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By A Slight Mistake - Chapter 39

Published at 26th of March 2020 10:17:34 AM

Chapter 39

After Halloween ends, the Student Council election begins .

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For the Student Council President Toudou, Halloween was the last big job for him .

Regarding the election, the former president must have a neutral stance, as he is not allowed to show favoritism .

Or that’s how it should’ve been .

“Good morning, Sagara-san . ”

An alluring baritone voice unsparingly calls out to me .

If this were my former self, I’d gladly eat three bowls of donburi and ask for seconds . (T/N: I have no idea if this is right)

As his gentle voice skillfully wraps around my name .

“Good Morning, Student Council President . ”

I want to tell him not to come into my classroom every morning and greet me .

Because for a third-year no less, the Student Council President to visit the classroom of a first-year every day to leave after greeting them .

People will begin to speculate on the situation .

For speculation become rumors then gossip . This gossip has already reached the ears of the current members of the student council .

“So have you changed your mind . ”

“I see no reason for doing so . ”

The conversation may look amiable to onlookers .

But its anything but that . For it feels as the temperature in the classroom is dropping, causing the faces of my classmates to go ashen .

Perhaps the atmosphere is worse than when Suwa was heartbroken .

“Why is that?”

“I have a question . ”

Instead of answering his question, I shall return a question of my own .

“What is it . ”

“This year is said to be a treasure trove of human resources . ”

“What of it . ”

“Why me and not them? . I would like to know what your criteria are for putting the final nail on the coffin . ”

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I don’t believe its just because I was once the student council secretary back in middle school .

This smells suspicious just as I was thinking, so Toudou-sama’s lips begin to move ever so slightly .

“There must be quite a few people who are educated to stand on top of others . On the other hand, since I am the youngest child, I have not been taught such knowledge since you are the type of human who values harmony over anything else . As such, I’m not the right person to fit into this role . Alas, since this was just a simple question, I’m not expecting an actual answer that will satisfy my question . ”

I say this all in a gentle, calming voice .

Never raise your voice, always speak in a gentle tone .

It’s Yakumo’s-niisan art of negotiation .

If this were Ninomiya senpai, I’m sure this would have pushed him into a corner .

However, this is the Student Council President Toudou we’re talking about; he’s able to manipulate any conversation towards his favor .

Anticipating this the moment he makes the next move, I’ll shake it off immediately .

He’s sneakily trying to push me off the edge while making others think he isn’t .

“As expected of the student council president, only you would find this all entertaining . I’ve heard that four students are fighting for the presidency this year, but of course, I know that all of them are an auspicious bunch . ”

“If you only look at their scores, you may be right . But did you know that some people hide their talents so as not to be struck down . ”

Tachibana Chiaki!

Tachibana is the kind of guy that skimps through a test treating it as if it were a practice test just because he doesn’t want to score high as he doesn’t like the attention .

Chikage also is having a hard time as he is always trying to remain conspicuous even though he has a high ranking position in the school .

There seems to be no end to all of our problems .

The top-ranking students this year and the year prior have mostly been internal in a way suppressing the externals from reaching the top .

“The moment they get serious, the number running for the presidency will be more than just four who knows what the number will be then . ”

It seems that not even he was aware of this .

The expression of the student council president Toudou who was smiling is now beginning to crumble .

“… . If you keep on persistently bugging me, you’ll have to watch your step for the moment you trip there will be no one to catch you . ”

By the way, from now on, the student council president Toudou will be reviewing the freshman data again .

“Contrary to expectations, you Sagara-sama or truly an ill-natured person . ”

With a wry smile, the student council president Toudou tells me .

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“As the leader, you exist to conceal the movements of those around you, don’t you?”

The student council president’s bitter smile begins to transform into a sincere smile as he begins to laugh .

“Looks like you definitely fit into the role of a leader . It will be best for me to entrust my role to you . ”

“if I were you, I wouldn’t place your trust on me for the risk outways the benefits . ”

He sure is persistent .

Although it seems, I did manage to make him waver if only for a bit .

Should I lay low for now and lay in wait for the perfect chance of a counter-attack .

“Well then, till next time . ”

With a radiant smile plastered on his face, the student council president Toudou proceeds to leave the classroom .

The moment he steps out, the tense atmosphere in the classroom disperses immediately .

“Mizuki-sama!! What in the world is going on with the student council president? Or rather how we’re you able to keep on smiling while talking to him!?”

