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Published at 15th of June 2017 02:51:56 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – A Strange Man (one)

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The Yu You Hall, as the name suggests, was just a place with a bunch of snot nosed brats, little kids with no one to take care of them . Yan Xuan clearly did not have any experience with little kids . A little kid, crying out of hunger, was tugging and clinging to her, who was standing, panic stricken, with no idea what to do, she could only watch him cry .
(T/N: Yu: To have/raise/bring up children, You: young, so that’s why it says “The Yu You Hall, as the name suggests, was…………”)

Also, how was this a group of little kids, these were definitely little perverts, male perverts and female perverts, all trying to fall on her chest, all asking for milk . She herself hadn’t even been weaned too long ago! How did they expect her to provide them milk?

Today, she dragged her tired body home, hardly able to open her eyes .

A white figure was standing in front of her house, she couldn’t help but lift her head to catch only a glimpse of someone clothed in strange, white clothing, smiling at her .

Who was this? Looks…… No, why would the Si Yu have any business here, did her brain have some issues?

It’s said that lunatics were easily provoked, and, with this mindset, Yan Xuan stepped back unconsciously, ready to flee .

“Little lady, wait!”

Looking to the side, there were only a few males, a few old women and a dead cockroach that was of an unidentifiable gender . She pointed to herself . “Me?”

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He laughed, “May I ask…… Do you know how to get to the imperial palace?”

That smile had such a destructive power, but Yan Xuan shook off the millions of butterflies that flitted around in her stomach…… But did this person have a problem with his eyes, he was always blinking .

The imperial palace is…… That way?

She pointed in that direction, and the person thanked her and started heading in that direction .

It seemed like she did a good deed .

Her father said the heavens would protect anyone who did a good deed, and, thinking about this, her mood rose, starting to hum as she walked .

After a moment, she froze, her eyes widening .

How awful! That way…… . That way led to the brothel!

“Dad, if someone does something bad, what will happen?” Yan Xuan’s heart sped up as she meekly spoke to herself .

Yan Tianxu did his best to raise his daughter to have morals, ethics and kindness to be her policy, she solemnly murmured, “I did something bad, I should go down to the eighteenth layer of hell . ”

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“Where is the eighteenth layer of hell?”

“It is where your tongue is dug out and your eyes are gouged out and you’re slid down a mountain of daggers into a sea of lava . ” Yan Tianxu used the most gruesome words he could think of to describe it .


Yan Xuan’s complexion went all white, pushing away her food, her brain spinning nonstop while she imagined her face without a tongue or eyes .

Yan Tianxu put some fish in her bowl, laughing, “as long as you don’t do anything bad, you’ll be fine, all good people have nothing to worry about . ”

Yan Xuan was definitely worrying, she had just done something bad today . Chewing her food, her entire brain power focused on that strange man .

Suddenly, her grabbed her throat, her face looking sick . The fish bone was stuck in her throat!

Her father hastily asked, “what’s wrong?”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and, with great difficulty, she squeezed out a, “puni…… . The punishment is here . ”

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Propping her chin up on her hands, lying in the garden, Yan Xuan sighed for the 250th time, staring at the sky . Her father had said yesterday that the women in the brothel were like tigers . What if that strange man were to be eaten?

Yes, if he were to be eaten, she wouldn’t feel very good about it either .


“Yang Tingting you stepped on me!”

“You, you……”

“Go, stop crying!”

Yan Xuan stood up, rushing towards the voices, only to see two women, lying on the floor comically .

She couldn’t help but laugh, “Who are you guys? What are you doing in my backyard?”

“Oh, we’re found,” the chubby female with a shiny, round face exclaimed, turning a little red .

‘Why’re you hiding here?”

“We’re your neighbors, we heard there was someone new moving in here, so came to see . ”

The tall, skinny woman’s face looked heroic, she looked kind of like a boy . If not for her chest, Yan Xuan definitely would have thought she was a boy .

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Liu Shangrong, she’s Yang Tingting . How about you?”

She lifted her gleaming eyes, smiling happily, “Yan Xuan . ”

There were also some good days at the Yu You Hall, Yan Xiaoxuan began to think . In reality, the children there weren’t all that difficult to deal with, on the contrary, she thought they were actually pretty cute .

She may have even formed an interest in it, the work wasn’t all that hard either, not like when she first arrived and blindly did everything . The boss constantly mentioned about her improvement, her pay steadily rising while many watched in envy .

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