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Published at 8th of November 2019 05:55:24 PM

Chapter 708

The regiment commander of Courage God was the last person to arrive at the atrium . He walked into the medical atrium anxiously and was informed about the need of the personal codes of the mecha operators, he immediately opened the document on his communicator and entered their codes into the optical supercomputer .

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The regiment commander prepared himself mentally . He knew that those injured members might not survive even if they were sent to to the best hospital in the Federation, the headquarters’ hospital . However, when he entered their personal codes into the system, he realized that no one was dead . The worse remark about their situation was ‘in the emergency room’ .

“Did they not update the information yet?” The regiment commander recalled that there were many injured mecha operators sent to 250 Mecha Clan’s base . Although the base was technologically advanced, there were not many staff inside . It was reasonable that they didn’t have enough logisticians to update the information .

The regiment commander knew that this was probably the truth but, he wanted to believe that his members were still in an emergency state and not dead .

After a few hours, the light on the three emergency room signs dimmed . The door of the middle emergency room was opened . A tired-looking young man wearing a white gown, stained with blood walked out . Two beautiful young ladies walked out after him . One of them was the gentle lady who subdued the mecha operator with a syringe . The other one was a valiant and lively lady . She didn’t look like an easy person to bully .

There was a difference between the white gown of a military doctor and the white gown of a medic . The regiment commander was elated when he noticed the young man was a military doctor . He was under the impression of 250 Mecha Clan had only medics but they actually had a military doctor . No matter what rank he was, he was much more skillful than a medic . If his members could last longer, he would have asked more professional military doctors to come and rescue his members .

The regiment commander instantly walked up and asked anxiously, “Major, may I ask about the condition of the mecha operators from Courage God?” Since they couldn’t get the latest information from the system, he could only look for the military doctor personally .

The young man raised his head and looked at the regiment commander’s face which was filled with worry . “Everything is successful . If you want to know the details, check the optical supercomputer in the atrium . ”

If he didn’t see how anxious the regiment commander was, he would not have bothered to reply . Among the injured members, six of them were on the brink of death . If his emergency healing agents were not powerful enough to sustain the lives of these people for a period of time, even with his ability, he might not be able to save all of them as there were not enough military doctors in this base . Li Shiyu finally felt the consequences of the lack of manpower . Luo Chao and Han Xuya tried their best but they were ultimately not military doctors . They were only medics, more skillful medics .

Maybe he should send an invitation to some of his juniors in the medicine major at the First Men’s Military Academy to ask them to apply to enter the 23rd division . He should get more military doctors to come to 250 Mecha Clan .

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Li Shiyu’s reply made the regiment commander extremely happy . Since the military doctor said this, this meant that all his members managed to survive .

However, he still wasn’t too optimistic . Maybe they were just alive but needed to undergo more treatments later . The military doctor left after saying one sentence so he couldn’t ask him more questions . He saw how tired the military doctor was and knew that he needed a good rest after spending so much effort to save his members .

Only the regiment commander and the team leaders of Courage God still remained in the atrium . They rushed to the optical supercomputer . Luckily, there were a few optical supercomputers so they didn’t have to squeeze around one . Everyone was concerned about their own comrades and wanted to know what their condition was .

Just like what the military doctor said, no one died . Five were still in a dangerous state and needed to be under careful observation . The people from Courage God were content to know this .

They wanted to visit their team members but the medical department of 250 Mecha Clan had very strict rules . They didn’t allow any visitors after the visiting hours .

The regiment commander had no choice but to leave the atrium with his team leaders . They had to wait for the next day if they wanted to see their comrades .

The regiment commander finally had the mind to observe 250 Mecha Clan’s temporary base . He got more shocking as he continued walking . Is this really a temporary base? This is more like an official base . Some official base might not even be as good as this place .

“If I have such a base as my home, I’ll not be afraid no matter how hard and tiring the land clearing mission is,” one of the mecha operators couldn’t help but say .

The high mortality rate for land clearing missions was public information, they fully understood what they were getting into . The mecha operators were nervous when they accepted the mission but they were not afraid . Since they chose to enter the military and become a mecha operator, they were already prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country on the battlefield . But, the living conditions in a land clearing mission was much harsher than in a war, especially for the scouting teams . They gained the most resources but endured the most hardships . They had to spend days or even months in the small cockpit of their mechas . They couldn’t move their bodies too much . It was a mental and physical torture for the mecha operators . Many mecha operators would develop some mental illnesses after returning from a land clearing mission . Some couldn’t enter a mecha anymore and had to become a normal soldier or leave the army .

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Although a land clearing mission was supposed to let the various divisions to gain some more resources, it was a harsh test for the mecha operators too . Some that survived might be able to achieve a breakthrough while others might lose their mind and become a normal soldier . Some might die and become a name on a tombstone .

This was why divisions brought along logisticians for their land clearing mission . The logisticians would build a base for the mecha operators so that more mecha operators would not turn crazy after the mission ended .

But, due to reasons like money and time, most temporary bases were simple and crude . The mecha operators only had a small area where they could move around . However, compared to their small cockpits, this temporary base allowed them to get some rest and relax their mind .

Yet, the temporary base of 250 Mecha Clan was nothing like what they knew . Everyone was green with envy . F**k, why does their mecha clan not have the same treatment as 250 Mecha Clan?

