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Published at 17th of January 2020 12:29:07 PM

Chapter 69

Chapter 69 . 1: I’m Great When I’m in a Good Mood

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Baili Ji Ran peeked a glance out of the corner of his eyes upstairs before he suppressed his voice to say very softly: “Let me tell you . This man is very dangerous . You’d better not have anything to do with him or you might very well come to invite disaster upon yourself . That is all I can say . ”

Upon saying that, he then pulled away, putting some distance between them before he clasped his hand over his fist and said: “I hope that if fate decrees it, you two gentlemen will come to pay the Baili Family a visit as our guests and my humble self here will definitely extend our greatest hospitality to you . ”

Thereafter, he did not wait for them to reply before he turned around and left .

“What a strange fellow . ”Bai Zhi Yan shook his had and said, but was then all smiles once again when he turned around and saw Qing Yu . “Come on in and have a cup of tea . I just happened to have received superior batch of tea leaves and you’ll definitely love it . ”

“We can forget about the tea . Why had you stopped me out there earlier? I do not think that you just want to have tea with me and talk about old times do you?” Qing Yu said indifferently, the last statement said while looking at Lou Jun Yao .

Bai Zhi Yan would naturally not come out to look for her on his own initiative . He must have done that under the instigation of this man .

“The other day, why didn’t you come?” Lou Jun Yao asked as he descended the stairs slowly, and then looked at her quietly .

Qing Yu raised an eyebrow . “You wanted me to come merely because you wanted to warn me that Qing Ye Li might wish to harm me and you wanted me to be wary of him right?”

“That’s right . ”

“Then there is no need for you to worry at all . He will never harm me . ” Qing Yu slowly replied and paused a moment before she raised her eyes up to look at Lou Jun Yao . “With your powers, you guys would probably have realized… . . that I am not from this lands . ”

Although they already had their own guesses and suspicions, but hearing her say it herself, it was still rather shocking .

But what really made Lou Jun Yao really start to become suspicious was when she was unconscious for five whole days after she was brought back from the Barricaded Spirit Tower, where her body was cold and she was not breathing during that period . It was only when he extended his consciousness to probe that he discovered that there was no soul in her body, but just an empty shell .

A person alive would not exhibit a phenomenon like having their soul leave their bodies, unless the bodies were forced to be abandoned and was to be reborn and while the body’s consciousness was unclear and its five senses lost, the soul would then roam and wander around .

Then, could that mean that the young lady was an highly skilled expert who came down from Cloud Heaven?

When that thought came into his mind, the young lady curled her lips up and said with a smile: “But I have absolutely nothing to do with whatever that Cloud Heaven of yours is . Qing Ye Li and I were from the same world and we have known each other for a long time . ”

“You mean to say… . . that both of you are from another world?” Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed, seeming to not have expected that .

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Some adjoining thoughts were actually coming to mind but his train of thought was interrupted by her words .

Especially about the time when he had gone to the Divine Healers Sect, and the things that Bai Qiu had told him about .

Maybe, something had gone wrong somewhere?

“That’s right . About this, not many people know about this . ”

Besides Little Bei, most probably only these two people know about it . She had initially not intended to say anything, but since they already had their own suspicions, she might as well come clean with them .

As she was just an insignant figure anyway, she did not expect that they would be so free as to bother exposing her identity to anyone .

Lou Jun Yao was silent a moment before he said: “Maybe when you go to Cloud Heaven someday, some secrets would then rise to the surface . ”

That profound statement from him, was not understood even by Bai Zhi Yan who had always been able to read his mind the best .

What kind of a charade was he playing at?

Qing Yu was taken aback a moment, not knowing what he meant exactly by that . But a stabbing pain suddenly struck within her head, and myriad bright red colours flashed in passing highly fleetingly, so fast that she was not able to capture what it was .

Chapter 69 . 2: I’m Great When I’m in a Good Mood

Those alluring phoenix like eyes then widened slightly as she stared . [What was that just now?]

