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Published at 6th of October 2018 07:01:43 PM

Chapter 327
Chapter 327: Spiritual Share!

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After walking for about a minute, Ling Lan suddenly stopped and motioned to indicate that there was someone ahead of them . The others who had become somewhat relaxed due to the daring behaviour of Ling Lan were immediately cautious and alert .

After some thought, Ling Lan decided to expose her abilities a little . Thus, she let out her spiritual power, spreading them out into eight feelers, and began to connect them to the spiritual power of Qi Long and the others .

The spiritual power of those who had already awakened their innate talents was higher than those who had yet to awaken their innate talents, and Qi Long and the others of her original team already had some of Ling Lan's spiritual power in their minds, so her spiritual power connected with theirs very easily . Meanwhile, [No Mecha Unrepaired] and Li Shiyu had awakened support innate talents and so did not have much attack power . Hence, even though Ling Lan had to spend a little more time, she still managed to connect with their spiritual power in the end .

Only when she made contact with Li Lanfeng, her spiritual power was instantly consumed by the spectre power Li Lanfeng had placed around him earlier on as defence . Luckily, Ling Lan's spiritual power level was extremely high and she had deep reserves, so she had not been harmed much even though some of her spiritual power was consumed . That said, suddenly lacking a corner in her initially brimming spiritual power still made Ling Lan feel some discomfort . She frowned slightly, then swiftly circulated her spiritual power to instantly refill the spiritual power that had been consumed .

Ling Lan may not have been bothered much by the incident, but Li Lanfeng was instantly pale with shock and fear . He was well aware what his own power was — it was not typical hacker abilities like he had told Ling Lan but horrifying spectre power . The intrinsic nature of spectre powers was to consume and obliterate — if Ling Lan were to receive any long-lasting damage from this incident, Li Lanfeng would truly regret it for life .

Li Lanfeng's heart was filled with overwhelming regret . Perhaps he should have been honest from the start about what his true abilities were . That way, Ling Lan would not have rashly reached out and tried to connect with his spiritual power .

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"Rabbit, are you all right?" In his worry, Li Lanfeng forgot the warning from Ling Lan and called her by his usual address for her .

Rabbit? This unusual address made the ears of all the others perk up high . Qi Long and the others shared a quick knowing glance . As expected, their boss was that rabbit mecha which had caused such a sensation back in the newbie area .

In contrast, Li Shiyu and Chang Xinyuan were extremely confused . They really could not relate such a cute and harmless creature like a rabbit with Ling Lan .

"I'm fine!" Ling Lan, who had been at the head of the team, was instantly right at the back with Li Lanfeng . She pressed her index finger to Li Lanfeng's lips, her gaze sharp and cold in warning to Li Lanfeng to keep quiet . There were soldiers guarding the exit ahead and she was unsure whether they were NPCs or real people . If they were NPCs, Little Four could cover up everything that was happening here, but if they were real people, there was no way to guarantee 100% safety, so Ling Lan did not dare to be careless .

Feeling the warmth of Ling Lan's finger on his lips, Li Lanfeng seemed to be shocked stiff . He could only stare dumbly at the cold face that had suddenly appeared in front of him and remain motionless .

"Release your defence and make it easier for me to connect with your spiritual power . " Ling Lan's voice rang out by Li Lanfeng's ear . The warmth of her breath caused Li Lanfeng's ears to slowly turn red, until it was actually bright crimson in the end .

After alerting Li Lanfeng, Ling Lan extended a new cord of spiritual power once more to attempt to connect with Li Lanfeng's spiritual power . Meanwhile, pre-warned now, Li Lanfeng tried his best to restrain his active spectre power, which finally allowed Ling Lan to connect successfully to his spiritual power .

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Soon, the situation behind the tunnel was faithfully reflected in the minds of everyone on the team . This was the exclusive special move of the Divine Command sect —— Spiritual Share! Ling Xiao's battle clan had been able to able to prevail for so long largely because Ling Xiao had this ability too .

After successfully connecting to Li Lanfeng's spiritual power, Ling Lan used her spiritual power to command, "Qi Long, Luo Lang, both of you move . "

Receiving their orders, Qi Long and Luo Lang immediately split from the group . Due to the Spiritual Share, they knew there were only two sentry guards beyond the tunnel and were also aware of the guards' every move . They controlled their steps to not make a sound and swiftly moved to the front of the tunnel to lay down in ambush . They would wait to attack at the most appropriate time .

Everyone's attention was on Qi Long and Luo Lang, so they did not notice Li Lanfeng at the rear silently holding his chest, as if trying to calm something .

At the moment that Ling Lan had been close to him, Li Lanfeng, who had seen Ling Lan's face at close-range, suddenly noticed that the rabbit was actually very good-looking . . . heaven knows whether it was out of fright or due to surprise, but Li Lanfeng's heart had actually pounded violently during that short moment, and his entire body temperature had risen by several degrees . . .

However, Li Lanfeng's self-control was excellent; he regained his composure after just a few seconds . Just then, Qi Long and Luo Lang, who had long saved up their strength, caught the instant the two soldiers took their eyes off the mouth of the tunnel and charged out . Like two cheetahs that had been waiting to pounce, they abruptly launched their attacks at their prey .

The two of them used their left hands to press on their opponents' chests, and with their right hand, they plunged a miniature syringe at the necks of their opponents .

