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Chapter 546

Chapter 546: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years (17)

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Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem


"Right, you're right . . . " Lu Jinnian suddenly curved his lips into a smile . He stared into Qiao Anhao's eyes with a glimmer of self-mocking . "However, what a shame . . . In the end, I'm not Xu Jiamu . "

He thought back to that night when the Xu family was in trouble . He remembered how she laid in his arms and asked him to take care of Xu Jiamu .

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He thought back to how she appeared at his office doors, and saw him and Xu Jiamu at the same time but called his name first . . .

Even if Xu Jiamu and her were divorced . . . Even if he himself treated her so well . . .  In her heart, Xu Jiamu was still the most important!

"You must've always thought of how great it would be if I became Xu Jiamu, am I right?" Lu Jinnian could distinctly feel a fit of jealousy spreading through his body . He really wanted to control his temper, but his emotions were riled up with Qiao Anhao's single comparison . Without waiting for her to react, his tone instantly became cold and stern .  "But, Qiao Anhao . Let me tell you . . . I'll never become Xu Jiamu!

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"Since you care about Xu Jiamu so much, go and look for him!" As Lu Jinnian said this, he got up from the sofa, and dragged Qiao Anhao by the arm towards the door . He pulled it open and ruthlessly threw her out .

Qiao Anhao stumbled under Lu Jinnian's sheer force . When she found her balance, the door behind her was already slammed shut . She stared at the tightly shut door, and realized what she'd just said to make Lu Jinnian this angry .

She didn't really want to compare him to Xu Jiamu, but as she just suddenly found out Lu Jinnian acquiring Xu enterprises, she couldn't accept that at all . He and Xu Jiamu were clearly biological brothers, and had always got a long so well, how could he make a move like that? How could he disregard all sentiment like that?

Qiao Anhao saw the wandering eyes of those in the administration department nearby . She slightly lowered her head, turned around, and walked over to the office . As she tried to push open the door, she realized that it was locked from the inside, so she knocked on the door .

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Qiao Anhao waited for half a minute, but there was no response . She raised her arm again, ready to knock, when suddenly, Lu Jinnian pulled the door open .

"Lu Jinnian . . . " He bolted towards the elevator with big strides, brushing past her like she wasn't even there .

Qiao Anhao tried her best to catch up . Subconsciously, she tried to explain to Lu Jinnian in a low voice, "It's not what you think, I didn't compare you with Brother Jiamu . I just . . . "

For tonight's dinner date, she had deliberately worn ten centimeter heels, and so she simply couldn't catch up to Lu Jinnian . Before she could finish what she had to say, he stepped into the elevator . When she finally reached the doors, they had already shut, and the elevator slowly descended .

Qiao Anhao frantically pressed the elevator button to chase him down .  

She stepped out from the elevator on the lower floor and saw Lu Jinnian get into his car . She called his name and rushed towards him, but because she ran so hastily, she buckled under the her tall, thin heels . Using the car beside her to regain her balance, she heard the sound of Lu Jinnian's car engine start up . Completely ignoring the pain in her ankles, she hobbled over as it sped off .

Qiao Anhao watched as Lu Jinnian's car drove out of the parking lot for quite some time, then turned around to the elevator . Just as she was about to press the floor number for the elevator, the phone in her pocket started to ring . . .

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