“Oh right . ” Bai Zhi Yan suddenly seemed to remember something and his smile became highly earnest as he said: “Miss Qing, do you still have any of those antidote pills? The ones you gave us before had been used up and I had forgotten to keep one for research to see if I might be able to cultivate one as well . ”

That box of antidote pills had not contained that many but only about ten pills or so as one usually would not need to use them often . She had not thought that they would need so many but thinking back about it, it was little wonder . The high level lands had no lack of highly skilled experts and their elixir cultivators would also be of a high grade . Their witch doctors were well versed in using poisons and antidote pills must be very important to them .

But Qing Yu did not hesitate to speak the hurtful truth . “I still have more but even if I were to give you the entire pill formula, you will still not be able to attain the same effects . Different elixir cultivators employs different methods and this calls very highly precise and intricate control of fire in its cultivation . The slightest misstep would make all the effort be for naught . ”

Bai Zhi Yan was unable to rebuke her in anyway . “… . . ”

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[So that means no matter how hard he researched it, it will be to no avail… . . ]

[The world always had people born to make others feel utterly useless . ]

“Ever since I came to know a maniac like you, I cannot help but feel that all those years I spent on studying Medicine and healing had been in vain . ” Bai Zhi Yan’s said in a despairing tone, and then immediately turned his words around . “Why not you come to Cloud Heaven to become our elixir cultivator? You will definitely be treated very well . ”

Qing Yu looked at him out of the corner of her eyes and she said in a highly arrogant tone: “You cannot afford to employ me . ”

It was not known just what kind of a land that must be blessed with such good feng shui to be able to produce such an interesting soul .

Even when spouting such audacious words in such an arrogant manner, it still made people unable to become angry with them, like she was born to be elevated above all .

“I’ll have the antidote pills sent here when I have the time . But as we do not have any debt owing between us anymore, I will be charging money for them this time . ” Qing Yu said as she knitted up her brows in thought . “These antidote pills of mine are not things you can get with any amount of money but since we are acquainted, I’ll just make it a thousand gold taels a pill for you . ”

Upon saying that, she then gave Lou Jun Yao a look, the expression on her face saying “That’s a very good deal for you” .

A thousand gold taels to Lou Jun Yao, was worth less than a hair on a cow . But of course he had absolutely no sense of money at all because it had always fallen onto Bai Zhi Yan to handle something so trivial to him, hence he quickly nodded his head generously and said: “A thousand gold it shall be . ”

“… . . ” Bai Zhi Yan was just bleeding in his heart .

[A prodigal wastrel, truly a prodigal wastrel!]

“I’ll be making a move then . I will still say the same thing . I do not want to invite trouble so even if we meet, take it as if you do not see me . Our relationship now is purely one of buyer and seller . ”

Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh when he heard that as he then went on to ask: “That how must it be like before we can become friends?”

Qing Yu who already had one foot outside the door then paused . “You must first be certain that you will not bring me any more trouble and we can talk . I do not want to be persecuted suddenly out of the blue again . That had not felt all that great . ”

Before she become strong, she must continue to keep a low profile . This stolen new life had not been easy to come by and she would have to carefully calculate it before every little step she took .

The man with his flawless countenance then seemed to show a rippling gleam in his pair of violet eyes, like light reflecting upon spring water, and his voice then sounded deep and magnetic to say: “Such a thing will not ever be repeated a second time . I guarantee it . ”

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The young lady did not turn around, walking further and further away .

Bai Zhi Yan furrowed up his brows, suddenly feeling a bad premonition . “Don’t tell me you intend to stay here permanently?”

“Why not?” The man asked, the expression on his face saying that it was a matter only natural and right .

Chapter 69 . 3: I’m Great When I’m in a Good Mood

“We’re not going back to the Dark Regions? Everyone’s waiting for you to go back and avenge them, for you to lead them, delivering slaughter and massacre in all directions!”

