Published at 19th of March 2018 06:14:46 PM
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Chapter 457

Lu Jinnian could hear his hurried breaths and feel his ever rising body temperature .  

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Even his breaths were starting to heat up .  

He wasn't sure where they were, but all he could feel was the rising heat . . .  

His desires turned strong and his actions became increasingly daring . He continued to caress her lustfully, yearning and seeking more, while she remained docile, accommodating his touch .  

It was indeed a dream . . . Lu Jinnian's breathing became erratic and unstable, but at the last moment, he suddenly stopped .

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I can't . . . Now that they were no longer a couple and Xu Jiamu was awake, he couldn't, not when the man she loved was awake . They were meant to be together and he wasn't going to ruin it . . . Even in his dreams, he wasn't going to allow it . . . .

He tried to control his breathing, his hands clenching tightly into fists as he desperately pushed down his desires, forcing himself away from her body . Yet he pulled her into his embrace, a layer of sweat covering his forehead .  


The next day, Qiao Anhao was awakened by the birds chirping . She was in a slight daze, staring up at the cave wall for a while before bolting up from the mat . She sat on the mat and scanned the surroundings, realizing that she was all alone . The fire had extinguished, leaving a pile of ashes in its wake and the clothes she had removed the previous night were back on her .  

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Lu Jinnian had dressed her? But where was he? 

Qiao Anhao tied her crumpled clothes, finding kiss marks on her collarbone . It was then that she realized in a daze that something had happened the night before . Her face blushed a deep shade of red instantly .  

It wasn't a dream, it was real . . . But halfway through, why did he suddenly stop . . .  

"You're awake?" Lu Jinnian's voice came from the entrance of the cave .  

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Qiao Anhao hurriedly stashed away her thoughts, turning to look at Lu Jinnian . He walked into the cave with his hands full with the fruit that she had eaten the night before .  

She continued to stare at him as he placed the fruits in front of her . She picked one and took a bite before turning back to look at him, "How's your fever?" 

Lu Jinnian swallowed the fruit before replying .  "It's gone . " He paused for a moment, then added, "Thank you for last night . " 

Qiao Anhao knew that he was referring to how she had removed her clothes to provide him with warmth, and her face turned red instantly . She lowered her head and bit hard into the fruit .  

The cave remained silent for a while . After some time, she lifted her head to ask, "What are we going to do now?" 

All Lu Jinnian could think about was the incident from the night before, but when he realized that she was speaking to him, he hurriedly asked, "Huh?" 

Qiao Anhao thought that he didn't understand what she was asking, so she clarified .  "I meant how are we going to leave this place? The crew might not be able to find us here . "

She reached into her pockets and fiddled around before saying in exasperation, "I forgot I was wearing a costume so I don't have a phone . . . " Just then, her eyes brightened and she stared at Lu Jinnian .  "Right, did you . . ?" 

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