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Chapter 701

Qiao Anhao who was still immersed in the sorrow of that the moment stilled when she heard the buzzing from the phone . She sat in a daze, not able to get back to her senses .

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She was explaining . . . Why did he suddenly hang up on her?


Lu Jinnian hadn't done any vigorous exercise, it was just a simple phone call with an emotional content .  

But he felt as though he had just ran a marathon, he was breathless and panting uncontrollably .  

He tossed the phone onto the bed violently, lying down briefly with his rapidly beating heart before yanking his blanket off . He paced about his bedroom continuously .  

What did Qiao Anhao just say? 

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She said that she had been in a coma for four days? She said that she didn't reply to him? She said that she had wanted to send him an apology?

It was completely different from what he had thought was the truth!

This meant that Qiao Anhao didn't say that he was not worthy!

And, what else did she say?

If that woman knew that he had confessed, she would have never rejected him!

Lu Jinnian felt as though happiness was rushing in all at once, and he couldn't seem to take it all in .  

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Was he dreaming?

He turned to look out at the bright skies . Back when he had problems, it was always the worst at night, but it was still daytime . . .  

Lu Jinnian raised a hand to rub his temples . He was in trouble, the problems must have relapsed, he needed to contact Lucy this instant! 

He quickly grabbed onto his phone .  "Lucy I don't think I'm finally okay . Could you get me a psychiatrist now, I’m in Hilton hotel room 1513 . . . "

Lu Jinnian paused . Before he hung up, he added, "Get two doctors, I don't think its depression this time but hallucination . "

He hung up before spotting the call history with Qiao Anhao .  

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He was really talking to her just now . . .

Lu Jinnian hesitated slightly before calling Qiao Anhao .  "Did you call me just now?"

After his question, she asked, "Lu Jinnian, why did you hang up on me just now?" 

Lu Jinnian continued to ask persistently, "You mentioned that you were in a coma for four days? Right?"

Qiao Anhao opened her mouth but before she could reply, he asked, "You also mentioned that you didn't reply to any of my messages, right?

"And that if you knew that I confessed, you would have never reject me? Right?"

Qiao Anhao was left speechless by his questions and started to feel frustrated . But when she was about to ask what was going on, he continued, "Qiao Qiao, in your heart, I am worthy to love you, right?"

That question seemed like a strike to her . Her anger dissipating in an instant, she stared at him resolutely . "Yes," she replied emotionally .  

She continued, "Actually, I feel the same . . . "

Before she could finish the sentence, he hung up once again .