Bodyguard of the Goddess - Chapter 1.1

Published at 23rd of April 2019 09:51:56 AM

Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1 . 1: Married a Cheap Wife

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“Marry? I don’t even know her star sign…”

Xiao Zheng was at a bustling intersection facing the scorched sun as he gazed up the Pearl Tower on the other side of the street . His intestines turned green with regret .

What era did he live in again? Forced marriage? He had to take responsibility for his one night stand? He felt an utter sense of despair .

In feudal society, this kind of woman would be thrown in a pig’s cage!

July in Pearl City was hot and humid . Xiao Zheng who’d ventured the city twice sweated profusely . His wrinkled shirt stuck to his grimy body causing him extreme discomfort .

He pulled out a few newspapers soaked in sweat from his back pocket and repeatedly confirmed that there were no current jobs on the recruitment board he was qualified for . On the way to, he splashed on a puddle of water . Squatting on the ground, Xiao Zheng wiped off the grime on his shoes which had been stepped on many times over while on the bus .

They called Pearl City’s towering building the Empire State Building for it reached one hundred and eight levels . The place was notorious for its gathering of elites left and right . Employees relished in delight at the mere thought of working at a lofty place . It gave them a sense of pseudo-elitist status . Even the elites showed off their wealth by renting a few units in the building .

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It was Xiao Zheng’s first time stepping foot inside the Empire State Building and because he did not like the idea of being looked down upon by others who felt an overwhelming sense of superiority, he donned on his best look .

“Ai! Who are you?”


Xiao Zheng turned his head .

At the mouth of the main entrance, a middle-aged security guard rushed out . “This is not a place for you to enjoy the shade . Hurry up and leave!”

His eyes burned with contempt and face touched with disdain . The security guard waved his hand impatiently like shooing off a fly .

Looks like Xia Zheng’s not the only one who failed to cool down during this hot summer day .

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“Enjoy?” Xiao Zheng retorted, eyes wide open . “Do you have eyes? Do I look like a shameless person to you?”

The security guard sneered . “Then what are you doing here? Work? Business? Or are you starting up a company?”

The security guards of this place had seen many fishing their hooks in troubled waters, but they’ve never seen one so shameless like the young man before them .

They could not help but mock Xiao Zheng .

“I have an appointment with a beautiful woman . ” Xiao Zheng shrugged and tidied his collar while holding a look of seriousness .






“You have an appointment with a beautiful woman while… looking like that? Tell me, who did you arrange to meet with?” The security guard leaned forward and ridiculed Xiao Zheng mercilessly . “Do you want me to call Lin Huayin and Shen Manjun down to accompany you for a cold drink under the warmth of the summer sun and chat about life? Hell, maybe you could give me some pointers about the economy too while you’re at it!”

The two women mentioned by the security guard were two acclaimed twin beauties of ice and fire within Empire State Building; one was an ice cold goddess and the other a fiery and passionate beauty . The ice and fire twin satisfied many of the male employees in their dreams, alternately appearing every two to three days .

Xiao Zheng tilted his head in a daze . Could one of them be that person who continued pestering him? Maybe so .

Between the heavens and earth, Xiao Zheng’s heart momentarily stopped last night . He had a one too many drink that barely recalled the events of last night . Hell, he could barely remember the woman’s face . All he saw in the bar were dim and blurred lights . His vision was hazy too no less .

But to think that during his muddle-headed moments, he slept with a woman—had a one night stand with a woman!

How troubling…

“Oi, what are you thinking about?!” The security guard glared at Xiao Zheng . “Look, you have the face of a loyal fan . Tch! Get out of here, otherwise, don’t blame me for using violence!”





The security guard made a violent gesture and pulled out the rubber rod hanging from the side of his waist .

“What’s going on?”

While Xiao Zheng and the security guard dilly dallied back and forth, a young lady dressed in silver gray suit sauntered over .