Close Combat Mage - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216
Chapter 216 – Eventful Period Pt . 2

Back then, Suo Jia hadn’t killed Kaos; he had just chased Kaos out of the city . However, he hadn’t imagined that although Kaos had returned home alive, he had been beaten into idiocy . In a fit of rage, Marquis Karuda had gathered together with the Thief Alliance and dispatched 300,000 soldiers, working together to defeat Dawn City . They had also already come to an agreement to split the spoils of war .

Hearing this, Suo Jia could only smile bitterly . He hadn’t imagined that Kaos would actually have such a powerful figure behind him . Oz was the largest city around here in terms of scale, and wasn’t any smaller than Holy Light . It had a million soldiers that were beyond powerful . However, even if Suo Jia had known of this ages ago, he wouldn’t have shrank back . If he couldn’t overcome such a minor storm, how could he talk about the Greater Trade Routes?

Suo Jia shoved all this to the back of his head . Since they had already decided to make Suo Jia their enemy, Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t run away . They wanted to fight? Then they should just go ahead . Right now…Suo Jia was just waiting for the Mengmas to finish evolving . By that point, people would learn to fear him!

The loud sound of footsteps broke the silence . The next moment… . General Harvey rushed in with an excited expression . He hadn’t even knocked the door before entering, and he shouted, “Viscount Suo Jia! The Velociraptors evolved!”

“What!” Suo Jia abruptly stood up in shock . ‘Speak of the devil and the devil will come, haha’…now that they had Velociraptor Riders, who would he possibly be afraid of?

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Without another word, Suo Jia quickly followed General Harvey to the Knights camp . Sweeping a glance, he saw that a crowd of soldiers was currently surrounding a large Velociraptor with envious expressions . However, they knew that they would all have Velociraptors as well .

As he walked nearer, Suo Jia sighed in admiration at the powerful creature . It was 3 meters in height when standing on two legs . Its body was thick and solid, particularly its lower limbs, which were quite powerful . Sharp teeth poked out from within its large mouth . Nobody doubted that its teeth were strong enough to bite even rocks into pieces . When Suo Jia came by, he had personally witnessed this creature eating an obelisk as thick as a human and snap it in half right in the middle, sending the pieces of rock flying everywhere .

The Velociraptor’s most important attack aside from its magic was its great mouth and its frontal claws, as well as its long and thick tail . Thus, it was extremely able in both physical and magical attacks, and its speed was also at an extreme level . Its sole weakness was in terms of defense; both its physical and magical defenses weren’t strong at all .

Although the Rock Shield and Stone Skin it possessed boosted its defenses, these still weren’t enough to make up for its weakness . At the very least, attacks were still able to break through . There were sure to be losses and injuries from the enemy ranks, and this wasn’t something that Suo Jia was willing to watch happen .

A Mengma beast was worth around 40 million, so its evolved version, the Velociraptor, obviously had a much greater value . If one died, it’d would be a major loss . If he wanted to replace it? He’d have to first wait 50 years before even considering it .

After contemplating for a long time, Suo Jia finally came to a decision . He turned around to say to General Harvey, “I want you to immediately lead all the Velociraptor Riders, as well as a letter written by me, to Dwarf Canyon . When you’re there, go look for Master Han Sa, and tell him to measure the Velociraptors so that he can make armors for them . ”

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“Gasp!” Everyone sharply inhaled at Suo Jia’s words . What kind of joke was he trying to pull? How much money would it cost to make armors for the Velociraptors? A breast plate, head armor, etc for each of the Velociraptors would cost an astronomical amount!

Seeing everyone’s shocked expressions, Suo Jia proudly said, “Don’t be surprised . I want to make up for the Velociraptors’ sole weakness so that they can become the world’s most powerful existences . Nobody would be able to defeat these types of super troops . Tell Han Sa that he needn’t be afraid of spending money, I want the sturdiest armors possible!”

