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Chapter 837

Thinking back, he had stopped talking to Lin Qianqian ever since he got back with Song Xiangsi . Yesterday, after he had overworked himself the night before and had a long meeting, he decided to take a nap in his lounge area at work . At that moment, Lin Qianqian had come over, pouncing onto him and demanding to know when they were going to hold a wedding .  

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The moment he had heard the question, Song Xiangsi's image popped into his mind . He hesitated for a long while before randomly throwing out an excuse - after she graduated .

Lin Qianqian continued to ramble on afterwards about the wedding details, and weirdly, he felt strangely pressured . After enduring it for a short while, he pushed her off violently, heading to the restroom .  

After that incident, his heart started to waver .

Was marriage between companies really that beneficial?

Didn't his parents end up in a tragedy?

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What about Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao? They didn't quarrel and lived their lives in happiness, even if they bickered, it was overflowing with joy and love .

Their love seemed to be infectious, causing him to desire more . . .

"Xu Jiamu? What are you doing here?" Lu Jinnian asked when he saw him outside the restroom .

Xu Jiamu extinguished the cigarette silently, washed his hands and headed out .  Just when he was about to enter the changing room, the female changing room opened and Song Xiangsi walked out in a white lace gown, her hair done up into a tight bun .  

He stopped in his tracks, staring at her as Zhao Meng continuously sang praises to her beauty .  

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Even though it was just a bridesmaid's gown, it was still beautiful enough to shake him, leaving him mesmerized and in awe .

The image of Song Xiangsi as a bride flowed into his mind uncontrollably, how pretty would that be?

Song Xiangsi as a bride . . . Who would the groom be?

Xu Jiamu's heart fell .  

He honestly had no idea why he had helped Song Xiangsi seven years ago, and even maliciously kept her by his side for so many years .  

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He had always thought that he would end up in a corporate wedding during those seven years, and so he had disregarded the happy memories . Not once had he thought of marrying her and never once thought that she could marry someone else .

But now, the moment he imagined her being someone else's ravishing bride, he couldn't help feeling empty and cold . It felt as though someone had dug out his heart .

"Brother Jiamu, why are you in a daze?" Qiao Anhao's clear voice sounded, snapping him out of his daze .  

Xu Jiamu struggled to move his gaze away from Song Xiangsi . "What's up?"

Lu Jinnian pointed to the designer who had pushed a few male suits into the room .  "Try the clothes . "

"Oh . " Acknowledging his tasks, he entered the changing room .  


Qiao Anxia knew that Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao were having a fitting at "Bliss for a Hundred Years" tonight . Her mother had informed her two days ago, reminding her to try the clothes that she had ordered for her .  

After crying for half the night, Qiao Anxia's eyes were terribly swollen the next day . Even though she had never intended to attend the fitting, she hesitated, finally deciding to drive over .