As if rehearsed, all the girls in class suddenly burst into tears .

“I sincerely apologize . I had no intention of scaring you all . I was requested to join the student council as the president for the next school year, but I’m planning on refusing, for I don’t want to . ”

“… . hmmm”

It seems their reaction is more subtle than what I was expecting from them .

“I would have liked to express my congratulations to you for being appointed as the next successor; however, I cant for in my eyes you are far greater than that . ”


“Even if he is the president, I can’t easily forgive this . ”

“That’s right . ”


The girls continue to talk amongst themselves and nod their heads in agreement .

I am left wondering what the hell is happing right now .

“Please be at ease, Mizuki-sama . ”

Omatsuzaki-san says with such a sweet smile .

Omatsuzaki-hime sama? Have you forgotten about Mitsurin(三輪)-hime sama? (T/N I have no idea if this is correct)

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“It’s okay, girls . I will protect Mizuki-hime with all my might! Naturally, I won’t allow the student council president to force Mizuki-hime to do anything she dislikes . ”

“Yeah, that’s right . Its the duty of the princess to protect their prince . ”

As I look at all the girls who are laughing and smiling, I tell them .


Why would the princess protect their prince!?

Wait, does that make me the prince!?

It can’t be; I refuse to believe it .

Why should I be of need for their protection!?

How did it come to this!?

With all these thoughts in mind, it appears that the student council election an unexpected turn of events .

“Mizuki-chan, look at you, aren’t you very popular . ”

As I was absentmindedly gazing out the terrace, I heard Chiaki say something while chuckling .

“How did it come to this . ”

It seems that the unity between the girls is more substantial than I initially thought .

Every time president Toudou attempts to approach my classroom, he is swarmed by every girl in class, and by even some from the other classrooms totaling up to 20, this way, they hinder his approach .

When he’s stopped, they politely rebuke him . “It’s quite boorish when a man forces a woman to do something she is unwilling to do . ”

As one would expect even the student council president, Toudou is forced into a hard fight .

I, for one, am just so thankful that they’re treating me as a girl again .

I was slightly depressed when I was appointed as their prince and treated like a guy .

“It’s more than just merely the girls though the boys as well . ”

Chiaki, who continues to smile merrily, says the most unexpected of things .

“Come again?”

“The boys have begun to move, as well . Ninomiya’s senpai dislike of the situation has already started to show . That’s why even though Ninomiya senpai should have easily become the next student council president, he is struggling to get support . ”

Still, with the same cheerful smile, Chiaki informs me about the boys .

“Chiaki, you did this?!”

Chiaki is far superior to me when it comes to forming strategies .

She usually plays the fool in the eye of the public to get the advantage over others; as such, she’s seen as an eccentric lady .

“Kufufu . Did you just say something? Do you honestly believe that someone who has been relying on their junior’s popularity and skill will be elected as the next student council president . ”

Unmistakingly that does make sense .

But I’m sure shes implying more than just that .

Otherwise, Chiaki would not be allowed to stand next to the next heir Chikage .

“Ah, I see now . So it was Ookami that was messing around with the secretary . By coming out in the open, you were able to manipulate the situation behind the scenes sneakily without getting caught . ”

“… . huh? . ”

Isn’t this the plan I had thought of, but I was hesitant as to whether or not to put it into practice .

“Well, your partially right, but it wasn’t me pulling strings but Ookami for he’s the one that started this uproar . ”

Chiaki reveals to me with a nonchalant expression .

“Why would Ookami do this?”

“Well, it seems that this is still only the beginning of things to come . Since I’m in the classroom adjacent to Ookami, it’ll be hard-pressed for me not to notice any movement coming from him . ”

It’s not that I didn’t notice more like I refused to acknowledge the possibility .

I guess I didn’t want to confront him about it .

“Is that so . ”

This situation has gotten more out of hand than I could ever imagine .

Well, as long as Chiaki and Ookami continue to be in the center stage, I’ll let them be for now .

At the very least ill be able to block their movements when needed .

All I wanted was to have a typical high school life; it was never my intention to stand in front of others .

“Is an ordinary life even possible for me anymore?”

As Chiaki slumped over the table, placing her forehead onto the table, she began to grumble .

“Oh, Mizuki-chan . Living an ordinary life is the hardest thing to do, for there are no set criteria on how to obtain it . ”

I unconsciously nodded my head along to Chiaki’s words, who is still smiling cheerfully .

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