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Both are Foxes - Chapter 32

Published at 8th of September 2017 06:14:38 AM

Chapter 32

Sighing, Ye Yin turned around expressionlessly and was faced with a pair of almond eyes . This person really was here for business! But his timing sure was unfortunate!

“Brother Ye, I really adore Rouge! Brother Ye, what do you think we should do?” The man half leaned on the railing, his almond eyes so entrancing, every male in the hall froze . As expected of a casanova!

If he waved a handkerchief, everyone would flock to him!

Although Ye Yin constantly cursed at him in his heart, hE wore a fake smile . “Brother Nangong means to say……”

“What a problem!” Nangong sighed, his voice melodious with a sliver of embarrassment . Frowning, his appearance was lovely but without its feminine qualities .

Ye Yin lowered his gaze, hiding the anger in his eyes . This person was very good at acting . If he himself did not often trick others, then perhaps he would have been tricked .

His acting was so superb, if not for the flash of ridicule in his eyes, Ye Yin could have been tricked .

“Does Brother Nangong plan to bid?” Ye Yin maintained his phony smile .

“I’m thinking about it! Unfortunately, I do not have enough, and,” Nangong’s gaze wandered around, finally landing on Ye Yin . He winked . “And how could we close brothers fight over a woman? I’d rather be loyal to my friend! Forget about it!”

If you’re not going to raise the bid, then what are you meddling for! Inwardly, Ye Yin was angry, but he smiled and said, “How generous of Brother Nangong!”

However Ye Yin was not heard as another person exclaimed, “How could the wealthy master of Xiaoyao not have even just a few measly pieces of gold? Brother Nangong, if you do not have enough then shall I lend you some? Or……”

Damn it! Here came another annoyance who would waste more time . Qi Chengfeng and Chu Feiye would have more time to send more soldiers . Leaving these doors would be difficult!

When Nangong heard this voice, his eyes flashed brightly . “So it was you, brother Yang . What a coincidence that brother Yang also came here . Perhaps brother Yang, you……?” Then he grinned . “Strange . As far as I know, brother Yang usually does not care for women . Is brother Yang here to join in on the ruckus? However, is Brother Yang not worried that his status as lord of Mangci will not scare others away?”

What was this? A session to reveal identities? The positions of these two people were remarkable . One was the master of “Xiaoyao”, the greatest intelligence agency of Nanrong while the other was the lord of Mangci, Xili’s most infamous assassin guild . No matter who, both were high profile, well-known people . By comparison, Ye Yin was unremarkable . The master of Fusheng could not be compared to them!

But with these two here, Qi Chengfeng and Chu Feiye would likely not dare to pull any moves here . After all, these two people were not to be trifled with . Therefore, if they did not leave here tonight and these two stayed, then Intoxicated Dream will be safer than leaving . Unfortunately, this ruined his plan!

Ye Yin originally planned to catch Qi Chengfeng and Chu Feiye’se unprepared, snatching Rouge away, and then lure them away and attempt to recreate the ancient tale of “Lu Bu and Diao Chan”* that ended in mutual destruction, then reap the benefits . However, this change in circumstances would be better than the original plan!

*In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan was a beautiful princess who was used by her adopted father Wang Yun (court official) to overthrow Dong Zhuo (prime minister/brutal sovereign) and to trick Lu Bu (adopted warrior son of Dong Zhuo) . The father-and-son pair both fell in love with her, almost killing each other to decide who was going to marry her .

Narrowing his eyes, Ye Yin ignored the beautiful man and the never seen yet always heard man upstairs . He lead Rouge by the hand and turned, about to cross the raised stage .

“Brother Nangong, your friend sure is impatient!” The lord of Mangci surnamed Yang said loudly seeing Ye Yin take Rouge away .

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Hearing these words, Ye Yin smiled coldly . Without even turning to look, he said, “Could it be that young master Yang has a complaint?”

“I wouldn’t dare to!” The voice said as the door to the fifth private room opened, revealing a tall, young man .

When they saw the youth emerge, everyone felt everything was too blinding . Rouge truly could attract any man; not one, but two charmingly stunning men were attracted .

Although his skin was somewhat dark-skinned, the young man had a fair appearance, carrying a distinguished atmosphere around him while faintly smilingly . He chuckled . “Young master Ye, could it be that you mean to take her away now?”

“If we don’t leave, what are we to do, just stay here and waste time? You should know that a beautiful night is painfully short, time is money!” Ye Yin turned and looked Yang in the eye, his refined eyes facing Yang’s forceful gaze . His self confidence was no less than Nangong Piaoran’s . “Perhaps young master Yang also wishes to bid?” he said leisurely . “Do not worry, Ye Yin will stay to the end!”

