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Published at 18th of July 2017 04:05:36 AM

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Fifth Prince (Two)

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Hands holing the vegetable basket, Yan Xuan’s eyes landed on a small street vendor selling jade pendants .

It is said that jade pendants were highly praised . Even though the texture wasn’t the best, the shape was truly exquisite . Yan Xuan couldn’t help but walk over, carefully choosing one .

The day after tomorrow was butler Tang’s birthday…… he took care of her very well, how was there any way to repay him?

Yes, that’s not bad…… Yan Xuan’s eyes brightened, reaching out to grab it .

An old, withered hand was on top of hers . She jerked her hand and stared to see a woman that was 40 or 50 that stood next to her, smiling kindly at her .

That outfit wasn’t unfamiliar to Yan Xuan at all, it was someone from the imperial palace!

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The female saw Yan Xuan looking at her with an amazed aura, not finding it strange, and actually pulling her hand, gently whispering, “little girl, do you mind if I speak with you briefly?”

Speak with me…… briefly?

Yan Xuan wasn’t wary because the demeanor the woman gave off was very warm, and she didn’t take Yan Xuan to a place where people rarely visit . If she shouted loudly for help, someone would definitely be able to hear .

“May I ask……” she scratched the back of her head, not knowing what to say to this woman .

The woman patted her shoulder, eyes narrowing to slits, “you don’t need to be nervous, but if you don’t mind, I’ll call Aunt Ling, okay?”

Aunt Ling? Yan Xuan nodded her head, “Aunt Ling is looking for me, did something happen?”

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“Nothing happened……” Aunt Ling pulled her down to sit on a stone, asking, “towards the flower garden…… have you seen the fifth highness?”

She started, almost jumping up, “how do you know?”

She had never told anyone about that, Li You didn’t seem like the type to talk about this stuff either…… that said, the person outside the window, the assassin, was it this woman?

She suddenly became alert, letting the small dagger in her sleeve slide to the palm of her hand, getting ready in case anything happened .

Aunt Ling had no idea that Yan Xuan was thinking these thoughts . She sighed, quietly murmuring, “that day, outside the flower garden…… I saw you and the fifth highness…… but relax, I left right after, I didn’t see anything . ” When she finished speaking, she turned over to Yan Xuan and blinked dubiously, seeing Yan Xuan’s small face explode into a red shade .

How to say it, it wasn’t her…… Yan Xuan let out a sigh, getting up, embarrassed . So someone saw the position they were in, her on the bottom and him on top?

“Aunt Ling, would you like to say something? There’s no harm in saying what you think . ” Perhaps it had something to do the with fifth prince .

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“This time I called you here, I didn’t have any other intentions . I used to be Yin concubine’s personal maid . She brought me into the palace, making her age ten or so years . ” Aunt Ling’s eyes suddenly became deep and lost, as if she had sunk into some memories, “the fifth highness…… he was a pitiful child . For his whole life, other than the imperial concubine, no one had ever touched him, I didn’t even get close to him, always keeping my distance . And that day, I had personally seen him with that girl……”

Yan Xuan bit her lip before she said something stupid . She didn’t know that the fifth prince held so much importance to her, that her life and death had something to do with him .

“The fifth highness and his mother, they really had bitter lives . ” Aunt Ling’s eyes seemed to tear up, her voice wobbling .

Yan Xuan felt disturbed, pulling out the handkerchief that her father told her to always carry but she never used, passing it over to aunt Ling .

That day, the setting sun looked similar to a blood red, Yan Xuan had heard a story more terrifying and bone chilling than blood .

The mouth that had to force the smile on it, eyes as if they could see through a person’s soul, like a fox, calculating, it was hard to believe he’d gone through such an experience .

That said, were his perverted methods formulated from that time? Yan Xuan couldn’t believe she could still think about this with such respect . Maybe, if he hadn’t treated her that way, she would be able to earnestly hurt for him . But now, if she had to feel anything for him, it would only be sympathy .

“Aunt Ling, telling me this stuff, what are you trying to say?” She squarely faced the teary eyed woman, trying hard to make a cold, indifferent expression, but it was futile . She wasn’t very good at that kind of thing .

Aunt Ling’s face was covered in tears, her hand still grasping hers, her other hand reaching up to rub Yan Xuan’s head .

Yan Xuan, normally, to make it convenient, would just sweep up her long hair to make a bun without pins, so running her hand along her head wouldn’t prick her hand .

She was a smart girl . Aunt Ling watched her, the smile on her face no longer ceasing to exist, only hopefully begging .

“Little Yan, in my life, I haven’t asked for much from anyone, but today, I just want to beg you…… If the fifth highness extends his hand to you, please don’t push it away . ”

Don’t let him taste the feeling of being abandoned and unwanted again, if you do, it would be very painful for him .

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