Close Combat Mage - Chapter 370

Published at 5th of October 2018 09:27:25 PM

Chapter 370
Chapter 370 – Extremely Terrifying Pt . 1

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Although he didn’t believe the homicidal maniac would really act under such conditions, Suo Jia still turned around cautiously and ordered everyone to raise their guard . At the same time, he pulled out the Sea God’s Trident and activated his four ice shields . “What is that crazy killer like? What’s he wearing?”

“Ssss…” Before the warrior could even reply, the soft sound of a breeze blowing could be heard and a green figure instantly leapt out from atop a giant tree . He instantly covered the 20 meter distance and, with a flash of his hand, a sword pierced towards a nearby warrior .

From close-range, Suo Jia could clearly tell that the enemy was using a rapier . It was only about as thick as a chopstick . It was a single-edged blade, and the body was hollow like a pipe . The end was tapered and sharp, and there was no doubt that this blade could easily pierce through even the strongest of leather .

Suo Jia’s heart subconsciously began to tremble . He could easily imagine this hollow, thin blade penetrating through a magical beast’s body, stabbing the heart and causing its blood to instantly drain out through the hollow body . This weapon was too cruel!

Suo Jia watched as the warrior faced with the green figure’s attack let out a wild shout, the large sword in his hand slashing outwards . Golden sword qi slashed towards the killer .

Suo Jia couldn’t help but inwardly cheer for the warrior . His move was perfect in both angle and timing . Suo Jia believed that the maniac killer would definitely have to withdraw with this counter! After all, such a slim rapier couldn’t possibly withstand a parry from a large sword!

While Suo Jia was thinking this, the green figure instead made an unnatural movement, his body quickly shifting in midair to pierce towards the warrior from another angle as he seemingly slid through the air .

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Everything happened in an instant . Before the warrior could shift his stance, the killer had bounded in from the right, the rapier in his hand stabbing through the warrior’s left side . The next moment, a crimson bud appeared at the end of the blade!

Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel absolutely horrified at the sight of the bewitching flower of blood . He knew that the attack just now had gone through the warrior’s heart where the blood had been drawn out from .

Although the warrior didn’t die on the spot, his heart was now pierced through . Under such pressure, the warrior’s blood would quickly drain out .

Nobody could possibly heal him in this situation; it could be said that the warrior would undoubtedly die . The homicidal maniac’s ruthlessness lay therein; he didn’t directly kill his victims, but rather inflicted fatal damage, then let the victim helplessly watch their blood gush out and feel their life gradually fade away . This was an unimaginable kind of fear .

Suo Jia couldn’t contain the surge of anger that arose from witnessing this scene . He clutched the Sea God’s Trident in his hand, prepared to charge forwards . This kind of cruel demon definitely couldn’t be allowed to exist in this world!

Before taking more than two steps, Suo Jia was relieved to discover that he wasn’t the only one with a sense of justice . Far and wide, the people surrounding the homicidal maniac frenziedly charged in . Ten warriors had even already reached a distance of ten meters away from the killer!

“We’ve caught him!” Judging from the killer’s location and the ten warriors’ relative speeds and positions, Suo Jia believed that the killer didn’t have anywhere left to run . Anyone would be captured alive in this situation!

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“Arghhhh!” While Suo Jia was thinking this, a string of miserable cries rang out from the group of warriors . The ten bodies were split into 50 pieces, and scarlet blood splashed out all over .

“Impossible!” Suo Jia abruptly stopped in his tracks and blankly stood in a daze after witnessing this sight . He just couldn’t believe it, how had the maniac killer managed to do all that?

Rewinding a second back, the ten warriors were charging full speed ahead so quickly that they left afterimages . But the next second, just a mere instant later, the ten warriors’ bodies had simultaneously been split into five pieces: head, arms, and legs!

Demon! Definitely a demon! Only a demon would be able to use such a horrifying move . How could a human possibly dissect ten warriors simultaneously in a mere instant? Even if it were Suo Jia, it would take him a much longer time to destroy those ten warriors!

Suo Jia watched the green-clothed killer bark out a cold laugh as he stretched his right hand forward . The next instant, his body magically rose up and instantly disappeared within the dense leaves without leaving a single trace!

Suo Jia felt his heart freeze . He finally realised why those warriors had urged him to raise his guard . This crazy killer could appear before someone and launch a terrifying attack at any moment . It was really too frightening!

Suo Jia turned around, prepared to warn Xiang Yun and the others to be careful but…suddenly the green figure came into view . With his right hand raised high, he silently jumped down from the leaves above; his target below was the still confused Roger!

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“Roger! Watch out!” This was all Suo Jia had the time to shout before the homicidal maniac arrived right above Roger, the sharp and slim rapier in his hand piercing towards Roger’s back .

Before Roger could even react, a muffled sound was heard . Roger’s eyes opened wide as, from behind, crimson buds leapt out from the end of the crazy killer’s rapier!

“No!” Suo Jia roared in desperation . He frantically sped towards Roger . Even if he had to sacrifice his own life, he would definitely save Roger!

At the sound of Suo Jia’s cry, the green clothed killer turned to look at Suo Jia . As his face was covered, Suo Jia couldn’t see his expression . However, Suo Jia could see the killer’s eyes!

What were those eyes like? They were pitch-black, yet extremely bright . They were large and sparking…at the moment, those eyes were looking at Suo Jia with a sense of pity .

“Wait! Pity?” Suo Jia was shocked by this thought . Just then, he suddenly heard a string of fierce sounds coming from the ice shields around his body . The next instant, the four ice shields around his body simultaneously split into three pieces each . The slices were neat and clean, cuts that even the sharpest of blades probably couldn’t achieve!

“Ahhhh!” Suo Jia abruptly froze in his tracks as he heard a chain of screams from around him . When he looked around, he saw that half a dozen or so warriors that had been surrounding the crazy killer had instantly split into pieces . Their blood splashed through the air, dying Suo Jia’s body scarlet!

Seeing the blood drip down from his eyebrows, Suo Jia couldn’t help but tremble . If it weren’t for the ice shields and the fact that he’d been on guard after seeing the killer’s pitying gaze, he definitely would’ve been sliced to pieces, too!

There was clearly nothing in his field of vision . However, Suo Jia knew that there must be something there, something like very thin and sturdy threads . The victims just now had been shredded because they’d flown into these thin threads at high speeds!

Suo Jia looked at the green clad killer 20 meters away and then back at Roger, who was currently writhing in pain on the ground . He knew that if he just advanced like this, he’d undoubtedly just be asking for death . However…as a mage, he didn’t need to move closer at all!

Raising the Sea God’s Trident in his hand, a blue light flashed as a Mysterious Ice Arrow was instantly activated . At the same time, Suo Jia stretched his left hand out and a long ice stream slithered through the grass like a snake, bounding towards the maniac killer!

The homicidal maniac looked at Suo Jia in shock, before waving his right hand and instantly shattering the Ice Arrow . His right hand then turned at an angle and his body shot up like an arrow, instantly disappearing into the trees again .

With the ice stream opening a path in front, Suo Jia swiftly ran to Roger’s side and fed him four refined potions in a row to start healing his wounds from the inside while Suo Jia activated dozens of Moisture Techniques in succession to save Roger’s endangered life .

Suo Jia supported Roger and shouted, “Xiang Yun, Nicole, immediately follow me and retreat . This guy isn’t someone we can go up against right now . We’ll temporarily withdraw and reconsider our strategy!”