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Chapter 272.1: 272.1

Chapter 272 . 1: Unable to Escape the Chains of Fate

“Oh right… . . ”

Qing Lan Fei’s tensed up nerves then seem to finally relax slightly .

Mo Jing Yu’s brows were still deeply furrowed as he watched the woman face bathed in cold sweat and he said to her in a deep voice: “What happened? Is there something you are not able to tell me?”

“It’s nothing . It’s just a bad dream . It’s nothing to make such a big fuss about . ” Qing Lan Fei shook her head, a smile curving up the ends of her lips . But against that ghastly pale face, that smile looked a little forced .

“You’re still trying to brush it off like this? Do you know how long you’ve been acting like this? ! Even if it’s just a bad dream, how can a person possibly have the same dream so many times in a row! ?”

Mo Jing Yu seldom spoke to her in such a stern tone, his handsome looking face not showing the slightest sliver of a smile .

“So tell me now, what is wrong here? You even asked me where our two children are . Are they in some kind of danger?”

It must be said that though Mo Jing Yu was usually never serious in their daily interaction with each other, he was the person who understood Qing Lan Fei the most . So, from her words and actions that he just saw, he was able to make a rather good guess .

As expected, the moment those words from Mo Jing Yu came out, Qing Lan Fei’s irises contracted slightly and her already pale face turned white as a sheet, making her look frighteningly frail .

“Jing Yu, can you not ask anymore… . . ”

Qing Lan Fei’s voice suddenly sounded rather choked up, her head drooped down with her face buried deep into her palms and her thin shoulders shaking slightly, like she was struggling through grievous misery .

“I really do not know… . . what to do . Why would they go back on their word? When they had clearly agreed to let me go… . . Why do they want to inflict the punishment onto my precious children… . . ”

As Qing Lan Fei spoke, she could not help weeping softly . She had always been a strong willed woman and seldom shed a tear . But here she was, tears spilling out through the fingers of her hands that were held over her face, dripping onto the bed .

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Mo Jing Yu’s heart winced painfully as he watched her, and pulled her into a tight embrace, his voice soothing as he said: “My good little Fei Er, don’t cry anymore . We will face it together no matter what it is . Why must you choose to take it all upon yourself? Do you not believe in me… . . ”

Qing Lan Fei sobbed soundlessly for a good long while and when she raised her head up, she had stopped crying, but her beautiful eyes were swollen and frighteningly red . She laughed weakly and with a slightly hoarse voice that was tinged with helplessness and despair, she then spoke .

“Of course I believe in you . I always have . ”

“But Jing Yu, do you know? There are some things that one would not be able to change no matter how strong a person is, or how much power and authourity he commands in these lands . ”

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