Boku no Toraburu - Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

"Any news?"

Kana asked with an indifferent expression while a teacher with long ears shook his head .

"No, Kojima-san . I can still hear the sound of battles . Meanwhile, the city is still quiet . "

Kana sighed deeply when she heard the news .

"It's already night . Alright, we will divide the task of taking care of the students . "

Kana called for all the teachers that remained near their class to comfort the students and opened started to appoint various tasks to different teachers .

"Since we still don't know how much time we have to remain here, we need to conserve supplies and our energy as much as we can . Do you understand?"

Kana looked at every single teacher and asked lightly .

She didn't dare to raise her voice since such news may give rise to panic in the hearts of students . At this moment, letting other students know about the true situation is the worse thing that could happen .

But she was in no illusion that the news wouldn't leak out .

They all were staying in a single, oversized safety shed which couldn't prevent the use of various quirks that can allow the students to know about the truth .

"Alright, I will be the first one to stand guard on the entrance while you guys rest, understood?"

"Yes . "

The surrounding teachers replied as they started to disperse .

"Hmm? Ryōko-san, do you need anything?"

Kana looked at Ryōko who was dressed in a beautiful green sweater alongside black pants that hugged her plump thighs . A White lab coat covered her sweater or the wonderful scene of her bust being hugged by green fabric would've sent other boys into their own little imaginations .

Ryōko narrowed her eyes and looked at Kana .

"Do you still not understand, why all of this is happening, Principal-sama?"

Kana frowned and waited for Ryōko to explain the situation .

Righteously, Ryōko pointed at herself and spoke with an indignant tone .

"You said that my previous outfit was inappropriate! This is the punishment sent by the world!"

The moment she heard Ryōko's mocking, Kana's face turned black .

"That happened the day before yesterday . . . and this situation is happening in all the cities . You speak of your short dresses in school once again and you will pay . "

Kana placed her register down calmly and looked back at Ryōko with a smile .


Before she could say anything, Tearju immediately apologised to Kana and dragged Ryōko away .

"Sigh . . "

Kana sighed and walked towards the entrance while her heart felt heavy whenever she thought of what the future could hold for them .

Meanwhile, Tearju was berating Ryōko .

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"Hey, you shouldn't mess around right now! This is really a terrible situation, you know that, right?"

Ryōko sighed at Tearju's words .

"Of course, I know that! But I don't get to mingle much with people of my age group and mentality and at this point of time, I don't think it is appropriate for Kana-san to take all the responsibility over her own head . "

"You mean?"

Tearju looked back at Kana and did find her expression quite tiring .

Ryōko shook her head and suddenly pinched Tearju's butt without anyone noticing .


"What are you getting embarrassed about? You can share your clothes and underwear but cannot handle this much of skinship?"

Hearing Ryōko's whisper, Tearju frowned .


"Yeah . "

Ryōko smiled and spoke with a grin .

"You really are bold to buy those red transparent panties . Who did you buy it for? Don't tell me . . . "

Ryōko trailed her voice which caused Tearju's blush to deepen .

She immediately scowled and retorted angrily .

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"Give them back!"

"Oh? I didn't know you had a public fetish . Fine, you want me to get naked here? Suit yourself . "

Ryōko immediately started to take off her lab coat .

"Ah- I didn't mean that! Whatever! I am going to check up on my students!"

Tearju immediately stepped back .

"Students? You mean Rito? How about I show him your determination?"

Ryōko teased once again as she 'unintentionally' grazed her hands above her crotch .

Seeing this, Tearju couldn't help but roll her eyes and walked away with hasty steps .



All Might heaved a deep breath as he punched out with all his power, creating a storm which caused the surrounding corpses to fly towards the rushing monsters, obstructing their paths .

'It's good that the poison is under control, or else, I would've returned on being a scrawny man, coughing blood! (In English) Lucky!'

He sighed in relief . If his wounds weren't treated then at most, he would've been able to fight for an hour tops . But now, his endurance has reached back to the peak and he was stronger than ever .

"All Might, the preparations are complete!"

A shout was heard from behind and he immediately retreated .

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The moment he entered the gate, another hero entered the war .

Touching mountain-sized concrete floors and other concrete materials including a lot of cement bags, Cementoss' eyes shone in determination .

"Concrete Wave!"

The mountain quickly melted as the liquified cement was manipulated into waves that washed over all the monsters present on the border and quickly solidified back .

The most dangerous thing was that most of the monsters had their internal organs filled with cement which started to turn solid once again .

Seeing the success of their plan, the heroes and Soldiers cheered together and Cementoss immediately started to use his quirk to clear out the remaining borders .

Who would have thought that a supporting class quirk would be the one saving the whole city?

"Cementoss . . . age 32 . . . he is being an obstacle to the plan . "

A small voice sounded from within the jungle surrounding the B-City before a golden flash erupted and the forest turned silent once again .


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