This thought only flashed through their minds . Soon, they calmed down . They were now even more certain now that 250 Mecha Clan was General Ling Xiao’s personal mecha clan . It was the most important mecha clan in the 23rd division .

Their appearance were noticed by the logisticians at the base . After understanding their situation, they brought the people from Courage God to their accommodations . Courage God had many people but this base could house close to 2000 people . When Lin Zhong-qing asked for resources from the chief of staff, he told him to give him equipment for 2000 people . After all, 250 Mecha Clan would expand in the future, they needed to make preparations ahead of time .

If Lin Zhong-qing could get the resources for a temporary base that could house 5000 people, he would have done it . However, they were unable to transport such a huge amount of resources over based on their current manpower . It was a good thing he didn’t bring this up too . If he did, He Xuyang might have flipped the table on him .

Ling Lan went back to her room after she let Lin Zhong-qing handle the people from Courage God . She didn’t arrange her mecha operators to explore the area where Bing Ge met the creatures .

“Why didn’t you send mecha operators to explore the area? There must be something good inside the forest . That is why Bing Ge didn’t want to give up the area . ” Ling Xiao sat on the sofa lazily after he entered the room . He smiled mysteriously at his daughter .

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“Since Courage God is here, it is not right for me to do it,” Ling Lan replied nonchalantly . If she didn’t meet Courage God, she would have sent in some mecha operators to explore the area . However, now, the situation was different .

“Actually, in a land clearing mission, there is no such thing as first come first serve . Even if Bing Ge found the area first, they didn’t have the ability to get the resource, their mecha clan was almost annihilated . This means the resources belonged to no one . If you want it, you can get it . ” Ling Xiao told Ling Lan the rules of the land clearing mission . Although they were on good terms with the 7th division and Ling Xiao was previously the vice commander of the 7th division, all these were now in the past . To Ling Xiao, only the 23rd division mattered to him now .

“I know,” Ling Lan said .

“Why did you give in then?” Ling Xiao frowned . It was good that his daughter was not a greedy person but he didn’t want his daughter to be too soft-hearted . A qualified officer must not be emotional and soft-hearted . He or she must understand what was best for him and his soldiers and be merciless when required .

“I feel that those ant-like creatures are dangerous . ” Ling Lan thought for a moment before replying . “The circular creature at the bottom of the lake is intelligent . When it knew it couldn’t defeat us, it chose to bow down to us… I suspect the ant-like creatures are similar to it . They retreated too quickly . I feel that if we continued chasing them, we will be in danger . ”

“So you wanted Courage God to explore the area first and see how powerful the ant-like creatures really are?” Ling Xiao smiled . He had already noticed how abnormal the ant-like creatures were . This was why he didn’t persuade Ling Lan when she chose not to send anyone to explore the forest . What he said just now was to test if Ling Lan noticed the same thing as he did or was she just being soft-hearted .

His daughter never disappoints him . Ling Xiao’s looked at his daughter proudly .

“Since the people from Courage God had arrived, it means that it’s impossible for us to swallow this resource alone . Anyone with a brain will know the resource Bing Ge tried to get even at the cost of annihilation must be something special . The regiment commander of the 7th division knew this so he acted quickly . ” Ling Lan started her analysis . “However, this is good for me too . If there was only 250 Mecha Clan, I might have taken the risk since the benefits outweigh the risks by a large margin . The result will be unpredictable . Now, with Courage God as my frontline, we will be much safer . ”

Compared to resources she could gain, Ling Lan cared more about the safety of her mecha operators .

“Are you not afraid if all the meat was taken by Courage God?” Ling Xiao smiled . He was satisfied with the fact that Ling Lan was able to remain logical in front of wealth . He was also happy that she cared so much about her mecha operators .

“It’s fine . Having some soup is good too” Ling Lan smiled . Since they helped Bing Ge and Courage God to save their men, the 7th division had to give them some resources in return . Also, she didn’t want to become a thorn in the flesh for all the divisions . With the 7th division taking the lead this time, her father would have less pressure on him .

Based on Chang Xinyuan’s rough estimation, the energy within the lake was enough to astound the entire military . Her father would be having a hard time trying to make sure that the 23rd division fully swallowed this resource .

Ling Xiao thought about this too and his smile got brighter . Was his daughter worried about him? Sob, I’m so touched!

Ling Lan didn’t know what Ling Xiao was thinking . She just felt that her father already had a hard time settling all the things within the 23rd division as well as appeasing her frightening mother . Hence, as his daughter, she must not add more burden on his shoulders . She didn’t want to have white hairs… Ling Lan still hoped that her father would be a handsome man, not an old and tired-looking old man .

Ling Xiao didn’t know that Ling Lan was thinking about his looks with disdain . Let’s have a moment of silence for Ling Xiao .

Hence, 250 Mecha Clan explored the area around their base without touching the forest where Bing Ge was attacked . The regiment commander of Courage God was touched by Ling Lan decision . He was even more convinced now that this was an order given by General Ling Xiao so that the 7th division could acquire the resource .

The commander of the 7th division had a similar thought too . Soon, he made an agreement with the commander of the 23rd division . They would use the base of 250 Mecha Clan as their temporary base . The 7th division would send the rest of its mecha clans to 250 Mecha Clan’s base, to work together with Courage God to destroy the ant-like creatures . If they found any resources at this part of the planet, they would give a portion of it to the 23rd division as well as 250 Mecha Clan .

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