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Criminal Psychology - Chapter 3

Published at 7th of August 2019 11:33:22 PM

Chapter 3

A World of Sand 3

Questioned like this, Fu Hao wasn’t embarrassed or offended at all . He smiled, folded his arms, and looked at Lin Chen .

Needless to say, this worked well .

Xing Cong Lian watched as the unsmiling young man with bowed head picked up the evidence bag in a somewhat embarrassed manner, then carefully explained: “This white sand comes from a sandbox . In psychotherapy, there is a therapeutic intervention called Sandplay Therapy that uses sand like this and other arrangements to explore the patient’s mental state . ” The young man seemed to think of something then carefully said: “If this is the time before Taobao, this sand would be sold for over 20,000 yuan . Their manufacturers and distributors are few, but nowadays, if you want to trace its origin, it’ll get complicated . ”

His voice was light, but the calm of his eyes or perhaps his correct posture exuded an absolute aura .

How to say it? When facing an expert, all speculation look insignificant .

Xing Cong Lian wanted to apologize which was rare for him, but the feeling only lasted a second before getting cut off by Lin Chen’s next words .

“Let me go, promise to never appear in front of me again, and I will tell you where this sand came from . ”

“Okay . ” Cong Lian didn’t hesitate for even a moment and answered briskly . He looked at Lin Chen with some interest and rested his cheek in his palm .

It was Lin Chen’s turn to be surprised .

He didn’t think the police would agree to his request .

He stared at Cong Lian’s dark green eyes carefully, and it seemed like he could see sincerity and integrity in those eyes, not finding any sign of a bluff . “The sand from the boy was stolen from my room, but I don’t know where the one with the body came from . ”

He said bluntly .

Xing Cong Lian nodded as if it was expected .

Lin Chen didn’t speak again . He looked at his junior brother then stood up, intending to leave .

Just then, vibration buzzed in the interrogation room .

Lin Chen automatically looked back and saw the two sitting in the chairs look at each other for a moment before answering the phone .

“Mr . Lin . ”

Xing Cong Lian covered the speaker and stopped him .

“We’re heading to Central Park, and it’s along the way, I’ll send you home . Please wait a moment . ”

He said that in such a matter of fact tone, it never gave Lin Chen a chance to refuse .

If Lin Chen knew the so-called “along the way” was actually a ride to the crime scene, he would never have gotten on Cong Lian’s jeep .

The crime scene was at Central Park . The victim was a young man around 30 years old .

According to a source, the man exercised in the park and fell off the pull-up bar . The cause of death might be a skull fracture .

By this time, it was dark, and the street lights were dim . The camphor trees in the park gently swayed in the wind . The yellow warning tape was particularly bright in the darkness . There were many people gathered around the tape, which made it impossible to see what was beyond it .

The brake’s impact made Lin Chen’s body slide slightly forward .

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In a blink of an eye, the police officer in the jeep discarded his uniform, pulled up the handbrake, and lowered the window .

Before Lin Chen could respond, the man had already gotten out of the car and locked the door, shutting Lin Chen and Fu Hao inside .

“Mr . Lin, please wait a moment . ”

Outside the car, the officer blew him a kiss then ran away .

Lin Chen sat in the car with the cold night wind blowing in the open window . Everything that happened today was strange, but in the final analysis, he concluded: it was strange because the people he met today were strange .

At his side, his junior brother shuddered from the cold and whispered, “Don’t be angry, brother . Captain Xing probably wanted to send you home . He’s not a bad person, just, he’s a quarter Russian and a quarter Italian, so he’s a bit unconventional…”

“When those two lineages mix, they hardly create a normal person . ” Lin Chen looked at Cong Lian’s back and said this .

Of course, Xing Cong Lian couldn’t hear this commentary on his heritage .

As a man of complex lineage, he was a perfect example of resilience . He ruffled his hair, lit a cigarette, and mixed in with the crowd . Eventually, he stood beside an old auntie who wore square-group dance clothing .

“Auntie, what’s going on? There are quite a lot of policemen . ” Captain Xing, with a cigarette between his lips, pretended to be one of the onlookers and poked the aunt for information with an alarmed but curious tone .

“A dead man!” The aunt said in non-standard Mandarin .

“A dead person, that’s a big deal, ah!”

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“It is a big deal, young man . I saw him every day, and I even exercised with him  yesterday . ” When gossiping, this aunt was particularly enthusiastic . “He shouldn’t be too energetic, ah . He hangs on the bar with two legs hooked around it, turning upside down . ” As she said this, the old woman bent over excitedly to demonstrate: “This is how he was like . Then the bar broke, he fell and died!”

“That’s terrible!” Xing Cong Lian exclaimed .

“What a tragedy, ah . His face was so scary, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets . His cry was so loud you could hear it from 10 miles away . ”

“You mean, he didn’t die when he fell?” Xing Cong Lian noticed .

“No, he was still moving when we lifted him!”

. . .

“That auntie said the bar suddenly broke, and the victim didn’t die right away . ”

Xing Cong Lian stood by the window on Lin Chen’s side, with a cigarette in hand . Although Fu Hao thought he was talking to himself, his words felt like they were for Lin Chen .

Lin Chen leaned back with eyes closed as if he fell asleep .

The man seemed to have said something that was swallowed by the night wind while the other faked sleep .

Fu Hao felt burned by the weird atmosphere between these two, so he quickly stepped forward and asked, “Was it an accident?”

Cong Lian didn’t answer him . Instead, he looked at Lin Chen and said, “Only after the forensic team completes their investigation can we make a conclusion . ”

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Fu Hao felt he was redundant, being here . Just as he intended to continue, Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes and stood up . Fu Hao followed his gaze, and it looked vaguely directed at the crime scene across the crowd .

It was dark, the police emergency vehicle lights shone on the fitness equipment, casting a translucent blue shadow .

This equipment was scattered, and they were all standard, such as the uneven bars and sit-up planks . They were a mixture of new and old, and there were no signs of rust or decay .

In the corner, only the ring hanger stood alone . One hung in the air while the other was on the ground .

Beneath the ring hanger, covered with sporadic bloodstains, sand degraded the grass .

Lin Chen watched Cong Lian, who was so close he could feel the other man’s breath .

In the dark of night, he could see the police officer’s eyes still searching for something . He seemed to have some clue about the sandy ground but was not able to accurately point out what it was .

It was the same sand .

In this city, there were consecutive cases involving this sands for several days . They might be coincidental, but it was very likely to be connected somewhere they couldn’t see .

But Lin Chen’s thought was: What do these things have to do with him?

“I was at the police station at the time of the crime, so the murderer wasn’t me . ”

He saw disappointment in the other man’s eyes .

“I don’t understand what Mr . Lin is talking about . ” Cong Lian smoked the last of his cigarette, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it, smiling .

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