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Cruel Romance - Chapter 5.4

Published at 18th of January 2016 09:32:04 AM

Chapter 5.4


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Sometimes, changes come so fast . When no one had time to prepare, things had already happened .

On a night that was no different from others, Jin Xiu accompanied Manager Chan of a foreign firm, he had visited a few times and was considered a regular customer .

There was a commotion at the entrance of the dance hall, a big figure rushed in, half his body covered with fresh blood, his face drained of colour and covered with oil and sweat, hideously scary . Everyone scattered around to avoid him, Jin Xiu instinctively moved away and suddenly realized, wasn’t this Shi Hao?! What happened?

“Brother Hao!” Jin Xiu yelled, “What happened?”

Shi Hao crazied gaze landed upon Jin Xiu, he rushed over and grabbed her, “Where is Er Ye, he isn’t here?”

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Jin Xiu was scared out of her wits . “Here here here, he is upstairs in the casino…Ah, Brother Hao!”

Shi Hao had already pushed her aside and rushed up the stairs . Bai Le Men’s security had already rushed out, worried that someone had come to make trouble, the moment they saw that it was Shi Hao, they were stunned, looked at each other, wondering how did Brother Hao get into such a state?

Jin Xiu knew something was up and ran up the stairs without hesitation .

The casino was filled with cigarette smoke, noisy and bustling, compared to this the dance hall downstairs seemed more civilized . Shi Hao spotted Zuo Zhen amidst the crowd, before he pushed his away over, he yelled “Er Ye, Er Ye!”

Zuo Zhen raised his head, seeing Shi Hao in such a state, his face sank, “Why are you panicking?”

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Shi Hao rushed to his side, “Er Ye, something went wrong! Just, just now over there…”

Zuo Zhen furrowed his brow, “Even if the worst has happened, you have to catch your breath and speak . ” He had been by his side for more than a year or two, he was still so edgy, panicking when in difficult situations, he couldn’t even speak clearly, only panting incoherently .

Shi Hao froze, “Yes, Er Ye . ” He calmed himself down, “It’s like this, half an hour ago Ying Shao and Brother were attacked at the Wang Hai Lou church and our warehouse near the wharf respectively!”

“Any casualties?” Zuo Zhen straightened up in shock .

“Ying Shao is injured, his underlings injured and killed . Ma Zi Liu conveyed the news that Brother Hui was lost amidst all the fighting and his location is currently unknown . ” Shi Hao said this all in one breath, is eyes blazing, “Er Ye, hurry give orders, which scumbag gang is sick of living, to dare to make trouble on our land, if we don’t kill them we’ve just been wasting time all these while .

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He was still yelling agitatedly, while Zuo Zhen had already put down the tile in his had, rushing all the way out while ordering Tang Hai who was behind him, “Prepare the car, I’ll head directly to the warehouse by the harbour . Send word to the mansion to inform Mr Xiang about Ying Shao’s injuries . Immediately send backup and cars to follow Shi Hao and protect Ying Shao, take him to the hospital, if there is any delay, you’ll pay with your head . Besides this, send someone to inform Ma Zi Liu, immediately assemble manpower to seal off all roads near Wang Hai Lou (Ocean View)  Church, see if there are any that have slipped through the next, search carefully, if you find out any traces they have left behind, report back right away!” His tone was clear and calm, in moments he had given out suitable orders, he saw Jin Xiu in shock by the entrance, “What are you doing here?”

Jin Xiu blurted out, “Will Ying Shao be fine?”

Zuo Zhen dragged her out, “Hurry go back, is this a place for you to be at?”

It was only then that Jin Xiu realized, the strength of a man and woman was different as night and day . She wasn’t the kind of lady that was so weak even she couldn’t even fend against the wind, but under Zuo Zhen’s ironclad shoulders, she was like paper, completely without resistance .

Zuo Zhen dragged Jin Xiu all the way downstairs, saying loudly, “With me around, it wouldn’t be your turn to worry about Yin Shao!”

Jin Xiu hurriedly replied, “I’ll go too . ”

Zuo Zhen left her behind and walked out, “If you dare to follow me today, don’t even dream of taking one step into Bai Le Men in future . ”

Outside dangers abound, every step was treacherous, was she so eagerly to send herself to die?

The moment he walked out the door, Zuo Zhen heard Jin Xiu shouting from behind, “Er Ye! Please be careful!” He turned back, saw her leaning against the door, both eyes filled with worry, as though afraid that he wouldn’t be returning .

Just with her glance, Zuo Zhen’s heart filled with a strange sense of warmth . Was Jin Xiu worried about him? So her happiness and sadness was not just for Xiang Ying Dong .

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