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