General Harvey’s eyes lit up brilliantly and he said, “If you aren’t afraid of the costs, then I recommend the armors’ thickness to be ten times thicker than a typical human’s armor . That way, regardless of what attack it is, the Velociraptor won’t be afraid! Even forbidden magics would be useless!”

“Ten times!” Suo Jia’s jaw dropped in shock, “Isn’t that too overboard?! That would be 10 centimeters then! Can it still move in that? And even if it could, it would lose its speed!”

“Hehe…” General Harvey laughed and said, “If the thickness is only ten times more, the Velociraptor can definitely move it; it’s a dragon after all . Moreover, it has an affinity to earth . As long as its feet are on the ground, it can ignore any pressure and maintain its speed This is the Velociraptor’s strongest point . The only thing is…”

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General Harvey looked at Suo Jia in embarrassment, “If the thickness is ten times, the production costs will also increase by ten times . 500 billion would be just the cost of the materials, and doesn’t even cover the actual manufacturing fee . ”

Suo Jia waved a hand and said through clenched teeth, “As long as the Velociraptors can move in them, any thickness if fine . Money isn’t a problem . Anything is acceptable if the Velociraptor Knights can truly become unrivaled masters . I’m willing to spend any amount of money, so just manage the situation well!”

“If City Lord says that, then I’ll be at ease . If you give me a year, I’ll be able to bring back a troop that’s actually undefeatable for you to see!” General Harvey said excitedly .

“Mmm…” Suo Jia nodded and said, “Alright, there’s no time to lose . You guys should head out now . There’s no need to worry about the matter of money, I’ll directly send it over to you . Your task is to quickly familiarize yourselves with the Velociraptors, and become one with them . I don’t want you guys to be incompatible with them!”

“Haha…” General Harvey shook his head as he laughed, “That won’t happen, Viscount Suo Jia . We’ve been together with these creatures since we were young, and our souls are closely linked . As long as we have a year to break into each other, we’ll definitely reach our peak states . This is something I can swear on . ”

“Then it’s all good!” Suo Jia nodded in satisfaction as he stood up, “Ok, let’s stop the idle chat . It’s best if you go now before crowds start forming, otherwise, you won’t be able to leave even if you want to . ”

General Harvey’s brows furrowed together, “But…if we leave now, what happens if Dawn cannot hold?”

From General Harvey’s expression of concern, Suo Jia could tell that they had already formed deep feelings for Dawn after being stationed here for 5-6 years . No matter what, even if they had to sacrifice their own lives, they definitely wouldn’t let Dawn fall!

Suo Jia said with a serious expression, “Don’t worry, just leave Dawn in my hands, General Harvey . I swear that as long I, Suo Jia, am present, Dawn will never fall . As long you guys quickly grow stronger, we will eventually become figures that will shake the whole world! Believe in me…”

General Harvey looked at Suo Jia with deep respect . He saluted fiercely, then abruptly turned around to shout, “Everyone, heed my command: equip yourselves now . Once the Velociraptors all finish evolving, we will immediately head out!”

Following General Harvey’s orders, all the Velociraptor Knights began to move and store away their belongings . Meanwhile, Velociraptors finished evolving one after another . The process was just that simple; as long as they had enough crystals, their evolution speeds would all be the same . The time intervals would never even exceed 1 hour .

Time quickly flew by . Finally…three hours later, Dawn’s main gates opened . In a flash, 5000 figures leapt out like the wind . Soon after, the group effortlessly disappeared into the horizon .

Although the wind-elemental beasts had the fastest speeds, this was not an undeniable fact . No magical beast’s speed could be compared to the pace of an earth-elemental beast . When people said the wind-elemental beasts were faster, it was because wind-elemental beasts could fly up into the air without drag and gravitational forces . If they were on the ground where there were stronger pulling forces, as well as some complicated terrains, nothing could possibly beat the earth-type magical beasts . The Velociraptor, which was named for its speed, was a clear example .