“Young master Ye sure has a lot of self confidence!” Although young master Yang maintained a cheerful smile, Ye Yin caught the cold flash in his eyes . As expected of an assassin, intolerant of any provocation .

Ye Yin’s gradually blossomed into a smile, the smile so bright it was blinding . “I** do have confidence . No one can bid higher than me tonight, I’m afraid . Brother Nangong promised earlier to lend money to me and my older brother will also help me . Rouge also likes me therefore she will lend me money . ”

As if he were curious, Ye Yin tilted his head, looking at Rouge . His gaze contained earnesty and tenderness as he asked quietly, but loud enough for her to hear, “Rouge, you do like me, right?”

Rouge did not answer, but only nodded slightly, smiling . She appeared extremely bashful, almost emotional . Although she did not say a word, everyone could tell what her answer was from her reaction . She truly liked the white-clothed youth .

Of course, such a distinguished youth with such an outstanding appearance and confidence bearing, how could any woman not be charmed by him? However to others, this was a stab to the heart, a stab of envy .

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“Well, well, well!” The sound of applause came from upstairs . Nangong Piaoran, who had been watching on languidly, suddenly spoke . “Brother Ye, your confidence is well deserved . Lady Rouge definitely suits Brother Ye . Brother Yang, gentlemen should not break apart lovers!”

The young man surnamed Yang appeared quite helpless . “If even Brother Nangong sides with young master Ye, I cannot say anything . ”

What a good liar, Ye Yin thought to himself coldly . The two did not appear to be here for Rouge . Rather, they seemed to be here for him . What about him had attracted their notice?

“Then may I** leave with Rouge now?” Ye Yin asked with a smile . His eyes glanced past rooms one and two upstairs . As expected, they did not have any reaction . It seems they were waiting for him to go outside! In that case……

“Naturally, young master Ye can do as he pleases . Time is money and the night is not young any more . Young master Ye should be careful!” The young man surnamed Yang teased Ye Yin lightly . He then turned to Nanrong Piaoran . “Brother Nangong, a scheduled meeting cannot best a chance encounter . Let us two losers drink two cups together, how about it?”

Losers? What did he meant by losing? Ye Yin smiled coldly in his heart . He still did not know what was their intents were . However, foxes will always expose their tails! But at of now, he could not let them leave this place . His plan would perhaps require their assistance to work!

Ye Yin walked upstairs and lead Rouge inside his private room, room six . Quietly, he gave orders to Dong Chen and Qiu Xing to prepare to leave with Nangong Piaoran and the young man surnamed Yang .

Downstairs, with the drama over, the people gradually dispersed . With a brief glance, Ye Yin saw Qi Chengfeng’s  and Chu Feiye’s back view as they exited at the door . They must be going to make their preparations!

“Wait, brother Nangong!” Ye Yin felt appeased . Finally, it was his turn to say “wait”!

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“Brother Ye?” Nangong’s almond eyes lit up slightly . He looked upstairs . The door to the sixth private room was opened . Inside, he could faintly see a white-clothed figure .

Ye Yin glanced at Rouge, then left without looking back . Standing at the top of the stairs was Du Luo, who had understood from Ye Yin’s gaze earlier to wait for him . As Ye Yin smiled, Du Luo grimaced . This brat must have another scheme . His debt would have to be paid back later . First, he would see what Ye Yin was up to .

Nangong raised a brow prettily seeing Ye Yin drag Du Luo over . “Brother Ye, do you still have business with me?”

Smiling calmly, Ye Yin replied, “How could I miss out on alcohol? Could brother Nangong have forgotten? You said before that you and I were very compatible . As good friends, how could you not call me when going out to drink? Let’s go! I** want to know more about young master Yang . At the same time, I can give my elder brother a suitable welcome . I**, also happen to be in a good mood today, so today’s drinks are on me!”

Watching Ye Yin drag Nangong away without any explanation, Du Luo felt a little strange . This fellow usually disliked to get close to others, but today why was he……? Although he learned of Ye Yin’s whereabouts from Ren Fengyao and understood what Ye Yin planned to do, he did not know how Ye Yin would carry out his plans . What was he planning on doing today?

Ye Yin appeared very excited . His eyes shined with delight, but his faint smile was calculative .

A while ago when Qi Chengfeng and Chu Feiye exited, they seemed somewhat stiff from behind . Were the events at Intoxicated Dream tonight to infuriating? Would they be able to hold back their anger?

Holding in anger is no good for the health, so he would kindly allow them to vent some steam . Furthermore, they would have to vent this anger tonight, or else his plan would not be able to continue forward!

Outside, a summer shower began, not bleak, nor touching . Although not cold, the pitter-patter of the rain was very annoying . Hopefully, it would not turn into a summer storm for although working on rainy days is normal, it is not as productive as working on a clear day!

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