Conquest - Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

A rare warm day greeted them in the winter and the horses hooves trampled on dry and firm ground . The warmth of the sunlight tanned people and made them lazy . The cavalry riding on their horses had a rare pleasant time to enjoy the sun as the surface layer of their armours warmed up slightly .

It was as if the atmosphere of war and the fierce and frigid battle between life and death had happened a long time ago .

Shaar was at the rear of the formation, because he was a bit reluctant to ride with the vanguard team .   Kato rode next to his side, and no one knew with what kind of magic this smuggler used to get the bottle of ale in his hand . It wasn’t a big bottle, but dozens of cavalry soldiers took turns in having sips . When the liquor entered their stomachs, added to the warm sunlight, it made their body felt hot both from inside and outside .

When the bottle finally landed in the hands of Shaar, there was only a small sip remaining . He hesitated before giving the bottle to Kato with a smile and he didn’t decline . Lifting his neck, he drank it with one gulp and wiped his mouth . After hinting at the vanguard team with his eyes, he asked: “Do you plan to ignore that fellow for the whole trip?”

Shaar rolled his eyes, and immediately shook his head: “Forget it; the general said that I must be slightly politer to him . If he doesn’t come to annoy me, then I won’t bother with him . ”

At the front of the formation, there was a carriage that wasn’t magnificent or expensive . After all, they had just taken part in a war and the barrack could only find a transport cart for grain . They simply modified it to make it into a private carriage for Bonfret . However, this knight who always liked luxury unexpectedly accepted it without demur and used rabbit speed to jump in to it while anxiously waiting for the army to depart . It seemed as though his didn’t want to stay one second more in the camp of the 13th Army .

The respected knight put some luxurious clothes and that gorgeous, but fragile like paper armor on . Even the attendants that he brought from Royal Capital raised their head proudly and they had an arrogant air around them on this journey .   Sir Knight Bonfret never left the carriage throughout the journey and he didn’t appear even during rest stops

Shaar and Kato continued to speculate: Could it be that this fellow, who is selling his ass, even needs someone to bring him a pot when he wants to pee?

For this journey, Sarbar this brave fellow was still too severely injured and he had not recovered enough to accompany them . During his last battle with Shaar, where he rode out with the 200 cavalrymen, he was gloriously wounded and the medical officer said that he couldn’t ride for a month… . The pitiful Sarbar fell during the chaotic battle and his most precious part was, at the end, scratched by the axe of an Odin……

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(TN: That why Shaar should sell the dragonblood and give all of his men balls of steel…)

The fifty Praetorian Guards, accompanied by the fifty squires, formed a hundred men escort and they slowly guarded Bonfret and his entourage for a day .   In the evening, they arrived at Primal Wildfire Town, where they would rest for one night before departing again .

When the hillbilly returned to Primal Wildfire Town, he had very mixed feelings for a while . The last time he was here, he was surrounded by dozens of Imperial soldiers and he knocked a big hole in the gate when he escaped .

When he returned this time, the hole in the city gate was obviously fixed . From the previous war, although Hasting didn’t attack Primal Wildfire Town, the garrison troops inside the town were very alarmed and they carried out reinforcements to the city gate . Shaar saw the large amount of massive wood piled up near the city gate .

The Imperial soldiers guarding the city gate were obviously more lax once the war had finished . These Byzantines impatiently waited for their return home and they patrolled the street spiritlessly and lazily .

The streets were still deserted and the majority of the shops hadn’t opened, however the tavern was actually doing good again . Some people who were dressed like mercenaries and adventurers had begun to appear again .   It was said that these guys would come to Primal Wildfire Town once it was under a threat and had offered to help the guards to defend the city out of their own initiatives . Although, a real battle didn’t break out, but this well-meant action that had won the garrison troops trust .

Generally speaking, Primal Wildfire Town was being restored . Probably in a few day after the Byzantines retreated, the free state of anarchy would be back again .

The biggest building inside this town was the mayor of Primal Wildfire Town’s office . In fact, it had a slightly larger courtyard than any other building and it had the width of two houses in a row . And in front of the gate, there were two, two-floor high sentry posts . Now that the army of Byzantine had temporarily occupied the town, it became a garrison barrack .

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Bonfret and his entourage directly entered this garrison barrack, but Shaar actually didn’t want to live in that place, the defending military officer didn’t share any friendship with him . Not only was there no good relationship, there was perhaps even animosity . That time when Adrick had met him, he fiercely slapped that garrison officer with his whip . At that time, that bald man……

Shaar sighed and ordered himself to stop thinking about it .

