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CEO in a fantasy world - Chapter 196

Published at 4th of April 2019 10:40:04 PM

Chapter 196: 196

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Bronson's tears paused as he stared incredulously at Caesar's outstretched hand . He had never even dreamt of such a development, instead, he was under the impressing that he was going to be disqualified

As if Caesar was giving water to a dehydrated man, Bronson grabbed on to Caesar's hand and shook it whilst crying even louder . A fire was once again kindled within his heart, a strong determination to finally become powerful . He was someone who lived as a failure in the eyes of most, however, he would never bow, nor surrender .

"You've made an excellent choice, Bronson," Caesar said whilst seizing his outstretched hand from Bronson's powerful grasp, "I'll groom you into a warrior fit for your ambition, but first, you must prove yourself… continue running around the training grounds; transform your body into something worthy of praise . "

As his words trailed off, Bronson energetically nodded his head and seemingly passed out right after . Perhaps it was due to severe exhaustion, or maybe it was because of relief . Either way, Caesar ordered a few nearby knights to take care of his unconscious body .

"Make sure he receives some food, water, and most importantly, rest," Caesar said while making his way out of the training grounds . He took a white, piece of cloth out of his pockets and wiped his filthy hand which Bronson had touched . Similar to most matters, Caesar wasn't particularly interested in Bronson, it was more of an investment . A man who willingly trained every day until they passed out of exhaustion was destined for great things .

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Caesar's opinions were often hypocritical as he believed that effort was much more important than talent . However, he, himself, was living proof that such a statement wasn't necessarily true . Although he did put in some effort, he was born more intelligent, better looking, and superior to most normal people . He didn't even need to put in the effort, nor risk his life . He was a natural born leader .

While in the middle of deep contemplation, Caesar absentmindedly walked along the crowded streets until he reached a rather spacious market . The people were bustling about and only a few people actually noticed Caesar's conspicuous appearance .

Several drunkards were rambling incoherently at the entrances of a few over-populated taverns . The surrounding were erratic and Caesar blocked out the nearby sounds, trying not to pay much attention to them .

This continued for a little while until he stumbled upon an established and elegant looking building . Like the Pantheon, a few cylindrical pillars layered the front and set of grand stairs led into the building . On the front, a large signboard that read, "Prestigious Bank," was present .

Intrigued, Caesar decided to ascend the stairs and walk inside . He passed by a few other well-dressed gentlemen and soon entered into the wide building . As soon as he entered, he couldn't help but gasp in admiration .

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The floors were checkered with black and white, reflecting the light from the beautiful, golden chandeliers . A large gate separated the insides of the bank and a few relatively young and beautiful employees were busy greeting the guests .

At the ends of the bank, a few stalls were present, where Caesar presumed withdrawing and depositing money took place . After all, banks essentially make most of their wealth by lending money at rates higher than the cost of the money they lend . More specifically, banks collect interest on loans and interest payments from the debt securities they own, of course, they also pay interest on deposits

Thinking to here, Caesar decided to approach one of the stalls . The lady behind the counter was somewhat aged and carried a professional smile on her face . Her hair was an exotic green and her nose was abnormally hooked .

Her appearance could be considered beautiful, however, she was not all someone that aligned with Caesar's tastes . He stood behind a few other gentlemen and patiently waited until it was his turn .

Finally, the heavy-set man in front of him departed and Caesar could, at last, talk with the receptionist . He pulled out the bank-note he had received from Veronica prior and handed it to the lass in front of him . Although, in appearance, he was younger than the lady in front of him . If his mental age was taken into considering, then she was a mere child .

The woman respectfully received the note and flashed a smile full of flattery in Caesar's direction . Unfortunately, Caesar didn't bother to respond and she could only grind her teeth angrily as she processed the note in front of her .

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A banknote is a negotiable promissory note, which a bank can issue . A banknote is payable to the bearer on demand, and the amount payable is apparent on the face of the note . Once read, shock appeared on the woman's face as she immediately consulted her boss .

Normally, money was stashed inside of a bank for interest or sake-keeping, generally for both . However, withdrawing a large number of funds required a lot of security checks, especially if the number was $10000 .

Caesar needed to purchase his buildings and buy a few gifts for Elizabeth, thus, it was detrimental that he possessed a certain amount of funds on his person . After waiting around the same time it takes for an entire stick of incense to burn, the lady finally returned with a middle-aged man .

He had a groomed goatee and a pair of reading glasses resting on the bridge of his nose . He scrutinized the banknote for a few more moments before asking for Caesar's signature, gifting him the pen in his pocket .

Caesar did as he was asked and eloquently signed his name, to which the middle-aged man finally nodded his head in acceptance . Even if Caesar was the crowned prince, bank owners demanded plenty of respect, even from the Royals .

The middle-aged man soon returned with a hefty bag of platinum coins, each one was equivalent to 500 golden coins . A grand total of 20 platinum coins were present in the pouch and the middle-aged man respectfully handed it to Caesar, not a single ripple appeared on his face .

Caesar nodded his head and snatched the bag of coins from the man's hands . He glanced at the green haired woman one last time before departing . Caesar was rather impressed with the security, respect, and handling of the bank . It would even put some of the modern banks on earth to shame .

With this in mind, he soon exited the bank in a rather affable mood, hiding his bag of coins in his pocket . He traveled to the northernmost part of Rahvin kingdom and entered into one of the most luxurious of stores .

Plenty of fancy dresses, instruments, and dolls stocked the shelves . Caesar wasn't going to purchase any jewelry, so he decided to buy a few simple things . Even in his past life, understanding what a woman wanted was hard .

Thus, Caesar purchased a few beautiful dolls, a small flute, and a fluffy, pink dress . All three items were incredibly expensive and Caesar was forced to use the rest of the gold coins stashed inside of his storage ring . Which was around 50 gold pieces .

The old lady at the desk thanked him with a wide smile as he left the store . His next destination was the palace so that he could eat dinner with his family . His stomach roared in protest and he figured that he could delay his visit to the masonry company .

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