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Chapter 535

Lu Jinnian grabbed Qiao Anhao's waist and started to tickle her . She tossed and turned until finally tears streamed out . When Lu Jinnian saw the tears, his expression turned serious instantly, as he gazed at her with bright eyes .  

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Qiao Anhao gradually stopped laughing . With her eyes wide, she collided with his gaze . She could see a thick layer of desire in his glazed eyes . Biting onto her lip, she lowered her lashes . Lu Jinnian lowered his head, covering her lips .  

With one hand, he started to pull her nightgown away, and with the other, he dug through the grocery bag for the bag of condoms he'd bought earlier . Covering her mouth aggressively, he deepened the kiss until they were both fully naked . With both hands, he tore the box open, puling out a condom . . .


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The night was deep, the room was silent, the light buzzing from the air-conditioner could be heard along with two people's breathing . . . After an intense exercise, Qiao Anhao nestled in Lu Jinnian's arm like a lazy cat .  

Lu Jinnian slouched on the pillow, his breathing unstable as he caressed her hair softly .

The living room was filled with the scent of their love making, melting both their bodies and their hearts .  

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After lying for a long while, Qiao Anhao finally regained some strength, and turning, found a more comfortable position . In the past, she would pass out after such an intense workout, but today, she felt unusually awake . She listened to the powerful thump of Lu Jinnian's heart, basking in the beautiful afterglow .  

Lu Jinnian moved slightly and broke the silence . "What have you done today?"

Qiao Anhao thought for a while before giving him a detailed rundown of her day .

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The details were boring and mundane: she shopped, ate, and bought some stuff, she even reported how much she had spent . . . But Lu Jinnian listened attentively . Qiao Anhao even reached over to her phone to show him the two bracelets she had bought, asking his opinions on them . Truthfully, Lu Jinnian felt that all pearl bracelets looked similar but he still reassured her that it looked pretty .  

Qiao Anhao even told him how she used the card on a cup of milk tea . Just then, she remembered the call from Qiao Anxia . She lifted her head slightly . His jaw was directly above her head, and the tiny stubble tickled her . She raised her hand to caress it lightly before asking, "Lu Jinnian, do you know that the Xu family is in trouble?"

Lu Jinnian never expected her sudden question, so he hesitated before replying with a "Mmh" .

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"Anxia said that someone was behind it . But the Xu family didn't offend anyone, I wonder who it is . . . "

Qiao Anhao nagged a bit before seemingly thinking of something . She crawled out of his embrace to stare into his eyes .  "Lu Jinnian, I called Brother Jiamu this afternoon, and he didn't sound too good . You guys have always been close, you should call him to show some care . "


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