“Revenge?” Lou Jun Yao’s face was one of bewilderment . “Revenge against what?”

Bai Zhi Yan almost vomited out a mouthful of blood . Forcibly suppressing it down, he took a deep breath and said: “Have you forgotten about the bunch of prancing clowns from the Hunters’ Guild? They have not let up on striking against the Dark Regions all these years and the Emotion Devouring Curse you were afflicted with is definitely the work of someone from the Divine Temple . Are you going to just tolerate all that?”

Lou Jun Yao’s eyes were calm as he looked at Bai Zhi Yan a moment, and it was quite a long while before he said: “Even you are calling them prancing clowns so is there a need for me to take action personally? And isn’t the person who laid the curse on me already dead?”

Bai Zhi Yan’s face looked highly suspicious . “Since when did you become so generous hearted?”

“Is that so?” Lou Jun Yao curled up the corners of his lips . “I’m great when I’m in a good mood . ”

“… . . ” [My Heavens! Please have that normal Lou Jun Yao come out! !]

[He’s really rather frightening when he’s in such a good mood!]

It was only when Qing Yu returned to the Eternal Peace Duke Manor that she came to discover that Qing Bei was not in the Tranquil Abode . She only knew upon asking the servant maid about it that he had been summoned to the main hall for a meal, and it was Yan Su who had personally sent people to come get him .

The servant girl then relayed Qing Bei’s message asking her to go over as well if Qing Yu comes back as it was said to be a family dinner and everyone would be there .

Qing Yu sighed helplessly . [Why is it so troublesome? Another family dinner… . . Didn’t Mo Han Yan just hold a feast recently? They would surely see her this time at the dinner .

But with her dad she got for free there this time, that woman wouldn’t dare to act too impudently .

In the main hall, the large table was filled with people seated according to hierarchy . In the head seats were Yan Su and Mo Han Yan, while the siblings Yan Ning Luo and Yan Xi Cheng at on the left and right of them just immediately after .

Mo Han Yan then said, her face pained: “Little Ning, why are you suddenly saying that you want to leave out of the blue? You have not come back for so many years and you’ve just come home for awhile, not even a month . ”

Today’s family dinner was actually a farewell dinner specially prepared for Yan Ning Luo .

She was one of the Faint Mist Sect’s Inner Disciples and she had already stayed outside for too long a period, having decided that she would go back tomorrow . Hence, a family dinner was hastily prepared .

And once one was admitted into the Faint Mist Sect, they were isolated from the world, unable to send letters or any information . It was located in a mysterious place, a fairy like realm, where outsiders would not be able to find its entrance at all . The Faint Mist Sect’s disciples were not allowed to leak the location of the sect’s entrance or they would be severely punished, and would be driven out of the Faint Mist Sect .

“That’s right Little Ning . You had not come back for so long and Mother missed you so much . ” Yan Xi Cheng said trying to persuade her to stay, unwilling to see his younger sister leave .

Yan Ning Luo shook her head . “I had originally asked for a month’s leave from Master this time and I have delayed it for quite a period . Moreover, it will be the quarterly trials meet for the sect’s Inner Disciples in another twenty over days . If I fall behind, it will be hard for me to come out again in future . ”

Hearing that, no matter how hard it was to see her leave, Han Mo Yan had to give up on making Yan Ning Luo stay, as nothing was more important than her daughter’s exemplary talents .

Yan Su cast his gaze down the table and he was just about to make an announcement for the feast to start when the soft and gentle voice of a young lady slowly drifted in . “I am late . ”

The slender and tall young lady stepped into everyone’s sight, that beautiful and exquisite face revealing a highly appropriate smile . After causing everyone to fall into a momentary daze, they saw that she had come in closer in a blink, before moving to an empty seat right at the end .

Two other people were in slightly special circumstances . The Fifth Young Miss Yan Zhi Ying was frail and sickly and hence she seldom moved herself about . There was another young girl who was still too young to attend such a grand affair and that was why there were still a few other empty seats .

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