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The miniature syringes had been prepared by Li Shiyu, and the high-effect anaesthetic inside the syringes was also courtesy of Li Shiyu . But the conversion of a common syringe into an attack, a potentially lethal weapon at that, was indeed at the orders of Ling Lan . Ever since Li Shiyu had joined the team, Ling Lan had never even considered just letting Li Shiyu simply be a medical doctor . Instead, she made full use of Li Shiyu's medical knowledge and tasked Li Shiyu to develop all kinds of medical weapons that could increase the combat power of the team . For example, this miniature tranquillizer syringe which was simple to use and carry around .

At the moment these two soldiers were pierced in the neck, their final outcome was already decided . The anaesthetic that Li Shiyu specially developed was even stronger than those used in the tranquillizer guns of the military . Initially, Qi Long and Luo Lang had been fully prepared to cope with the opponents' desperate counterattacks — but unexpectedly, the moment the syringes pierced the opponents, the tense muscles of the other party suddenly slackened, and their opponents were unconscious right after that .

Qi Long and Luo Lang carefully placed the two men to one side of the door, while the rest of the team, who had seen them succeed via their mind-link, walked out from the tunnel . When Qi Long saw Li Shiyu come out, a greedy expression appeared on his face . Inside their shared mindspace, he requested, "Senior Shiyu, this miniature tranquillizer syringe you've created is really too useful! Prepare a few more for us next time, okay?"

Powerfully potent, able to take the enemy down instantly, and small enough to carry around in large quantities — these syringes would also be effective as hidden weapons . Qi Long was naturally greedy for this type of useful weapon that could be used from the shadows . Sadly, the anaesthetic in the miniature syringes could only be used once . To use them again, they would need to be refilled with anaesthetic . Moreover, Li Shiyu was rather reluctant to make these things, so each member of the team only had three miniature syringes . After those three were used up, they would have to see when Li Shiyu's mood was good enough that he would be willing to help refill them . . . the soporific was controlled by Li Shiyu, so if he did not want to do it, no one could do anything about it .

At Qi Long's request, Li Shiyu's fair face turned dark . D*mmit, he was a military doctor, a life-saving angel — not a devil who specialized in making these sorts of harmful weapons . . .

"Yes, Senior Shiyu, with your tranquillizer weapons, we won't need to kill others . " Ling Lan lightly kicked the two unconscious soldiers lying on the ground . "You've allowed us to avoid staining ourselves with this sin . I really don't know how we should thank you . " Ling Lan was spouting these words of gratitude, but the gaze she directed at Li Shiyu was endlessly cold . It seemed to tell Li Shiyu that it was fine even if he did not want to make more — at most, these youths in their team would just have to commit sin much earlier and stain their hands with blood .

Li Shiyu bit on his lip and looked at this bunch of innocent youths before him with hope shining from their eyes . His heart softened once more and he replied, "Understood . When I have time, I'll make more for you all . You can just come find me to refill them when you run out . "

Alright, Ling Lan had completely grasped the weakness of Li Shiyu's heart . Li Shiyu truly did not have the heart to let these junior brothers who had just joined the first grade to be exposed so early to killing and sin . This would place great mental and spiritual guilt and pressure on them, which may lead them to become terrified and suffer from sleepless nights .

Li Shiyu would never forget those few cases he had seen in the Military Medical Research Centre . Those cases had all been newbies freshly back from a battlefield . Unable to shake off the guilt they felt after their first kill, they had fallen into severe depression and some even displayed suicidal tendencies . . .

If only Li Shiyu had known that these first-year youths that were so pure and innocent in his eyes had already participated in a civilian expedition team and been exposed to killing long before joining the academy, he would certainly regret his decision . These youths had already been stained with blood, and their hearts had already become exceedingly strong and ruthless from their experience . It should be said that Li Shiyu was like a pure and kind-hearted rabbit . For the sakes of what appeared to be a group of rabbits in his eyes but who were actually wolves in rabbits' skins, he was altering his baseline again and again, repeatedly subverting his original three outlooks . Unconsciously, he was going down the path of evolving into a black rabbit . . .

Li Lanfeng saw that Li Shiyu had once again chosen to concede, and he knew that this cute and pure younger cousin of his was almost gone . He had mixed feelings about this realisation, unsure what he should say . In the end, he could only sigh . . .

Li Shiyu's reply made Qi Long and the others yell out in excitement within their mindspace . Li Shiyu, who had initially felt a bit down for compromising his principles, found his gloomy mood lifting at the sight of his happy juniors .

With her back to them, Ling Lan, who seemed to be studying the door before them, found the corners of her lips quirking up subtly . How is this Dux Li so easy to deceive? As someone from the same Li family, the leopard was obviously much more black-bellied . . .

Little Four did not open the door, merely transmitting the situation behind the door faithfully into Ling Lan's mind . Of course, Ling Lan shared this information as soon as she could with the rest of her teammates, and the initially excited group instantly became sombre again, knowing that this would be a difficult hurdle . Because behind the door were another two soldiers staring intently at the door from about 10 metres away . The moment they opened the door, they would be discovered . And the distance of 10 metres was enough for the soldiers to react and sound the alarm before the quickest attack of the team could reach them .

"Boss, what should we do?" Everyone looked towards Ling Lan and waited for her instructions .

If this were the real world, Ling Lan could have used a spiritual attack to knock down the opponents . But here in the virtual world, this killer move of hers is restricted . Just as Ling Lan was pondering how she could handle this perfectly, Li Lanfeng proposed, "Boss Lan and I are both hackers so we can apply some disguises . " He pointed to the two soldiers who were lying unconscious and continued to say, "Two people from the team can pretend to be the guard soldiers standing at the door, while Boss Lan and I impersonate people from the base and go in . I think they will not doubt us right away, and as long as we can get close to them, Boss Lan and I will have the opportunity to take them out before they sound the alarm . "