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Chapter 161



" . . . The report is over, it is not exaggeration to say that the economy of our territory is good"


It is Moneda who speaks in a good mood .

He regularly reports on the bank's business situation and other market trends and currently is talking about future movements .

As he says, the economy of the Duke of Almeria is doing well .

We are promoting not only flood control but also local infrastructure development .

Also, the population of the Duke of Almeria has steadily increased .

Together, the trade with other countries is also becoming active .

In this situation where domestic demand and external demand are expanding, employment is also smooth and consumption has been steadily increasing .


"About this territory, yes, everything is very good, but Moneda . . . I am anxious . . . though . . . "


"How have you been?"


"The prices in the Kingdom are gradually rising, right? It is also mainly foodstuff the items that the prices are rising . "


" . . . . . . well, you know about it . "


"I know because the trend of the Kingdom has been confirmed before, though it has not affected the Duke of Almeria for now . . . but in the long term . . . How do you see this?"


"I have not heard any story of something bad happening in other territories because of this . I was also interested in this issue a little thought but it is not critical because somewhere the church is involved so it can be solved fast I think .


"A stepping stone for something bigger . Even Tanya said it will take some time to find out . "


"It's something I know from a long time ago when I was working at the guild and came to face information regarding the kingdom, including other territories,"


"I see . . . . . Although things are not bad, the consumption in the capital is decreasing . . . . That is also only one of the problems, the main is why the people's do not explode with complaints . "


"As a possibility, this price increase may mean that the grain production is being stored without being released into the markets, to summarize, accumulating, or that it is collected at the royal palace . . . . . . mostly the second I think?"


" . . Or, Is Twill Country the one taking the food missing in the kingdom markets . . . ?"




It seems that the words I muttered could not reach his ears .


"Nothing . . . . . . Is it possible to secure stockpiles of food for this territory? . "


"When other territories made commercial alliance with the Duke of Almeria, we fortunately bought those items now missing in the market and secured them into stockpiles,"


"Well . . . "


I feel like our kingdom is in the hands of the enemy, but . . I may be thinking too much, though .

In any case, as Moneda says, it is ok, securing the goods is good enough for now .


"If we also think about releasing stockpiles, Moneda please watch the market trends . "


"Ok, I will . "


"By the way, it seems that bills and checks have come to be widely circulated, it is because the banks are working well . Thank you, Moneda . "


"It is an honor to hold a compliment from milady . It is all possible thanks to the help of the lady . . That special ink that you gave me previously . . . . . . I would have been able to build one fortune with that alone, "


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"What do you mean?"


Previously, the Development Department of the Azuta Corporation developed a recipe of ink for banks .

I forgot what I wanted to do originally, but in the process I got an ink that changed of color when lighten with a lamp .


Recently there are also a variety of inventors and people who are supporting researchers, and there are many cases of where such good products were invented and are likely to be mass produced .


I also bought the materials for that ink here in the Duke of Almeria, it was commonly sold out and it in toys stores and it was useless for everything else but banks . . . but this is something that could not be said . . . .


He gave it to the bank .

It is used in checks and bills as it can be used for counterfeiting, and there is no other ink that can replace it . . .

Incidentally, I devised various other measures to prevent forgery .


"There is no other good use, it is the right place for you" I thought about the ink .


"To tell the right people the right use of it, I actually held a sample of what I mentioned earlier . "


"Because we're talking about ink suddenly, I thought of something . . . . . . that, I have not acknowledged yet . Please show me what you did earlier . "


I look at what he shows me .


"You can do a splendid thing, but, isn't this too devised to prevent counterfeiting?"


"About this content, the material"


"Well . . . . . . really prepared well"


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To the sentences of Moneda, I laughed in spite of myself .


"It is also important to fill in because of the moat outside . . . . . . It is already ready to operate anytime . "


"You see, there was a merchant . . . please let me think about it a bit more . "


Sebas came in at that timing .


"Oh . . Milady . . . "


He is rarely so agitated as now  . . . . . . but I do not feel anything bad from it .


"What happened, Sebas"


"Messengers are coming from the acacia country . . . The first Prince says that he wants to pay a visit to the acting Duke of Almeria . . . . . . . "


" . . What?"


Just like Sebas said, in a moment I also got disturbed .  I have rounded my eyes as I was surprised by it, the same with Moneda .


. . . . . . It shocked me more than I thought .


A neighboring country across the sea from the Duke of Almeria . . . . . . Acacia is the gateway to the Duke of Almeria for generations because of its location and this country . . . diplomatic relations with Tasmeria were made .


Everything is different, the culture, the language, the people, is different .


Messengers are coming and going to and from the royal palace at frequent intervals once in a few years . . . . . . the royal family has not said before that the neighbor kingdoms can visit specific territories, I wonder if now . .  

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That trade has become active . . . it's allowed? . . . I wonder .


" . . . Anyway, I will meet with that messenger . . . Moneda, I'm sorry but . . . "


Before I said anything, Moneda lowered his head and left .


"Do you accept the prince as your fiance?"


" . . . . . . Impossible . . . It is too bad that I have to meet the royal family of their country, even under my circumstances, the Duke of Almeria is placed in a subtle position within Tasmeria . However, the worst, is that it can not be helped as it will be seen as a willingness to withdraw from diplomacy if I reject it . "


"Okay . . . . . . but you would refuse the same not?"


"That would be the best even if it's the worst for our position . . . it will be the best protection for the . . . but I have to make sure that they don't attack us, at least I can go to receive them at the door and stop there . . . . "


"Yeah right . . . "


Sebas complexion is bad .

That is a must . . . . . . Surely, I am similar .


"Sebas, how about reporting to father?"


"The duke already knows, but was not able to help with it"


"Oh . . . well no helping then . . . I will not let our guest wait for me, I will go right away . "