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CEO in a fantasy world - Chapter 121

Published at 19th of March 2019 02:09:03 PM

Chapter 121

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Caesar grabbed a flask filled with ale and brought it close to his nose, he lightly shook the flask and took a small whiff… 'interesting… it would appear I am not familiar with this alcohol' Caesar mused, he had figured it would smell similar to something he had tried on earth, however, contrary to his expectations, it smelled vastly different compared to any alcohol he had experienced before .

Although it smelled slightly different from the norm, Caesar didn't hesitate to present the flask to his thin lips and take a sip, the liquid entered into his mouth and slowly traveled down his throat, bringing a slight burning sensation as it moved .

Caesar gulped audibly and couldn't help but open his eyes wide in surprise… "it's quite good…" he praised, he had tasted quite a lot of expensive alcohol during his time on Earth, however, all of them were put to shame in front of this ale .

He didn't hesitate to take another gulp of the ale and quickly down the first flask, he heavily slammed the empty container on the table and stared at Magni, "to further prove my generous proposal, I will drink two more flasks before we start the competition" he said with a grin…

Magni looked at Caesar doubtfully, "I suppose that would, indeed, make this fairer, however, wouldn't you prefer a greater chance at winning?" Magni asked curiously, though his words were understandable, his slurs made him sound like an intoxicated child .

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"Of course I want to win, alas, my honor makes me incapable of doing something so ignoble" Caesar replied while subtly reaching for one of the few remaining flasks of ale . From an objective point of view, Caesar's actions were foolish, alas, Caesar was more than willing to toy with both Magni and Joe .

He easily downed the second flask that was almost filled to the brim with ale and an almost indiscernible red hue started to appear on his face, he had been wondering how Joe and Magni got drunk so quickly . It quickly became obvious that it wasn't their weak tolerance, but the alcohols potency!

Thinking to here, Caesar raised his eyes and glanced at both Joe and Magni, "where is this drink from, and what is it called?" he asked inquiringly, to which Magni just shook his head with a strange smile on his face .

"Who knows, my fellow gnomes had come across it in a vigorous tree" Magni replied with a chuckle .

Before Caesar could reply, Joe rudely interrupted, "alright, alright, enough vain chatter, we had only drunk two flasks ourselves, it's time for the competition" Joe who had been silent for the last few minutes, spoke loudly and reached across the table to grab a cup .

The rest of the gnomes cheered in response, it was clear that they wanted to see the competition as quickly as possible .

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Magni solemnly nodded his head and reached under the table, he grabbed a relatively small wooden casing and lifted it to the table… inside were a few sealed horns of what Caesar assumed to be, ale .

The alcohol was nearly contained within the animal horns, Caesar wasn't sure which animal they came from, however, it was clear they came from some sort of buffalo like-beast .

Magni grabbed a horn for himself, then handed one to Caesar, and finally, Joe . Once all three of them were holding a flask, they bumped cups and finished off the horn of ale… each of them not hesitant to drink the entire thing in one go .

That, however, didn't mark the end, in fact, it was merely the beginning . After the first horn, they drank a second, and then a third, and finally, a fourth . The alcohol in which they guzzled started to settle within their bodies and hit them stronger than ever .

Magni's old and decrepit face became red and looked similar to a tomato while Joe just rocked back and forth in his chair muttering indecipherable nonsense . Caesar was, of course, not perfectly fine, alas, he was much more normal than the other two .

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A slightly red hue appeared on Caesar's pale face as he delicately shook his cup of ale, watching as the liquids inside swerved against the sides of the horn . He glanced at the two wasted gremlins in front of him and smiled in satisfaction .

"It would appear that I have won," Caesar said whilst poking Magni's forehead .

"Hmm, huh, I can still go on" Joe grumbled and fell to the ground, soon, a loud snoring sound filled the ears of all those present causing Caesar to smile wryly .

Caesar observed Joe's sleeping body for a moment before turning back to Magni, only to realize the old gnome had fallen asleep as well .

Caesar stood up from his chair, albeit shakily, and pointed towards Magni, "let him get some rest, I'll be back tomorrow with the materials" he whilst hurling Joe over his shoulders and walking away .

The gnomes swiftly reacted after a moment of hesitation and brought the unconscious Magni into a relatively large tent . He was rambling incoherently whilst being dragged causing the younger gnomes to chuckle .

Caesar turned around and waved for a few seconds before turning back and continuing on his way, he could see the sun slowly rising and the rays of sunlight start to encroach upon the land .

Caesar's vision was slightly blurry as he walked with the heavy Joe hurled over his shoulder, however, he didn't lose any of his basic sensory functions, making it possible for him to make his way to the inner gates .

This time, the guards opened the gates before Caesar could push them open, he walked past the entrance and discarded Joe's unconscious body, "Hey, you three, go bring the dwarf to his living quarters" Caesar spoke towards a few guards, and without waiting for their reply, he walked away and entered into the mansion .

Within the time it takes for an entire incense to burn, after a few wrong turns, Caesar had finally arrived in front of his and Ahri's door . He rotated the doorknob and stepped inside the room, softly closing the door behind him .

Caesar unbuttoned his blazer, pants, and shirt, leaving him in simple undergarments, he walked toward the large bed and simply collapsed on the right side… he could feel Ahri squirm at the sudden movement, but he didn't pay it much heed .

And soon, with the help of the alcohol and the comfortable bed, he drifted into a deep sleep while pondering about what he wanted to order both Magni and Joe, as he had won the bet, after all .

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