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Crashing Into You - Chapter 95

Published at 18th of August 2019 09:53:47 AM

Chapter 95

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"To be your man!"

Song Dei Si knitted her eyebrows .

"Say it again?" She was unsure if she heard it right so she asked Yan Mor Tee to repeat what he said .

Yan Mor Tee grabbed her right hand that was holding a book and enveloped it with his both hands .

As soon as his palms touched hers, an electricity flowed in every part of her body .

"I want to be your man who can stand on his own and have backbones to come out of my comfort zone . I want to be that man whom you can depend on and can provide you and our family in the future the comfortable life that you deserve" Yan Mor Tee told her and was looking in her eyes intently .

'Family in the future?' She asked herself .

Does that mean that the guy in front of her was already planning a life together with her?

She was touched beyond words .

She just thought that what he had for her was just a simple puppy love that can be forgotten in a matter of days, hours, but when he started thinking of his future with her, it only means that Yan Mor Tee's intention was to keep her forever .

But he was just 18 .

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And she was just 17 and will be turning 18 in two more months .

Is it possible that at such a young age, Yan Mor Tee can already say whom he wants to spend forever in the future .

And it was her .

"I know it's not going to be an easy road to forever for us . There will be roadblocks, we might get hurt along the way . But I promise you that I'm not going to let go of this hand during those most difficult moments of our lives . If you just let me continue holding your hand"

Song Dei Si's gaze has locked into her right hand that was being held by Yan Mor Tee .

It was her right hand .

Most of the things that she was doing was using with her right hand . If she will let Yan Mor Tee hold it, she will be at 80% dependent on him .

But she wasn't scared .

In fact she was willing to depend on him .

For as long he will never let go of her 80% self with him .

Six more months?

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She can no longer wait .

She cannot let go of the opportunity to be with this young man in front of him .

He was rare .

She was lucky enough to catch such a rare find .

"You can hold my hand from today's onward, Yan Mor Tee . " She said to him while her voice trembled .

'I'm sorry Dad . I can no longer keep my promise . ' she murmured and a tear eventually fall into her cheeks .

Yan Mor Tee suddenly wiped her tears with his right hand while his left hand was still holding her right hand .

"I am assuming that it is a tears of joy and not for any uncertainties . Because I won't give you reasons to regret your decision . Thank you for being my girl, my woman and my everything, Song Dei Si"

She smiled at him sweetly .

"But can we keep our relationship secret first until we have graduated from High School?" She asked

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"My Dad . "

Yan Mor Tee nodded "Understood . I am sorry if you became unfilial for the first time just because of me . "

She bowed her head .

Yes she had broke her promise and his father's trust too .

. . . . .

On the following days, Yan Mor Tee and Song Dei Si has kept their relationship secret . They never talked to each other whenever they were in front of their classmates . They just sneaked out during classroom breaks and saw each other after classes . No one has ever suspected that they were in a romantic relationship for almost a month already even Ho Min Lin .

As days went by, their feelings with each other have grown deeply . They also became each other pillar and inspiration . Yan Mor Tee continued doing good at academics . Everyone was surprised when he almost got a perfect scores when their Mid-term exams results came out . There was also a huge change on his attitude . He never involved himself in any fights in school anymore .

Thou no one has suspected that he and Song Dei Si has a thing going . Most of the people around him has noticed the huge change including Yan Mor Tee's parent and they could not be any prouder . As a reward, they gave into Yan Mor Tee's whim to drive a big bike . They were againts to it due to it's safety and they cannot afford to see Yan Mor Tee meet an accident while on the road . But when they saw how responsible their son has turned to be they rewarded him with the latest model of Ducati . They cannot compare that genuine happiness that they saw in Yan Mor Tee's profile everytime they look at him . They may not be a perfect parent for Yan Mor Tee and they were always misuderstood by their son but Yan Mor Tee's happiness has always been their top priority .

. . . . .

"Are you going to attend to Wen Gee's party?" Ho Min Lin asked Song Dei Si and Tan Ja Nin while they were having lunch at the school cafeteria .

"Yes, it's a swimming party right?" Tan Ja Nin answered . "Did she invite all of our classmates?"

"I think so . " Ho Min Lin answered .

"Do you think, Mor Tee will attend to her birthday party?"

"Why not ask him?" Ho Min Lin answered Tan Ja Nin then looked at Song Dei Si who was just quietly eating . "Or you may ask Song Dei Si's judgment if Yan Mor Tee will come to the party or not?"

"What do you think Dei Si?" Tan Ja Nin asked her .

"I think it's better if you ask him directly" she answered

"Yeah, I'll ask him to be my escort too . "

"Do you need an escort in a swimming party?" Ho Min Lin curiously asked "Or you gonna ask him to be your date?

Tan Ja Nin laughed . "Yeah, not an escort but my date"

"Just make sure Yan Mor Tee hasn't invited any girls to be his date yet" Ho Min Lin commented and her gaze automatically swept into Song Dei Si's direction .

Song Dei Si gave her an innocent look .

"Crossing my fingers . " Tan Ja Nin said .

"Good luck then . " Ho Min Lin said as she smiled michieviously .

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