Shaar send someone to report at the garrison inside the government office and register them, and he led a bunch of brothers directly to the tavern of aunt Sofia’s husband .

Tatara mysteriously had led a group of squires away, the thought of this magician wasn’t a secret, he led this group of new acquired squire brothers to look for a fight! The local thugs, those bastards had to pay the price for daring to bully the noble lord Tatara… .

After entering the tavern, he saw the one-eyed man behind the counter still cleaning a glass with a dirty piece of cloth . Shaar couldn’t help but reveal a smile when he greeted that man .

When the one-eyed man saw that Shaar was wearing a leather armor of the Byzantine Empire cavalry, he was somewhat puzzled at the start, but his face immediately showed grin while revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth and shouted: “Hey! Look at who came! Isn’t this our small hillbilly?! Now, he unexpectedly became a Byzantine military officer!”

Shaar sat down at the bar and pounded on the table before laughing out loudly: “One-eye, don’t think that if you said two words of praise, you can deceive me . The last time I was here, I left a bottle of nice liquor, I bet you have secretly drunk from it . ”

Finishing his sentence, he pounded on the table again and said: “Brothers, find a place to sit . They have Primal Wildfire Town’s best ale here . One-eyed old man, first give them ten barrels, I will pay the bill! Also, all the people present today, I will give each person a drink!”

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This last sentence made all the customers inside this bar burst out laughing . These fellows were almost all locals of Primal Wildfire Town and many of them knew Shaar .

Shaar checked his pocket . There were still a lot of gold coins that the pitiful creature had left behind and although he was a hillbilly, he came more generous after becoming rich . He had already dreamt many times in the past about this kind of event where he would spend a lot of money . And today, because he had a rare chance to impress, his heart also felt good .

The cavalry men were enjoying themselves . This mission wasn’t a war and this trip was a simple task . If the boss treated them, why would they reject it?

In less than a moment, the tavern’s mood started to heat up and several big wooden barrels were brought out . The cavalry soldiers snatched a big cup each and drank to their hearts’ content . There were many customers in the tavern and Shaar went to greet them one by one . Except for some old acquaintances, there were several new faces, adventurers who probably recently arrived .

During their casual chats, Shaar heard the conversation of one table with several adventurers on it and it attracted his attention .

“This current world really has gone crazy! I saw Odins in the Primal Wildfire Byzantines, people from Atlantis, elves and even a dwarf had appeared couple days ago . However, I didn’t expect that goblins would form a caravan to come and do business here……”

“Yeah, what can these things sell to us? Could it be dried human meat? Hahaha……”

Shaar immediately left his place and went towards them, before placing his glass on the table . Using his ass, he squeezed into a seat and asked with a smile: “What interesting matter are you guys talking about? There are goblins coming to our Primal Wildfire Town?”

In his mind, he was surprised . In the surrounding area of hundred miles, the only goblin was Oaks at his house . Could it be that this Mr . Princess wasn’t looking after his house well and had actually rushed to the Primal Wildfire Town to fool around?

Two adventurers with sturdy appearance, wearing leather armor and weapon gave Shaar a glance and saw that he was dressed up in his military officer’s armour . They politely smiled and replied loudly: “Yeah! A couple of days ago, when the news came that Hasting was retreating, the town opened the gate . Guess that they finally found? The first caravan that came unexpectedly brought goblins! You tell me, isn’t that strange? Several humans brought seven to eight large carriages . They move slowly and covered the goods tightly .   No one knew what was inside the carriages .

“However, more than a dozen goblins accompanied them and those green skinned guys chirped and barked around . They also wore scrap metal armour and had rusty knives in their hands; they were probably dug out from some grave . ”

Several goblins?

If it was like that, then it wasn’t Oaks .

Shaar lost the interest and didn’t care about these matters anymore . He then heard another adventurer continuing: “There was something even more surprising . After these goblins arrived, a conflict occurred with several mercenaries on the same day . At the beginning, because these goblins looked thin, everybody was waiting to see a show . However, their leader was really powerful and a medium ranked warrior was already lying on the ground after few chops! This was really crazy, in my life, let alone seeing, I have never even heard of such a fierce goblin yet!”

Shaar was interested once again…… Could a goblin be so fierce?

“Ah, the funniest thing is, I heard that the goblin Warlord wasn’t in a very good mood .   After arriving, he asked every human if they saw a very attractive goblin, and said, and said……” this fellow couldn’t endure his impulse of laughter and finally said, before laughing heavily: “And said that his wife went missing and he came here to look for his wife . Isn’t that pure comedy gold? Hahahahaha……”