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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – 5th Highness (One)

The knife's angle was very obviously pointed in his direction, even though it was himself that requested it, but at the time he easily let go of himself, letting her almost become his scapegoat .

Yan Xuan's brain slowly became more clear, her face deathly pale, astonished . This man……

She didn't get angry, she didn't complain, she jumped off the soft couch, running away quickly as if pursued by a ghost . Using all her strength to pull open the door, a small figure quickly disappeared from the areas where the sun reached .

Wasn't it stupid…… the man closed his eyes, his finger gently running over the edge of the couch .

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The wind gently closed the door, taking away the remainder of the light in the room . The couch still held some of that woman's smell and warmth, his eyelashes trembled slightly as he slowly moved his hand over that small area of warmth .

When Yan Xuan thought about how she had almost died a moment ago, almost became someone else's scapegoat, fear came to here similarly to waves, washing over her . If, at the time, her movements had been a little quicker…… she didn't dare continue thinking, her subconscious shouting at her to leave the imperial palace immediately .

Two big hands suddenly grabbed her shoulders and Yan Xuan struggled reflexively, thinking that it was another assassin .

"Yan Xuan!" Li Si worriedly called out her name, his face as if a knife had carved an anxious expression into it, "I couldn't find you, where were you?"

"I…… I didn't go anywhere . " Looking at Li Si, not knowing whether or not it was because he was an imperial bodyguard, Yan Xuan's heart somewhat calmed down .

"Really?" Li Si wrinkled his forehead, not fully believing her . If nothing happened, why was she running so quickly?

Yan Xuan didn't dare tell him what had just happened, not wanting to cause any trouble . With a bored attitude, she replied with an "en" sound, acting like nothing had happened and putting on a smile, "I just got over here and saw a beautiful palace, where is it?"

Li Si's eyes followed the direction that her finger was pointing in, answering, "that's where the previous imperial concubine lived, did you go inside?"

He had heard some palace maid and court eunuchs talking a little, that no one lived in there anymore, but he wasn't too sure about it .

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"Previous?? Who was it?"

"The previous imperial concubine was…… now the favorite emperor’s imperial concubine who died more than ten years ago due to an illness, only leaving behind a son . " He stopped, solemnly telling Yan Xuan, "that isn't a good place, don't go there anymore . "

He didn't really believe in ghost stories, however, all myths had origins . If it frightened her, the gains would not make up for the losses .

"I only looked at it from afar, I didn't go inside . " Her voice was a little quiet, keeping up her smiling face, "it's already dark, and my foot is fine, I'll just go home now . "

"Okay . " He also had some stuff to deal with, and it would be inconvenient to take her home . It was a little regretful, "be careful . "

She faced him and waved her hand, struggling to keep her usual attitude as she walked towards the imperial palace .

After a few steps, her voice as clear as a bell, wafting on the wind .

"Li Si, can you tell me, the imperial concubine's son…… what was his name?"

Even though he was suspicious, Li Si still replied with, "his name is Li You . "

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Li…… You……?

Fifth prince? Yan Xuan raised her head to look at the blue sky and white clouds, contemplating .

The concubine's fifth prince, Li You, was him?

Now, Tang Beichen found a grave question, the little girl who had liked to dance and didn't want to learn martial arts had picked up a stick in the backyard and had started swinging it around, and had also begged him to have a fight with her!?

Even though he wasn't a master at martial arts, if he had to fight a little girl, it didn't seem very fair .

"Butler Tang, what are you still thinking about?" Yan Xuan perched the stick on her shoulder, curling her lip, "if you don't beat me, you have to make me a month's worth of deserts . "

Tang Beichen felt awkward, if he beat the little girl, he might lower her enthusiasm to learn martial arts, but if he lost, how was he, as a great manly man, supposed to deal with this loss of face?

Yan Xuan closed her almond eyes, throwing down the branch, charging forwards, grabbing his collar with one hand . "Butler Tang, are you going to or not!?"

Tang Beichen, startled, started sweating a little, staring at those two clever eyes . His face a little red, he tried to pull away the hands that were grasping at his neck .

After a few minutes, the butler frowned, he put down his hands, sighing, "little, little miss…… There's no need to fight, I admit defeat . "

T-This little girl's strength wasn't just a little unordinary, it was super strong .

Yan Xuan smiled, letting go of his collar, picking up the tree branch on the ground, remembering what the master had taught, trying her best to copy .

From the time where she had almost been killed, she had realized . If she had just trained a little moe, gotten stronger, then she could easily protect herself and sh wouldn't have to cause trouble for anyone around her .

Li You…… That man could be the imperial concubine's son, he truly was too dangerous, he who regard people's lives as if they were pieces of straw . On the day of the assassination, he had not been injured at all, but he was too lazy to warn Yan Xuan, as if he had a heart of stone, only keeping in mind his own safety .

Thinking about what had happened so far, her forehead dripped with cold sweat, the stick in her hand making a "ka-cha" sound before breaking into two pieces .

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