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Chapter 404

Xu Jiamu seemed to know that Qiao Anhao's sentence wasn't finished . He leaned back lazily, finding a comfortable position . Without any sign of anger or confusion, he glanced at her, waiting patiently for her to continue .  

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Qiao Anhao moved her lips slightly .  "Only after your car accident did I found out that I was betrothed to you . Because of the car accident, rumors that the Xu family no longer had a successor started to fly, causing the board of directors of the Xu Enterprise to raise objections . In the end, the only solution was for Lu Jinnian to act as you and for us to act as a couple so that the Xu family could pass through the crisis .

"Other than me, no one in the Qiao family is aware of your condition, and since Auntie Xu specifically came to find me . . . "

At that time, she only agreed to the suggestion after knowing that she was going to act as a couple with Lu Jinnian . She had always loved him, but she had never let anyone know . Even Xu Jiamu wasn't aware of it even though he had seen her love letter . . .

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Qiao Anhao paused for a while before continuing, "We have been friends for so many years, so I couldn't just leave you in a plight, that’s why I agreed to the suggestion, but now . , . "

"Now that I'm awake, you have already finished what you promised initially, hence you want to end the marriage with me, am I right?" Xu Jiamu finished her sentence for her .  

Qiao Anhao lowered her lashes, hesitating slightly before nodding her head .  

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"Sure, I understand . I'll take care of the matter," Xu Jiamu agreed instantly, without any hesitation or doubt .

Qiao Anhao raised her head in shock . "Brother Jiamu, how are you going to settle it alone?" 

"You don't have to bother about that, I can't have you asking for a divorce yourself . Don't forget that ever since your parents died, Qiao Anxia's parents have been taking care of you, and for this marriage, you are representing not only yourself but the Qiao family .

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"If you were to suddenly ask for a divorce, how would you face your aunt and uncle in the future?" Xu Jiamu explained the situation in detail before reassuring her, "Qiao Qiao, you don't have to worry about a thing, I'll settle the issue, you can just sit back and wait . "

Truthfully, Qiao Anhao had never thought of the Qiao family when she decided on the divorce, but after he had mentioned it, she was suddenly struck with the problem of how to face her aunt and uncle . She was touched, remembering that ever since they were young, Xu Jiamu had always been thinking out for her .

She nodded her head, replying lightly, "Brother Jiamu, thank you . "

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"Qiao Qiao, why are you being so formal with me?" Xu Jiamu smiled and reached with his hand to softly ruffle her hair .  "But Qiao Qiao, you’ll have to wait a while, I don't even have the strength to leave the house right now . . . " 

When Qiao Anhao returned back to Mian Xiu Garden, it was already 9 pm . She had eaten dinner at Xu mansion, so she informed Madam Chen not to prepare anything before heading upstairs .  

Lu Jinnian wasn't back yet . Even though she hadn't done much the entire day, she was exhausted . After taking a bath, she limped to the bed but couldn't seem to fall asleep . At about 12 pm, she suddenly heard the sound of a car engine coming from downstairs .  

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